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Make a wish come true


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Presentation given by Jenny Cook on 15 October 2019 to the SWWE branch in Bristol.

Published in: Education
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Make a wish come true

  1. 1. I wish to go to Lapland Finn, 5 fighting cancer Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses Jenny Cook – Director Wishgranting
  2. 2. Who are Make-A-Wish UK • Started in 1986 – inspired by Make-A-Wish USA • Make-A-Wish is a global movement through individual national charities • 14,000+ UK wishes since 1986 • 2018/19 best year ever – 1114 wishes, 132 Wish Assists, 15 other (1,261) • To be eligible aged from 3 to 17 years with a life limiting / critical illness – 49,000 children and young people in the UK • Average wish cost is £2,700 and annual income of £10 million • Rely on volunteer support and generosity of donors / corporates
  3. 3. • To Have • To Go • To Be • To Meet Rush and Priority Wishes 3 Our Wishes…… a personal and magical experience I wish to be a palaeontologist Catrin, 6 fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
  4. 4. External Context (July 2019) •Reduced trust in institutions, including charities​ •Society is becoming more divided and polarised •Increased need for connection across and within communities​ •Communities want to be empowered to support themselves​ •Shift toward child-centred services​ •Decreased funding and increased demand for children's services​ •Higher average divorce rates and poverty amongst families with disabled children​ •More children living with longer with a complex condition into adulthood​ •Declining fundraising market – more people want to do something together rather than fund an organisation to do it​ •Other Wish Granting charities struggling
  5. 5. Vision A future where every child and young person with a critical illness receives their one true wish.​ Values​ Child Led, Integrity, Community, Excellence, Inspiration​ Purpose Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses
  6. 6. Three Year Goals19/20 Priorities • Establish an approach to maximising the impact of our wishes • Grant 1,160 wishes • Increase engagement with communities across the wish journey • Strengthen our ability to commercialise our brand in a way that reflects our values • Achieve a balanced budget over 2 years
  7. 7. Organisation CEO & Senior Management Team Wishgranting (Wish Journey) Qualifications Team Wish Visitors Wishgranters Finance Fundraising and Marketing Capability (People – Staff and volunteers) Chair and Board of Trustees / Advisory Groups
  8. 8. Wishgranters
  9. 9. Enquiries • 85% enquiries are from the general public / families • 15% from referral partners • 88% enquiries are online • 63% increase in enquiries Jul/Aug/Sep to same time last year
  10. 10. Qualifications Dashboard
  11. 11. • Once a Child / young person is eligible two wish visitors (volunteers) visit to capture the one true wish of the child • Unique to Make-A-Wish. Child led, not family led (20% wish children are non-verbal) • The ‘Why’ of the wish is so important • Wish visitors right up the report and send to Qualifications team who then transfer the wish child and One True Wish to the Wishgranting Managers Wish Visit
  12. 12. Weekly Allocation
  13. 13. Wish Allocation
  14. 14. Capacity Planning
  15. 15. Agile Project Management Wishgranters in post over 12 months will be managing between 60 and 80 wishes (projects) at any one time. If a rush or priority wish is allocated to you this must take precedent over other wishes and teamwork is critical to ensure support is given.
  16. 16. Salesforce CRM – Wish Projects Start to project manage each wish – each Wishgranter delivers approx. 80 wishes per year. Working with the family, third party suppliers to plan and build a budget. Once the budget is approved all aspects of the wish can be booked. New suppliers have to be added to the ‘wishing well’. Need to identify donations in kind at this stage and if the community can support. Data Privacy and Safeguarding are front of mind.
  17. 17. Budgeting and Planning – Wish Mix Model Each wish type – to have / to go / to be / to meet has a budget framework and guidance as to what they could entail. Process and Creativity are required to deliver the one true wish and to ensure we are inclusive in all that we do.
  18. 18. Project Flow and Guidance
  19. 19. In concept planning In concept on hold Some wishes will be held ‘In Concept’ due to various reasons
  20. 20. Wishes in Progress (budget approved) • All aspects of the wish are booked and the wish child / family informed • Wish Packs sent out 2 weeks before the wish – Cap, Bag any tickets • Itineries send by email / BACS transfers made / last checks made with families / equipment providers etc • Emergency phone / contact for during the wish • Let the magic happen and await feedback ☺ • Continue to work on all the over wish projects allocated to you. • Wishes can be cancelled or changed at anyone time
  21. 21. Wish Closure and Impact Measurement (Benefits Realisation) • Wish child /families to be contacted one week after wish granted (up to 20 per month) • All wishes to be closed down on Salesforce 2 months from wish granted date. New suppliers loaded onto the wishing well. Any comments on suppliers added. • All receipts / invoices – finances to be completed, and all Donations / Gift in Kind registered on the system • Follow up with wish child / families pre and post wish questionnaire
  22. 22. Forecasting – predicting when wishes complete
  23. 23. Scorecard – Monitoring Progress and Continuous Improvement EXAMPLE: • 13 Wishes Granted in September 19/20 (89 in 18/19) – so starting the year off at a 27% increase. A record for September and we are close to granting our 14000th Wish, currently at 13923 as of the end of September. • 65% of wishes granted were travel wishes. 6 of the granted wishes were rush/priority. • 22 in the pipeline, 9% of which are booked up on 3% this time last year and 19 new approvals in September. • A bumper month for Enquiries with 352 v 200 budgeted – the last few months have shown an average 61% uplift in new enquiries, but September was nearly double the budget. This is being closely monitored. • The qualifications team is currently working on 1204 wishes. • This month saw a 23% attrition rate of those dropping out straight away after enquiry
  24. 24. 2018/19 results 2018/19 Qualifications • 2432 Enquiries – 15% increase on previous year (2017/18) • An average of 1042 live enquiries each month • 35% Attrition from enquiry to wish qualification (are not eligible for a wish) • 1474 children qualified for a wish • (16 Starlight wish children referred Jul/Aug 19) 2018/2019 Wish Visitors • 1323 wish visits confirmed in year • Acceptance of wish visits at an average of 6 working days (down from 11 working days 2017/18) • 96% of wishes granted fed back to the wish visitors by wishgranters (up from 55% 2017/18) • Q4 2017/18 65x wish visits by phone v down at Q4 2018/2019 5x wish visits by phone Wishgranting • 1114 wishes granted (1047 2017/18) – 6% increase. 103 of these wishes were rush / priority Wishes. • 132 Wish Assist • 15 wishes delivered on behalf of other charities (eg Mr Tumble / Dan DTM wishes for Rays of Sunshine Children) • 122 Changed Wishes • 92 Cancelled Wishes TOTAL WISHES (all above) 1475
  25. 25. What would your wish be? ☺
  26. 26. Jenny Cook Director of Wishgranting Mobile: 07599 556 130