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Strategic business alignment enablement through P3M - 17th November 2015


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Strategic business alignment enablement through P3M
Hong Kong - 17th November 2015
Lui Sieh

Published in: Business
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Strategic business alignment enablement through P3M - 17th November 2015

  1. 1. Enablement through project/program portfolio management (p3m) in a fast(er) changing world Strategic Business Alignment
  2. 2. Talk Outline  Today’sWorld  Business andTechnologyAlignment  Acknowledging Operating Realities  Techniques for Success
  3. 3. Today’s World – It’s hard to keep up with the Lee’s (Chans, Wongs, Lams) of the world  Challenging growth opportunities  Challenging cost containment environment  More profit is hard to achieve  Business demands on people, processes, and technology:  Accommodate organizational restructuring  Rapidly expose new business services and innovations to interested customers  Mitigate operational risk  Secure information assets  React to changing business and legislative environment  Eliminate reliance on inflexible and unstable systems and processes
  4. 4. 4 Aligning Business Strategy with IT Enablers Business Strategy “Working Smarter & Better IT” “The Every Day IT” Infrastructure DC Networks / Security Servers / Compute Databases / Storage Business Applications Business Process Consulting / Project Mgmt More Growth Cost reduction = Increased Profit Information Enablers Technology Enablers
  5. 5. Corporate Realities – Governance Challenges Same Page???
  6. 6. Strategic Initiative Kick-0ff
  7. 7. Executive efforts
  8. 8. Management activities
  9. 9. Employee responses
  10. 10. Techniques for Success  Know your Executives’ incentives (i.e. what drives behavior)  Public companies vs. Private companies  Business Strategy into a company Portfolio  Portfolio into Programs  Programs into Projects  Governance model fit for the organizational maturity  PMO function  Investment protection  Benefits realization  P3M standards to ease communications and change management
  11. 11. Tools  Portfolio categorized to strategic initiatives (i.e. Growth, Cost Savings) – aka Calendar of Commitments, Plan on a Page, Profit Protection  Process – aka engagement model, business operating model, functional operating model, budgeting and planning model  Decision making – aka governance, approval processes, spending delegated authority policies  Technology/Systems – Excel is better than nothing, Financial accounting system/ERP  Understanding the CoA and financial reporting  Calendar of Review – Exco meetings, Steering Comms, etc.
  12. 12. 12  Right level of understanding  Process Standardization  Global Enabler platforms PEOPLE PROCESS TECH & TOOLS Successful Change
  13. 13. Lui Sieh Email: LinkedIn: Phone: +852-9300-2783