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Swwe branch event 14th july 2016


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SWWE branch event 14th July 2016 - Delivery of the UK MoD rotary wing strategy

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Swwe branch event 14th july 2016

  1. 1. Defence Equipment & Support: Helicopters Operating Centre Delivery of the UK MOD Rotary Wing Strategy 2009-2015 OFFICIAL
  2. 2. Ian Craddock MAPM RPP Director Helicopters, Defence Equipment & Support Head of Helicopter Project & Programme Management Introduction 7 years acquiring man portable and mobile communication systems. Highlight running a competition to establish and introduce a new communication system into Kosovo during the Balkan conflict within 14 weeks of the requirement being identified. 7 years shaping MOD plans in investment in helicopter programmes. Highlights include editing the Helicopter Chapter of the 2005 Defence Industrial Strategy and leading analysis in support of the 2009 Rotary Wing Strategy. 5 years strategic leadership of the helicopter portfolio (and our PPM development). Highlights include the delivery to cost and ahead of time of major modifications to our Puma Fleet and the introduction of a new Search and Rescue Service in the Falkland Islands – both are saving lives today. OFFICIAL
  3. 3. - Catalysts for Change - Strategic Goals - A revised approach: the Rotary Wing Strategy - Programme Complexity - Programme Delivery: Tranche 1 - Success built on people and skills - Programme Benefits now and for the future - Transformation through Programme delivery AgendaOFFICIAL 2015 PROGRAMME OF THE YEAR
  4. 4. Little consensus between the 3 Services on a helicopter forward plan Pressing need to address obsolescence & for decisions on successor fleets Extensive intra-fleet variation (fleets within fleets) due to partial fleet modifications Backdrop of global financial crisis & inevitable pressures on Government spending Financial shortfalls in equipment acquisition plans - >£1 billion to close the gap Pre-2009 was a challenging period for the Helicopter (Rotary Wing) Programme within the UK MOD Government Ministers decided to conduct a holistic review of the investment opportunities available across the Helicopter Portfolio to determine the most cost-effective investment mix The Rotary Wing Strategy announced in the Houses of Parliament in December 2009 Catalysts for Change Criticism in Parliament & the Media over the suitability of helicopter capability OFFICIAL
  5. 5. Pre-RWS Media MoD software blunder keeps Chinook helicopters grounded - Eight Chinook helicopters have not been able to be used since they were bought in 2001 because the Ministry of Defence (MoD) tried to save money by designing its own software for them. Aug 2009 U.K. Helicopter Shortage Weakens Afghan Operations - A shortage of helicopters in Afghanistan is undermining U.K. operations. “It seems to us that operational commanders in the field today are unable to undertake potentially valuable operations because of the lack of helicopters for transportation,” James Arbuthnot (leader of the Defence Select Committee). July 2009 Helicopter shortage 'risking lives‘ - The Government's staggering" failure to provide more helicopters in Afghanistan has put troops' lives at risk, David Cameron warned. Oct 2008 Lack of helicopters ‘puts injured troops at risk’ – British troops wounded in Afghanistan are enduring lengthy delays before receiving hospital treatment because of shortage of helicopters, senior army surgeons have claimed. Eight Chinook helicopters have not been able to be used since they were bought in 2001 because the Ministry of Defence (MoD) tried to save money by designing its own software for them. Aug 2009 UK troops 'need more helicopters' - UK forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan need more troop-carrying helicopters to carry out their mission, the British commander there has said. Brigadier Ed Butler requested more Chinook helicopters in response to a promise by Prime Minister Tony Blair of whatever extra resources were needed. Oct 2006 Helicopters were viewed generally as a ‘bad news’ story within MOD OFFICIAL
  6. 6. Address forecast gaps in Helicopter Capability without increasing capital investment requirement beyond established budgets Reduce the costs of ownership of the overall helicopter fleet Address key obsolescence & safety risks to sustain operational capability Strategic Goals Support wider streamlining of Infrastructure footprint A simple & compelling target against which to design a coherent investment plan OFFICIAL
  7. 7. Strategic AnalysisOFFICIAL Capability Equivalence eXchange Ratio (CEXR) Reference Mission: 2000 kg of equipment Sea level to 3000ft (and back) 15 minute loiter time at destination 15 minute fuel reserve Defined temperature Merlin = 1 More Capable Less Capable CEXR * Number of Aircraft = LIFT effect LIFT effect / Cost = measure of economy 28% more LIFT effect delivered by the RWS Sophisticated Operational Analysis & simplified ‘Marketing’ techniques
  8. 8. Investment in new more capable & flexible larger-lift aircraft; recognizing the operational flexibility of the Chinook helicopter fleet Reduce the number of helicopter types operated by 2018, through the retirement of some older types Optimize past investment in the Merlin helicopter, focusing on maritime capabilities for which its size & safety features are suited Strategic Plan Acquisition of 14 new Chinook, & termination of plans to launch competition for new medium types Acquisition of 62 new Wildcat; modify Lynx for immediate use in Afghanistan (using Wildcat engines) Investment in upgrading & modernizing existing Chinook, Puma & Merlin fleets Reduces ‘fleets within fleets’; more flexibility & lower support costs Replace aging Lynx aircraft operated by Army & Royal Navy Retirement of Sea King, Lynx & Gazelle - reducing support costs; ~50% reduction in aircraft numbers Modernise and optimise the 55 existing Merlin aircraft; Launch of CROWSNEST Project Transformation of support arrangement to focus on improved availability & productivity Improved fleet ‘productivity’ & reduced support costs A clear plan of action that commanded wide stakeholder support OFFICIAL
  9. 9. Programme Complexity Multiple Customers Multiple Suppliers Parliament Media All whilst fighting a war in Afghanistan & supporting counter-terrorism at home & abroad Portfolio Breadth Parallel Transformations • Transition of ownership of Merlin from RAF to Royal Navy • Relocation of Army Air Corps from Germany and Dishforth into Yeovilton • Crew transitions: RAF Merlin to Chinook; Sea King to Merlin New Aircraft Projects Major Aircraft Modification Projects New & Updated Synthetic Environments New & Upgraded Support Projects 5 Operating Bases UK & Overseas Suppliers Multiple Aircrew & Maintainer Training Aids Substantial Deployable Inventory Emergent Safety & Capability Upgrades Over Tranche 1 OFFICIAL
  10. 10. Composite Tail Blades Tail Boom Reinforcement Extended Range Fuel Tanks Electrical Wiring Replacement Makila 1A1 Engines Structural Modifications on Upper Section Updated Glass Cockpit New Digital Auto- Pilot Cabin & Cockpit Ballistic Protection Fuel System Survivability Secure Communications Defensive Aids System Helmet Mounted Display Fire Protection / Extinguisher Programme Complexity Aircraft upgrade projects were typically complex & extensive OFFICIAL
  11. 11. Programme ComplexityOFFICIAL Same on the outside; transformed on the inside! Complexity hidden beneath a familiar facade
  12. 12. Programme Complexity Developing support solution not just delivering capital projects Defence User Defence User Supplier Supplier Repair Spares Advice Repair and Overhaul Responsible for availability Ad hoc product improvement Frontline Maintenance Incentivised by aircraft availability - Spares inclusive - Product improvement - Depth maintenance OFFICIAL Reduced Cost of Ownership Risk Transfer to Supplier Improved Productivity “£440m saved over 5 year period on Apache, Merlin & Chinook support” Supplier base is reactive to ad-hoc frontline demand Supplier base is responsive; incentives align to frontline need
  13. 13. Programme Environment used to promote pull- through of learning across projects Programme Organization Clear Senior Responsible Owner established for all programme elements Business Change Managers established in Front Line Commands Platform-focused teams delivered individual projects and ensure coherence with BAU Project Boards to ensure coherent delivery and promote strong relationships between sponsor, delivery organisation and end user Strategic Governance The Helicopter Operating Centre as single programme-delivery body Programme Support Office to manage dependencies and maintain coherence Project Delivery Team Programme Board Senior Responsible Owner Capability Integration Working Group Project Board(s) Project Manager(s) Programme Manager Business Change Mgr Changingemphasisasprogrammematures Initial focus was on managing boundaries & interfaces; a different focus was needed for execution Execution Governance OFFICIAL
  14. 14. Deliberate investment made in developing professional skills & competences of those involved, across the programme: 68 x people have Manage Successful Programmes Practitioner qualification Each core project led by a Registered Project Professional 129 x people have either APMP or AMP PQ qualifications (or both) 9 x people undertaking Master’s level P3M qualifications (6 more about to start) Skills transferable across wider organization: building for the future Stability of tenure in key roles has been catalyst for lessons to be captured, shared & learned Investment in People Active career management of key personnel People are critical to success! OFFICIAL
  15. 15. Delivered Benefits Forecast capability gaps have been closed without the need for additional capital investment 5 new capabilities already delivering on operations and substantial support savings achieved The delivery of Puma Mk2 delivers twice the range & payload, but also retires a long-standing safety concern The delivery of Chinook Mk6 increases Lift capability The Merlin Mk2 provides the most versatile & capable naval helicopter in the world Saving lives: c1500 people moved per month in Kabul The Royal Navy & Army’s new Wildcat helicopters enhance mission capability OFFICIAL
  16. 16. Delivered Benefits These are flexible capabilities, not just for war-fighting OFFICIAL Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone Typhoon in the Philippines Storms in the UK
  17. 17. Tranche 2 Benefits Upgrading Merlin to enable it to undertake new roles upon the retirement of Sea King Orders placed for 50 AH-64E; the latest US Army Apache configuration (Jul 16) Continued focus on support improvements with Wildcat & Puma Mk2 the next objective 2015 represented the first tranche of programme benefits delivery, but there are more to follow New Search & Rescue service in the Falkland Islands 6 months early and on budget (Mar 16)   Initial Operating Capability for Littoral roles achieved 6 months early (Mar 16)  OFFICIAL
  18. 18. 2015 Media Reporting MoD contracts safeguard 1,000 AgustaWestland jobs - Helicopter maker AgustaWestland has been awarded two contracts from the Ministry of Defence worth £760m which will secure 1,000 jobs in the UK. UK Armed Forces has some of the best helicopter fleets in the world - The Ministry of Defence has delivered some of the most technologically advanced and well-supported helicopter fleets in the world over the last year it's been announced by the Defence Minister on his visit to RAF Benson today. UK hits halfway mark on defence helicopter upgrades – With an ongoing upgrade of the UK’s military helicopter fleet around 50% complete, discussions have already begun within the defence ministry looking at future rotorcraft requirements beyond the middle of the next decade. UK's upgraded Puma helos prepare for Afghan deployment - The United Kingdom is to deploy its newly upgraded Westland/Aerospatiale SA 330E Puma HC.2 medium transport helicopters to Afghanistan this month, just weeks after initial operating capability (IOC) for the type was declared. By 2020 the UK should have one of the most modern and capable rotary-winged fleets in the world…the envy of many Western countries…a force to be reckoned with Gary Parsons, Editor AirForces Monthly, March 14 “a great success story for DE&S in delivering helicopter capability to each of the main service users” Defence Minister, Philip Dunne, March 2015 The strategic importance of the Chinook Mk6 should not be under-estimated. These helicopters will provide a significant uplift in helicopter capability“. Rt Hon Philip Hammond, June 2014 OFFICIAL Transforming our Reputation
  19. 19. Effective Stakeholder Management built on growing reputation for doing the right thing  More effective change management processes ? Common narrative against which to build joint efforts More effective prioritization of common industry resources Genuine commitment from DE&S, customers and suppliers to delivery Need to recognize earlier the complexity of transition from legacy to upgraded fleets This wasn’t a smooth ride, but ownership, commitment & team-working were key Stability of senior team with clear ownership of “promise delivery” PPM development ensured common lexicon & supported career planning Programme approach enabled coherent decisions in face of funding challenges What worked & what didn’tOFFICIAL
  20. 20. Celebrating Success TOP TRUMPS VIDEO We’re very proud of our achievements! OFFICIAL
  21. 21. A substantial programme of re-capitalization of the UK MOD military helicopter has been achieved alongside transformation of the support arrangements for these fleets 5 new capabilities have been delivered to UK Armed Forces & £440 million saved from the forecast cost of supporting the fleet for the next 5 years, without impacting military effectiveness TRANSFORMED CAPABILITIES; TRANSFORMED REPUTATION; CONFIDENCE FOR THE FUTURE The power of Project Management OFFICIAL