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Using power and influence at work


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Using power and influence at work - Sarah Coleman - 13th June 2013

Published in: Business, Technology
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Using power and influence at work

  1. 1. Using power and influence at workAssurance SIGWomen in Project Management SIG13 June 2013Sarah Coleman
  2. 2. “….. why should Ibe interested?”
  3. 3. a little something to exercise your mind …..
  4. 4. hi·er·ar·chy n. ……
  5. 5. remapping the organization ……
  6. 6. Understanding the informal network andremapping the organization:• What are the various groups, alliances or cliques inyour function, division or organization?• What is the basis for these relationships?• Where might you ally yourself in order to achievewhat you need to?questions …..
  7. 7. ….. the capacity or ability to direct orinfluence the behaviour of others or thecourse of events.“When spider webs unite,they can tie up a lion”Ethiopian Proverb….. the ability to get someone to dosomething you want done, or to makethings happen in the way you want.
  8. 8. ….. is the ability to alter or sway an individual’s or agroup’s thoughts, beliefs, or actions….. is the principle behind determining beliefs, creatingattitudes, and moving people to agreement andaction….. is the new reality: to learn to operate without theauthority of hierarchy which has traditionally givenus our power base.
  9. 9. video clip …..
  10. 10. how can I improve my power base?sources of power (1) …..After: French and Raven (1959), Hersey and Blanchard (1982)Personal:based on your relationship with othersin the organizationPositional:based on the formal channels ofauthority in the organizationExpert: knowledge, experience,judgementReferent: want to be like you, beassociated with you, value yournetworks and contactsInformation: possesses or hasaccess to information needed byothersConnection: who you know(networks, alliances, etc)Legitimate: based on yourposition within the organization; the“right” to command and directProcess: control over methods ofproduction/analysisReward: ability to rewarddesirable behaviour in othersCoercive: ability to punish,sanction or prevent
  11. 11. how can I improve my power base?sources of power (2) …..After: Moss Kanter (1983)Information: data, technicalknowledge, political intelligence,expertiseResources: funds, materials,space, staff, timeSupport: endorsement, backing,approval, legitimacy
  12. 12. ways to influence (2) …..Positive:ReasonFriendlinessCoalitionBargainingAssertivenessHigherauthorityNegative orcoercive: Manipulating Avoiding Intimidating Threatening Blackmailing Embarrassing
  13. 13. – nurture relationshipsbased on mutualagreement and trust.– focus is oninterpersonalcommunication skillsand relationshipsways to influence (2) …..…..with integrity Stating Logical persuasion Legitimising Exchanging Appealing to values Consulting Socialising Appealing to friendship Modelling Alliance building Visioning
  14. 14. spheres of influence (1) …..Sphere ofinfluenceSphere ofcontrolCanneithercontrol norinfluence
  15. 15. spheres of influence (2) …..NecessarynetworkActivenetworkFuturenetwork
  16. 16. power/influence …..
  17. 17. force field analysis …..
  18. 18. 5 top tips …..Use them wiselyRecognise key playersIt’s all about the relationshipsDevelop them: don’t give them awayAvoid
  19. 19. and finally……What will you do differently backat work, which will make thedifference?
  20. 20. thank you …..e: sarah.coleman@businessevolution.cow: www.businessevolution.cob: +44 (0)7999 879870t: +44 (0)1636 893716Link, Join, Share …….. using power and influence at work