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Stepping up a gear in your career – the route to fellowship


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Webinar presentation by Carol Bell RPP FAPM, and Senior Principal Project Manager on 9th April 2014

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Stepping up a gear in your career – the route to fellowship

  1. 1. Women in Project Management SIG Stepping Up a Gear in your Career: The Route to Fellowship Carol Bell RPP FAPM
  2. 2. “Why should I step up to FAPM?”  To achieve the highest level of professional membership awarded by APM  To gain recognition from my peers for my achievements in my career to date  To be a role model to others in the profession, particularly women
  3. 3. What you need to know  Am I eligible to apply for Fellowship?  What are the Assessment Criteria  How do I demonstrate my Achievements?  How do I prepare / present my evidence?  Where can I get help and support?  What happens to my application?
  4. 4. Am I eligible to apply for Fellowship?  Yes – if – You have been a Full Member for 5 years – You are a non-member who can demonstrate professional achievement and equivalent practice and development (possibly in another discipline, if approved by APM Membership Department)
  5. 5. What are the Assessment Criteria? – Substantial achievement in professional practice – Significant contribution to a broad area of professional work / to a specific and specialised context – How your work has influenced the project management community
  6. 6. What does Membership Panel need?  Evidence that you have: – Continued to develop the full range of competences required for Fellowship – Enhanced your professional, interpersonal, intellectual, evaluative and analytical skills within your sphere of professional activity
  7. 7. What does Membership Panel need?  Evidence that you have: – Contributed to the growth of the profession’s body of knowledge by practice, research or publication – Analysed your personal contribution, reflected on its outcome and evaluated its significance
  8. 8. What does Membership Panel need?  Evidence that you have: – Developed and improved existing skills and acquired and applied new skills – Continued to develop professionally and intellectually - with growing evidence of innovative or original approaches to problems or application of professional skills
  9. 9. What type of evidence is valid?  a wide range of potential evidence, including – Practical professional achievement – Innovative professional work – Involvement with professional organisations – Published material (in any format) – Research accepted by university or equivalent
  10. 10. How do I apply?  Prepare a portfolio of evidence, comprising: – A completed application form – A project-based CV detailing your career history, employer/s, project and programme management skills and experience – Documentary and other evidence
  11. 11. What else goes in the portfolio?  A personal statement detailing your reasons for applying and how you meet the assessment criteria  Two letters of support – At least one letter should ideally be from a Full Member or Fellow of APM
  12. 12. Who else can support my application?  Senior colleagues – letter/s must comment on the business/strategic impact of your work on the professional standards of your organisation  If you have been actively involved with APM in a voluntary or consultative role you may include a statement of support from your key Head Office Contact
  13. 13. Where do I start?  Download guidance and a FAPM application form from the APM website  Discuss the application requirements with Membership Department before applying  Prepare and submit your portfolio
  14. 14. What happens next?  The Membership Panel will assess your portfolio and may – Consult with authors of letters of support – Invite you to a Professional Review – Have your portfolio externally assessed by expert referees
  15. 15. How do I know whether I succeeded?  Membership Department will – Tell you when Membership Panel will consider your application – Write to advise you of the outcome of your application within 10 days of the meeting – Provide feedback on unsuccessful applications and guidance on re-applying
  16. 16. What if I’m not ready – yet?  Actively contribute to the Profession – Volunteer for your Branch and/or SIG – Participate in APM development activities – Accept invitations to speak at conferences – Undertake research and publish findings – Submit your Project/Programme for Awards
  17. 17. So… if  You know you are great at what you do  You seek recognition of your achievements  You want a fast-track route to RPP … what’s stopping you???