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Pfm SIG portfolio optimisation April 2013 (Stephen Parrett)


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Portfolio Management SIG Chair talks through the latest SIG strategy and plans

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Pfm SIG portfolio optimisation April 2013 (Stephen Parrett)

  1. 1. 1Portfolio Optimisation--------------More than just PrioritisationPortfolio Management SIG(25 April 2013)
  2. 2. 2Agenda17.30 Buffet, networking and mingling18.00 “Who’s who” in influencing the heart of Portfolio ManagementTechniques to help maintain a balanced portfolio18.50 An “Open Mic” session – the floor is yours.......19.10 Shaping the future of the Portfolio Management SIG19.30 SIG Committee meeting – getting our plans to work!!
  3. 3. 3Portfolio Optimisation--------------More than just PrioritisationPfM SIG Survey - Top 2 Challenge Topics:•Putting in place the right PfM tools & Techniques•Prioritising & Balancing the portfolioTonight - 2 speakers, covering elements of both:Achilleas - “Who’s who” in influencing the heart of Portfolio ManagementDavid - Techniques to help maintain a balanced portfolio
  4. 4. 4Open Mic SessionWhat are yourtop 3 criteriafor optimisationandprioritisationWhat is thebalancebetweenstrategic &tactical driversWhat areyour top 3criteria foroptimisationandprioritisationHow canoptimisationof resourcesbemeasured?How do youdo it?Do you thinkthe differencebetween aprioritised andoptimisedportfolio isunderstood?Do you thinkthe differencebetween aprioritised andoptimisedportfolio isunderstood?
  5. 5. Shaping the Futureof thePortfolio Management SIG5
  6. 6. 6Current SIG StrategyDeveloping New Knowledge.Maximise the impact of knowledge collateral created. E.g.: Focus on developing web assetsrather than CPD events and “Learning Points Papers”, themed around a specific topic.Disseminating Knowledge.Increase PfM uptake/dissemination and lend credibility to publications. Develop credentialsand facilitate external involvement in PfM SIG topics via Linked In and other web means.Closer working with APM SIG Steering Group and other management.Closer engagement and working between committee members and the APM, leveragingexperience and penetration of other SIG groups.Engaging the CxO community.Contribute to a cross-SIG working group targeting CxOs.Getting the SIG members to be more involved.Ensuring more SIG members get involved with the committee – to support activities andspread interest.
  7. 7. Developing New Knowledge.•Create a Knowledge Categorisation Framework (PfM materials) – clearer sign-posting•Obtain input on ideas, challenges, solutions etc from members and othersDisseminating Knowledge.•Using Blogs, Forums – APM (such as recent “Farce in 6 parts”), LinkedIn and others•Issue on-line Papers and Survey Analysis, Case Studies etcCloser working with APM SIG Steering Group and other management.•Increasingly working with other SIGs where opportunities arise (Governance & Risk)Engaging the CxO community.•APM project underway, at request of SIG Cttee – PfM messages for senior executivesGetting the SIG members to be more involved.•Continuing to seek fresh input, support for activities and new ideas on making an impact•“Your SIG Needs You”7Plans to Deliver the SIG Strategy
  8. 8. 8Challenges PopPutting in place the right tools & techniques to support Portfolio Management 67Prioritising and balancing the portfolio 63Delivering overall portfolio benefits 59Dealing with tensions between Portfolio and BAU/Operational objectives 50Getting portfolio management started 45Securing and developing people with the right portfolio skills/capabilities 45Applying lessons learnt from regular reviews of portfolio management performance 35Securing and sustaining business unit management commitment 31Achieving the goals set for a portfolio management function 29Developing an initial portfolio 16Gaining board buy-in to a single agreed view of business objectives NilSetting up, and gaining compliance with, portfolio management processes Nil2012 Survey – Top Topics
  9. 9. 9What do you think?Where should we change/improve the SIG strategy?What PfM topics do you want covered?What kind of activities/events do you want?How can we improve engagement with members?How can we get more SIG members to volunteer?What else should the SIG be doing?
  10. 10. 10Events in the PipelineMay 15thThe PfM SIG AGM + speaker(a great chance to get really involved)July Joint event with the Risk SIGOct 1st Annual PfM SIG Conference(would you like to help?)
  11. 11. 11SIG Committee Meeting – Agenda(With notes of actions arising)1. Recent Events – feedback from visit to BBC (Held jointly with Governance SIGand was a great success)2. AGM (May 15th) – check final preparations (Included a request for SIGmembers to consider joining – AstraZenecca speaker)3. PfM Conference (Oct 1st) – review plans (Cttee accepted proposal for hostingthis jointly with ProgM and Benefits Management SIGs. Volunteers wanted tohelp organise)4. Joint Risk Event (July) – update on status (Expect date soon for early July,volunteer speaker and organisers sought. Contact chair for more details)5. CxO Activities – update from 18/4 APM meeting (APM setting up researchproject, with steering from PfM, ProgM, Gov, and BenMan SIGs)6. Blogs – latest reactions and next subjects (Request for more from members)