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Managing risk through assurance in the local public sector_Paul Monaghan


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A presentation at an APM conference How risk drives assurance and how assurance drives risk! on Tuesday 19th May 2015 in London.

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Managing risk through assurance in the local public sector_Paul Monaghan

  1. 1. Managing risk through assurance in the local public sector APM conference 19 May 2015
  2. 2. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Presentation agenda • About Local Partnerships • Harnessing Assurance to mitigate risk • LP Review community • Maximising the power of assurance data • Questions
  3. 3. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 About Local Partnerships LP is a joint venture between Her Majesty’s Treasury and the Local Government Association. We work with Government, Local Authorities, local public bodies, and the community focussed third sector to support them deliver investment in local infrastructure and local services. Through our ownership, and joint activities with other parts of the Local Government Group, we form part of the local government family. LP works only for the public or third sectors, and solely for public benefit. This ensures we operate without the limitations of commercial conflict, and can (and do) share our intellectual capital freely across the public sector. Our offering is additional, and we are not seeking to displace commercial or specialist advisers, instead our focus is on making the public sector client side’s commercial and delivery capability stronger. Our charging model is based on cost recovery (not maximising profit).
  4. 4. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 4 Local Partnerships support to public services Assurance - Reviews of high risk programmes and projects to keep them on track. Efficiency - support public sector contracts to make savings, and the management of outsourced contracts. Infrastructure - develop specialist support for a wider range of infrastructure programmes Investment & Reform –Support for wider public sector reform agenda to create shared services and more efficient delivery. Growth - Physical development, property and asset management, including asset rationalisation and retro-fitting energy measures. Commercial and procurement support to projects, programmes and change processes.
  5. 5. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Efficient risk mitigation through assurance • An intensive and concentrated focus on external objective scrutiny of a specific programme, project or change process to identify areas of best practice and those needing strengthening to enhance likelihood of a successful outcome. • Using LP database of review information to spread anonymized good practice and knowledge of key sector risks and mitigation strategies. • Also using database of information to inform policy makers at government level of issues at delivery stage. • Building capacity and capability in public sector community by exposure to a broader body and range of work
  6. 6. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Wider benefits of Assurance • Limit risks of expensive failures √ • Harness best practice √ • Develop networking √ • Baseline against best in class √ • Widen public sector skill base √ • Increase project awareness √ • Assess views of and strengthen stakeholder community awareness √ • Develop latent potential in project management community √ • Provide support at key stages √ • underpin corporate governance √ • Provide objective external perspective √
  7. 7. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 7 Building the Capacity of Public Services Better Skilled Staff Assurance Reviews Improved Project Delivery Improved Public Service Capability Development of Best Practice … to improve project delivery
  8. 8. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Reviewer benefits • Wide range of reviews in different sectors • Networking - Reviewers drawn from a wide range; Public sector, LP consultant associates, Local Partnerships staff, other assurance hubs. • LP Reviewer support – training & network events and virtual community • Broader perspective - Members of LP reviewers take part in reviews for other assurance hubs
  9. 9. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Building strong review teams • Carefully selected blend of skills and experience matched to needs of programme. • Balance of reviewers with specialist sector skills appropriate for project with others reviewers from different sectors • Blend of experienced and relatively inexperienced reviewers • Excellent leadership by experienced Review team leaders
  10. 10. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 LP Reviewer community • Over 800 experienced and fully accredited reviewers • Reviewers drawn from wide range of professional and sector backgrounds • Range of experience and seniority • QA system - 360 feedback system for continuous improvement
  11. 11. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Reviewer career pathway • Initial training by experienced reviewers which includes role playing based on scenarios drawn from real reviews. • Teams of 4 to allow inexperienced reviewers to develop in supported environment • Carry out 2-3 reviews to become fully accredited reviewer • Develop soft skills – team leadership, verbal and non-verbal communication, analysis, succinct report writing, presentation • Progress from RTM to RTL with Mentoring by experienced reviewers and additional Master class training Probation RTL Initial training day RTL Senior RTL Probation Reviewer Accredited RTM Senior RTM Masterclass training
  12. 12. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 12 Programme or project team completes pas Report delivered to PO (cc 4ps) Local Partnerships, PO, PD & PM agree review requirements Local Partnerships arranges review and sends out emails week 0 2 – 4 4 – 6 5 – 7 6 – 8 8 – 10 11 –12 RTL engages with PO and project team Local Partnerships briefs RTL with assessment summary Prepare Review Planning Meeting Set up Review Team Logistics Assessment Meeting PAS Undertake Review and Draft Report Feedback (PO, RTL & RTMs) Lessons learned evaluation RTL briefs team Agree key issues. Confirm “readiness for review” Agree “readiness for review” assessment summary produced Recommendations and delivery confidence assessment Review team agree findings Final Report Overview of the Assurance Review Process Project assessment spreadsheet
  13. 13. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 13 Multi-Tasking Essential Review Team Meeting PO Update Meeting PO Report Meeting Report Template Preparation Emerging Findings Outline Findings Typical 3 Day Review
  14. 14. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Managing quality of reviews • LP Review experience – undertaken over 900 reviews in 15 years across a wide range of sectors • Select strong teams with good leaders carefully balanced to needs for review • Utilise the specialist knowledge and insights of reviewers in a wide range of areas
  15. 15. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Flexible range of LP assurance products • LP accredited provider of Gateway reviews in local and regional space • Assurance Health checks (bespoke to client needs) 1-5 days 1-4 person • Sector specific reviews • Assurance of Action Plans
  16. 16. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Managing though the lifecycle • Validate strategic concepts • Review Options • Procurement stages • Contract Management • Assess lessons learnt
  17. 17. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Adaptable to all Sectors • Infrastructure • Regeneration • IT • New delivery structures • Savings • Transformation – organisational change
  18. 18. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 LP Internal Assurance Toolkit • Strategic relationship with authorities • Establish assurance at a local level • LP support to set up a flexible assurance process with minimum distribution tailored to authority needs. • Make use of LP extensive body of knowledge, processes, systems and documents
  19. 19. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 19 Opportunity to Influence Outcomes 100% Abilitytoinfluence Business Justification Procurement Strategy Readiness for Service Benefits realisation Investment Decision 0% Time Develop Business Case Manage Contract Award and implement contract Competitive Procurement Develop Procurement Strategy
  20. 20. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 Questions
  21. 21. © Local Partnerships LLP 2009 21 Contact details Paul Monaghan Project Director 07747 441 495 For further information visit or call us on; 020 7187 7379 Email: or visit at; Local Partnerships, Local Government House, Smith Square, London, SW1P 3HZ