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Robert Carter


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APM Programme Management SIG Conference

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Robert Carter

  1. 1. And Now for Something Completely Different Bob Carter Programme, Transformation and Sales Director Wannabe poet, author and rock star
  2. 2. CV
  3. 3. Transformation • Google it! – About 1,480,000,000 results • Go to Oxford, Collins or Webster – Definitions for • Mathematics • Physics • Biology • Linguistics • The only truth – It means different things to different people in different circumstances
  4. 4. In Business Terms It is changing an existing ‘thing’ into a new ‘thing’ Where the thing could be a process, method, organisation, strategy, etc… Hopefully the new ‘thing’ is better than the ‘thing it has been transformed from
  5. 5. A Quick Quiz
  6. 6. Innovation • An example of transformation is innovation – The introduction of something new that adds value – Turning an idea into reality
  7. 7. Strategic Change, CI and Innovation It’s all transformation
  8. 8. An example
  9. 9. Success Needs Balance WHY HOWWHAT
  10. 10. However What Why How What Why How A B
  11. 11. So What? Oh Yes Amazon Ebay Disney Southwest Cirque du Soleil Hmmm Mail order mags Christies/Sotherby’s Alton Towers Laker Most traditional circuses Think about mountain bikes Think about great leaders in history Think about …