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New Sectors - Project challenges in supply chain


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Presentation by Trevor Jones - VP Prjects and Risk Management from DHL at the APM Project Management Conference 2014

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New Sectors - Project challenges in supply chain

  1. 1. DHL Supply Chain “Changes we have made in the face of increasing pace of change” Trevor Jones - VP Projects and Risk Management
  2. 2. 2 .. congestion hampers economies Governments stimulate economies with green spending Can we afford to not cut carbon emissions? Road Transport Costs, increasing, driving shared user platforms World Economy shifting East and South The world is online and growing exponentially Equipment becomes intelligent Politics, Climate, Terrorism – Supply Chain risk has increased Logistics Cost (%GDP) Oil Energy Globalisation Logistics Cost (%GDP) Oil Energy Globalisation Challenges in Supply Chain management “Faster – Smarter – More Complex solutions “
  3. 3. Business challenges – Complexity / Retention / Assurance 1. To deliver a Project Management Career Path 2. Implement an improved Performance Measurement and Evaluation Process 3. Retention and Development of our Talent pool 4. Real Functional status Objectives To deliver a long term Project Management career path and develop a profession that is recognised for delivering profitable business growth and delighting our customers % BCA Gross ProfitFinancial % First Choice Customer Satisfaction Implementation score Customer % internal PM’s to deliver transformational projects Internal % Performance Measurement & Evaluation and PDPs completed People % EOS Active Leadership and L&D % Attraction % Progression % Cross BU / Country Moves Benefits Measures Illustrative – defining metrics in progress ORA rating : resource level allocation % Retention
  4. 4. To deliver Complexity we need a balance APM PQ or RPP gives more extensive career support than P2 APM PQ or RPP aligned with PMI as preferred personal accreditation Project Professional External Recognition 2015 – 2020 Vision PME Career Path Business Development Corporate Accreditation APM will help our customers understand that we continuously look to improve our PD offering APM will help UKIN PD support the EMEA 2015 strategy APM aligned to DSC career / competency levels eLearning available via iLX APM Corporate Accreditation – 1st Logistics provider to accredit will be DSC UKIN Project Management = the technical side of the change Change Management = the people side of the change Looking forwards Attracting Talent Rounded skills Blended Learning
  5. 5. Changing World of PM – Multi talented people Short Planning Executing Closing Long Planning Executing Closing Health & fitness test Knowing the distance Starting block power preparation / release Health & fitness test Strength & conditioning training Controlling & conserving energy Replacing spent energy Knowing the distance Pacing yourself & supporting others Endurance training Celebrating success Celebrating success Knowing what is required Building the right team and conditioning for rapid deployment Undertaking activity & not stopping Celebrating success Knowing what is required Building the right team and conditioning for the journey Planning the approach & time Deploying at a steady pace and supporting others Recognising progress Performing a health check Undertaking activity Celebrating success Initiating Initiating Sprinting to the finish Planning the approach & time Performing a health check
  6. 6. What we are finding - The Project Person • The ’Project Person’ is made up of a variety of attributes ‘technical’ and ‘people’ based. All of these attributes are needed to make a successful project person • Use your instinct alongside Technical approaches. Softer side or the real project side? • We are seeing the need for this in Every complex change we encounter……We need people to work closer on complex projects, not remotely • Y Manager thinking and Z Manager world is just around the corner. We need to ensure we align our PM Strategy with the mindset of our people and the ever increasing complexity of projects IssuesMgt TECHNICAL Gantt Prince 2 APM MSOfficeTimeMgt Control Reports Prioritization PMO SWOT PM101 Quality Proactive Tools Skills MoP MSP Process Decision Making Experience Risk PEOPLE Familial Leading Change Politics ToughLove Situational Leadership ACT WIIFM Considerate Empathetic Emotional Intelligence Friend Life Skills Leadership Maturity Stakeholder Mgt Resistance toChange ChangeMgt TheProjectPerson
  7. 7. 2012 – 2020 Project Function is leading the way