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Structured innovation for PM - TRIZ problem solving method


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Presentation given by Karen Gadd to the Midlands branch on 28 September 2017

Published in: Education
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Structured innovation for PM - TRIZ problem solving method

  1. 1. Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch Theory of Inventive Problem Solving TRIZ
  2. 2. Copyright Oxford Creativity 20072 Please ask questions, there are no stupid ones
  3. 3. Copyright Oxford Creativity 20073 Oxford TRIZ Simple but powerful tools for BIG Problems Oxford TRIZ illustrated by Clive Goddard
  4. 4. Oxford Creativity Founded 1998 Mission to make TRIZ easy to use & understand Developed Oxford TRIZ Started with TRIZ for Engineering Oxford TRIZ now across all industries & solved over 1000 difficult problems in • Management • Public Services • Science • Pharma • FMCG •Intellectual Property Energy, Oil & Gas, Engineering etc…
  5. 5. TRIZ for Dummies shows TRIZ is for everyone – not just engineers
  6. 6. We often think Genius = inspiration = big leaps to the new best answers? TRIZ helps you think like a genius but by logical, step by step methods
  7. 7. Copyright Oxford Creativity 20077 Completes & Complements Other toolkits Only Toolkit With SOLUTIONS TRIZ = Complete Toolkit Tell me about TRIZ… TRIZ for Problem Understanding AND Problem Solving Helps you locate all the high quality solutions Even ones you don’t know & could never have got from just Brainstorming
  8. 8. Copyright Oxford Creativity 20078 TRIZ AND other toolkits for problem understanding
  9. 9. Copyright Oxford Creativity 20079 Non TRIZ toolkits offer random processes for problem solving
  10. 10. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200710 Only TRIZ – unique processes & concepts for problem solving
  11. 11. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200711 When it doesn’t work It involves sifting through all the information BRAINSTORMING Uses random processes to access some useful solutions
  12. 12. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200712 Fast access to relevant information & effective systematic rapid problem solving
  13. 13. The Prism of TRIZ for Analogous Thinking World’s conceptual problems World’s conceptual solutions Your problem Your solution ? Door Seals Look at a problem in its most basic way - open your mind to analogous solutions to access the World’s solutions
  14. 14. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200714 Solve the Quadratic Equation 3x2+5x+2=0
  15. 15. Brainstorm or use proven solutions? Specific Solution X = -1, -2/3 Abstract Solution Abstract Problem Specific Problem
  16. 16. World’s conceptual problems World’s conceptual solutions Your problem Your solution World’s Problems & Solutions in Patents Database Traditional Approach Trigger Specific Application Abstraction The TRIZ Approach - Re-use of the World’s Best Inventions & Technology
  17. 17. The TRIZ Community summarised all the good solutions in science & engineering to reduce them from many ideas to their basic concepts How many solutions are in the world? How many CONCEPTS? Mechanical engineering ideas Physics ideas Chemistry ideas Material science ideas Electrical engineering ideas
  18. 18. I n n o v a t i o n TRIZ uses old good ideas in new ways
  19. 19. Achievements of Altshuller & his TRIZ Community Analysed thousands & thousands of patents & papers Recognised & mapped the underlying patterns Trajectory map from the past to present into the future Revealed simple concept lists - all known solutions ‘Bottled’ how to be innovative & how to invent
  20. 20. Fast & Fun Tell me about TRIZ… Enables teams to work well together Helps everyone deliver lots of high quality solutions You locate best solutions - mobilises your brain power Collaborative inclusive & encouraging
  21. 21. Problem Solving = applying experience? TRIZ helps us learn to react & solve problems in the best ways & ensures we access our relevant knowledge and experience
  22. 22. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200722 TRIZ breaks all the Blocks to Innovation & Clear Thinking Psychological Inertia
  23. 23. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200723 When acquiring knowledge we are taught to focus on domain knowledge
  24. 24. Our Pit of Experience & Education becomes a comfortable place & we stay in our space - Less aware of other / unknown Knowledge from the rest of the World
  25. 25. Our Experience & Education should be a booster (not a blocker) to help us see & use the World’s Knowledge
  26. 26. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200726 TRIZ for difficult innovative problems
  27. 27. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200727 What is ? A set of systematic thinking tools to help you improve systems in innovative ways An attitude to problem solving that can change the way you deal with any kind of problem A way of accessing the collective creativity of humanity (no, really!)
  28. 28. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200728 TRIZ Golden Rules - distillation of the world’s knowledge … 40 Inventive Principles for Solving Contradictions 8 Trends of Technical Evolution for New & Future Products 76 Standard Solutions 24 for Harms 35 for Insufficiency 17- for detection & measurement 1,000s Effects The right questions with the answers for HOW TO? Questions TRIZ has all recorded solutions distilled into 4 simple lists TRIZ = systematic ways for defining and understanding problems and then using the lists above to solve them
  29. 29. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200729 Various TRIZ Tools for different problems
  30. 30. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200730 Embrace Contradictions! Get everything you want - both small & BIG
  31. 31. All systems have predictable Evolution 8 TRIZ Trends
  32. 32. TRIZ helps us solve Contradictions with just 40 Principles I want a bike helmet THERE (when I have a crash) and NOT THERE (at all other times)
  33. 33. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200733 Fundamental Approaches Bad Solutions Ideal Outcome Resources Contradictions
  34. 34. Let’s think about a problem.......... Creative people love problems because they enjoy jumping to solutions & they are good at it!
  35. 35. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200735 PROBLEM! Everyone thinks of answers FAST!
  36. 36. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200736 My Bad Solution We all love our own Solutions – my ugly baby – my bad solution Once I see my solution I can’t see anything else My solution came from my creativity and my experience and my genius Solutions are both GOOD & BAD A good starting point for TRIZ problem solving & helps overcome when management are pushing one BAD SOLUTION
  37. 37. Ideality Requirements Everyone’s Benefits & acceptable costs & harms (constraints) BAD Solution Parks Essential first step in problem solving Current System functions features & resources
  38. 38. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200738
  39. 39. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200739 Define EVERYTHING you want
  40. 40. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200740 Problems Problems SYSTEM we’ve got SYSTEM we want NEEDS Everyone’s Benefits NEEDS Everyone’s Benefits IDEAL SYSTEM fulfils all needs Problems = gaps between the System & all / everyone’s NEEDS/BENEFITS
  41. 41. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200741 When we want something We jump straight to a solution! Often far from IDEAL
  42. 42. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200742 Approach solutions from both sides?
  43. 43. Made by engineers for engineers (so it works) Clever unique (& Russian) Biggest study of Creativity & Innovation ever undertaken Tell me about TRIZ… TRIZ delivers FAST creativity innovation & problem solving TRIZ is not just for engineers Works on all problems such as Sustainability Thousands of engineers & scientists worked for decades studying all patents to find the 4 TRIZ lists = 100 answers to everything
  44. 44. IDEAL SYSTEM Visualising the Ideal helps us understand BOTH What you want & How to get it using Resources....
  45. 45. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200745 Sustainable Resources
  46. 46. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200746 Use Existing Resources
  47. 47. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200747 Resources - Fuel of Innovation Become very sensitive to NOT wasting the Resources we’ve got (which is anything already there) very close to the problem zone very close to the problem time free and readily available (before bringing in extra costs / inputs) Be aware of Wasted Opportunities vs.. Intelligent use of Resources
  48. 48. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200748
  49. 49. Works on any problem…What do you do with Drunken groups late at night???
  50. 50. TRIZ Solution - use cheap, available resources to minimise the problems
  51. 51. MMM (world association of mothers) solved this in parts of Paris, by applying old solutions as if we lived in a village People were calling on Government to sort out frightening ‘hoodies
  52. 52. Use old solutions to solve new problems
  53. 53. Ideal System all benefits (& almost) no costs & harms through clever use of available Resources
  54. 54. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200754 Capture each ugly baby / bad solution Starting point BAD Solution Parks Fill the Park with everyone’s solutions – they all have some creative and engineering genius Solutions contain analysis of requirements and systems Something GOOD and BAD – reveals and uncovers CONTRADICTIONS The best solutions often come from combining everyone’s solutions Solutions are both GOOD & BAD They are a good starting point for TRIZ problem solving
  55. 55. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200755 Any situation where we want conflicting requirements Do we always solve / recognise contradictions or do we compromise? We need practice to uncover contradictions What is a Contradiction? I want a more powerful engine but it gets heavier I want an umbrella big when it rains and small to carry I want a door there and not there when I want to pass through
  56. 56. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200756 Small / Big
  57. 57. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200757 Technical Contradiction Improve one thing & something else gets worse I want a table that is strong … but also light
  58. 58. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200758 TRIZ solves Technical Contradictions
  59. 59. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200759 Beware of words like OPTIMIZE or Sweet point- relevant to Goldilocks not to engineers
  60. 60. So for a table I want to make it robust but I don’t want to make it heavier Altshuller’s team created a 39 x 39 Contradiction Matrix Directs us to which Inventive Principles solve our contradiction Contradictions are classified in terms of 39 Technical Parameters to define Technical Contradictions they describe BOTH Vertical axis Improving Parameter / What gets better Horizontal axis What gets worse / Worsening Parameter Robust =14 Strength (Improving) Heavier = 2 Weight (Worsening) TRIZ solves Technical Contradictions with the Contradiction Matrix
  61. 61. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200762 Solutions for Strength vs. Weight 40 26 27 1 40 Composite Materials 26 Copying 27 Cheap Short living Objects 1 Segmentation Principles suggested by matrix:
  62. 62. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200763 What do we want? Strong AND Light!
  63. 63. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200764 Physical Contradictions
  64. 64. Physical Contradiction opposite features at different times Short AND Long
  65. 65. I want a pile that is sharp and not-sharp Sharp pile Physical Contradiction Blunt pile Typical pile FEATURE sharp makes it easier to drive it into the ground OPPOSITE FEATURE blunt is good for load bearing How can we have both?
  66. 66. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200768 Get both / opposite Solutions by solving physical contradictions How? Separate the opposite solutions to opposite benefits with opposite functions / features time space
  67. 67. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200769 Solving of Physical Contradiction 1. A simple solution - a sharp pile. 2. The pile changes to the opposite solution - a blunt pile 3. Pile is easy to drive in AND the pile can carry great load Changing the Solution transforms from sharp to blunt
  68. 68. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200770 A very Russian solution An explosive charge is lowered into a hollowed out pile, set into the ground. The resulting explosion forms a cavity into which concrete is poured. Thus the concrete pile is easy to drive into the ground but can carry great load Another Physical Contradiction Solution
  69. 69. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200771 Separate in Time: get opposite features at different times by trying the following 1 Segmentation 7 Nested Doll 9 Prior Counteraction 10 Prior Action 11 Cushion in Advance 15 Dynamics 16 Partial or Excessive Action 18 Mechanical Vibration 19 Periodic Action 20 Continuity of Useful Action 21 Rushing Through 24 Intermediary 26 Copying 27 Cheap Short-living Objects 29 Pneumatics and Hydraulics 34 Discarding and Recovering 37 Thermal Expansion
  70. 70. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200772
  71. 71. I want my plate cold at the rim but hot where the food is Separate in Space
  72. 72. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200774 TRIZ is derived from Patent Research 40 Inventive Principles All the ways to solve a contradiction All design problems contain contradictions These are solved / overcome by applying the 40 Principles TRIZ has identified the 40 world’s solutions for solving a contradiction
  73. 73. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200775 The Two Types of Contradictions I make something better BUT Something else gets worse Technical Contradictions Physical Contradictions OPPOSITE SOLUTIONS Benefits / Features
  74. 74. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200776
  75. 75. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200777 Thinking in Time & Scale
  76. 76. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200778 Time & Scale problem understanding & solving
  77. 77. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200779 Clever and Creative Individuals Think about solutions without constraints (initially they don’t judge and therefore squash any emerging ideas as impracticable or wacky) The TRIZ tool for helping us think without constraints is the Ideal Outcome or Ideal Final Result Which also helps us think of many more solutions AND they also think about the problem in the context of Time & Scale Thinking in Time & Scale is another powerful TRIZ tool
  78. 78. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200780 Thinking in Time & Scale Understanding the whole picture - both context & detail Past Present Future Super- System System Sub- System Acorn Plain Forest House DNA Tree Wood (Table) Leaf Wood Details (Scratched Red tables)
  79. 79. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200781 Thinking in Time & Scale
  80. 80. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200782 Which way to go North? N Good Decisions & Clear Thinking need the Right Problem Scope
  81. 81. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200783 Is Your Picture Big Enough? N
  82. 82. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200784
  83. 83. is about improving systems System problems usually have contradictions and there are 40 ways of solving them The same Problems and Solutions appear again and again but in different industries. To overcome this duplication we need analogous thinking – analogous needs concept/idea TRIZ solutions are in essence very general and not associated with any particular technology. It is this which enables you to use the TRIZ and world’s knowledge base Altshuller “You can wait a hundred years for enlightenment or you can solve the problem in 15 minutes.” Creative / Talented thinking can be learned
  84. 84. Copyright Oxford Creativity 200786 Our Company Values say YES to innovation BUT our Company Culture says NO to risk TRIZ offers low risk Innovation
  85. 85. TRIZ Delivers Solved Problems “Without having to refer to the course material, I’ve found that the TRIZ workshop has already altered how I think about problems.” March 2015 “The best workshop I have been to. Excellent trainers, energetic, enthusiastic about the topic taught, different in style as well... I feel very excited about the TRIZ methodology and can’t wait to put it in practise” June 2014 Using a Facilitated TRIZ Workshop help us identify issues in two days that would have taken months using traditional approaches” October 2009 'Oxford Creativity were a catalyst for our creativity.' June 2008
  86. 86. Contact Oxford Creativity +44 (0)1993 882461 TRIZ Innovation Centre 6-7 Bankside Hanborough Business Park Oxon OX29 8LJ