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A presentation made by Nick Fewings to the APM South East branch and People SIG on 6th February 2014, in Swanley near Kent

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Ngagementworks learning slides

  1. 1. 07966306903 Fact: 70% of business change fails to achieve desired goals ‘eNgaging Change’ Leading Change Effectively Ngagementworks exists to partner with organisations to deliver cutting-edge, experiential learning programmes that engage individuals and motivate teams and in doing so transform them and enable them to achieve greater success . 1. Lack of strong leadership – Know yourself, warts and all 2. Lack of team skills and proven approach to change – Know your team & have a plan 3. Lack of effective engagement with stakeholders – Know your audience & communicate effectively Source: NAO/OGC Nick Fewings, Director Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 1
  2. 2. 07966306903 Objectives To introduce a colourful model of human behaviours that will allow you to: • Understand your own strengths and challenges in a period of change Behaviour • Understand those who’s needs are different to yours • Recognise and value the differences • Consider how this knowledge may be used to manage change more effectively Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 2
  3. 3. 07966306903 Psychological Preferences The Four Humours Melancholic Choleric like orderly lives prone to mood changes There are 3 pairs of preferences: appear as natural leaders seen as toughminded Introversion – Extraversion how we react to inner & outer experiences Thinking – Feeling how we make decisions Sensation – Intuition observe from the sidelines and tend to comply to others' demands outgoing, optimistic fun-loving Phlegmatic Carl Gustav Jung 1875-1961 how we take in & process information Sanguine Hippocrates 500 BC Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 3
  4. 4. 07966306903 The Insights - Colour Energies The Insights 4 Colour Energies On a bad day… Cautious Precise Deliberate Questioning Formal Analytical Competitive Demanding Determined Strong-willed Purposeful Driver Caring Encouraging Sharing Patient Relaxed Amiable Sociable Dynamic Demonstrative Enthusiastic Persuasive Expressive Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Stuffy Indecisive Suspicious Cold Reserved Aggressive Controlling Driving Overbearing Intolerant Docile Bland Plodding Reliant Stubborn Excitable Frantic Indiscreet Flamboyant Hasty 4
  5. 5. 07966306903 Complementary Styles Sunshine Yellow Strengths Quick to build relationships Friendly and sociable Adaptable, imaginative Can see the big picture Weaknesses May lack detail and focus Too casual for some Poor planner Can lose interest Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Cool Blue Complementary Styles Earth Green Fiery Red Weaknesses A bit reserved at first Overlook others’ feelings May be rigid & unimaginative Can focus on unimportant details Strengths Builds deep relationships Natural listener Sincere and warm Patient Weaknesses Can be seen as arrogant Poor listener Can be too cold and pushy May not let others finish speaking Strengths Knowledgeable and detailed Has an air of competence Asks lots of questions Very thorough right to the end Weaknesses Slow to adapt to change Seem to lack enthusiasm Unsure of themselves Reliant on others Strengths Love challenges Want to get things done Confident of their ability Influence others 5
  6. 6. 07966306903 Four Colour Energies: Key Learning Points • • • • We are a mixture of ALL four colour energies We will have a preference for one Each energy has both strengths and weaknesses No one colour energy is better or worse than another • We tend to find our opposites incredibly difficult • We must value the differences to build more effective relationships • The colours DESCRIBE our behaviour – they don’t DEFINE us Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Profiles Nick Fewings 27th June 2011 Personal Profile Foundation Chapter Management Chapter Effective Selling Chapter Personal Achievement Chapter Interview Chapter 6
  7. 7. 07966306903 Remember your colour order? 8-Type Colour Mix Descriptors Measuring our preferences MOST LEAST Persona (Conscious) 6 BLUE Preference Flow GREEN YELLOW RED 100 Persona (Less conscious) 6 BLUE GREEN YELLOW RED 50 3 0 3 50 0 100 1.04 17% 3.24 54% 4.88 81% 4.72 79% Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 0 37.2% 1.12 19% 1.28 21% 4.96 83% 2.76 46% TYPE Inspirer Helper Motivator Reformer Motivator Director Observer Coordinator Reformer Supporter Coordinator Helper 7
  8. 8. 07966306903 eNgage! Colourful Skills In Change Determination Monitors Performance Product Knowledge Sets Standards Product Knowledge Analysis Results Focus Decisive Assertive Planning Organisation Time Management Drive Enthusiasm Positive Thinking Supportive Listens, Loyal Team Approach Persuasive Creative People Skills Helps Others Flexible Shares Ideas Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Planning Risk assessment Processes Monitoring Checking Evaluation Detail Impact: - People - Teams Consultation Inclusion Bringing people along People Values Defining Task Clear Vision Goal Setting Timescales Driving Responsibilities Action Innovation “How Can We..?” Motivation Ideas Optimism Inspiration 8
  9. 9. 07966306903 Team Dynamics Name Red 23 23 23 2.60 2.84 2.64 1.92 0.68 1.72 3.01 4.96 3.76 5.36 5.44 5.20 Gus Gary Lucy Marc 43 24 47 32 3.08 1.64 1.16 4.28 2.12 2.72 3.68 4.76 3.52 4.36 5.08 0.88 4.56 4.64 3.16 2.40 Hakkies Joe Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Blue Green Yellow Jeremy Danny Chris Pos'n 34 34 5.48 5.36 3.56 4.32 1.88 1.60 2.44 2.36 9
  10. 10. 07966306903 Sample Project Team Wheel Team Average Scores 6 Blue Green Yellow Determination Monitors Performance Product Knowledge Red Sets Standards Product Knowledge Analysis Results Focus Decisive Assertive Drive Enthusiasm Positive Thinking Planning Organisation Time Management 3 Persuasive Creative People Skills Supportive Listens, Loyal Team Approach 0 4.74 Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 2.52 2.86 5.32 Helps Others Flexible Shares Ideas 10
  11. 11. 07966306903 Recognising Type formal Understand Others Recognising Type quick quiet Written Style Body Language Verbal Style relaxed Interactions Work Environment Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 11
  12. 12. 07966306903 Recognising Type fact closed precise technical measured deliberate relaxed meeting needs approachable reassuring people soft Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams fast confident results direct purposeful success themselves expressive effervescent ADAPTING STRATEGIES engaging positivity energetic 12
  13. 13. 07966306903 Who Are My Audience? The Golden Rule Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 13
  14. 14. 07966306903 Fiery Red: Communicating Earth Green: Communicating Do… Don’t… be direct & to the point focus on results and objectives keep it pacey BE BRIEF, BE BRIGHT AND BE GONE take advantage of my good nature push me to make quick decisions spring last minute surprises Don’t… hesitate or waffle focus on feelings try to take over Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Do… be patient & supportive slow down & work at my pace ask my opinion & give me time to answer SHOW ME YOU CARE 14
  15. 15. 07966306903 Sunshine Yellow: Communicating Don’t… Cool Blue: Communicating Do… bore me with details tie me down with routine ask me to work alone be well prepared & thorough put things in writing let me consider all the details GIVE ME THE DETAILS Do… Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Don’t… be friendly & sociable be entertaining & stimulating be open & flexible INVOLVE ME get too close or hug me be flippant on important issues change my routine without notice 15
  16. 16. 07966306903 ENGAGING STAKEHOLDERS CHANGE “It’s a short trip from riding the waves of change to being ripped apart by the jaws of defeat” Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 16
  17. 17. 07966306903 Effective Change Management “People do not resist change – people change all the time. What people resist is having others impose change on them” The Transition Curve Margaret Wheatley Harvard University Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 17
  18. 18. 07966306903 Leading Complex Change Skills ‘The Famous Five’ + Incentives + Feedback + Action Plan = Confusion + Incentives + Feedback + Action Plan = Anxiety + Feedback + Action Plan = Resistance Involve Staff – Right Skills + Action Plan = Frustration Manage Resistance - Incentives Vision + Vision + Skills + Vision + Skills + Incentives + Vision + Skills + Incentives + Feedback + Vision + Skills + Incentives + Feedback + = Treadmill Action Plan Clarify The Change – The Vision Communicate - Feedback = CHANGE Track Progress – Action Plan Thousand (2000) adapted from Knoster, T. (1991) Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 18
  19. 19. 07966306903 1. Clarify The Change - Vision Detailed analysis Clearly articulated of how and why strategic vision Written information Timeframes Focus groups Bottom-line impact 2. Involve Staff - Skills Support the planning and detailed implementation Drive things forward Delegate to the right people Check success Action orientated Training Plans Action orientated Affirmation of values Compelling and that support the positive picture of the vision future Consultation Shared vision Belief in the reason Understanding of for change involvement of people Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Value contribution and experience Be given tasks Brainstorm new ways of working Ideas from stakeholders Flexible agenda 19
  20. 20. 07966306903 3. Manage Resistance Incentives Apply disciplined processes and monitoring Analyse to come up with solutions Celebrate success Restate objectives Build on quick wins 4. Communicate - Feedback Detailed written Goal directed information Action orientated Measures of success Time focussed Clear unambiguous messages One point of contact Logical not emotive Small task force Ensure everyone is valued for their contribution Reinforce working as a team What is expected of Opportunities to individuals share ideas Small groups Face to face Lead by example Persuade that the change is of value Be flexible Provide verbal feedback Ability to give Visual feedback Q & A sessions Involvement Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams 20
  21. 21. 07966306903 5. Track Progress – Action Plan gagementworks Learn from mistakes Provide statistical information on progress on a regular and ongoing basis Share success, quick wins and feed back slippage Define level of reporting Update using small focus groups Focus on the affect on people Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Ensure there are opportunities to give feedback, before, during and after Gauge morale of staff Engaging Individuals, Transforming Teams Keep Ngaged 07966 306903 LinkedIn: Nick Fewings Twitter: NgageingNick Facebook: Ngagementworks 21