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Lessons from lockdown webinar, 8 September 2020


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Lessons from lockdown
Tuesday 8 September 2020

presented by
Ian Cribbes and Vicki Griffiths
with the content co created also by Tim Lyons and Sarah Coleman

The link to the write up page and resources of this webinar:

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Lessons from lockdown webinar, 8 September 2020

  1. 1. Lessons in lockdown Tuesday 8 September 2020 APM People SIG
  2. 2. What are the lessons we can learn?
  3. 3. Ian Cribbes Sarah Coleman Vicki GriffithsTim Lyons
  4. 4. Series of opinion pieces – Not a Research project • Introduction (Sarah Coleman) • Collaboration (Ian Cribbes) • Resilience (Tim Lyons) • Innovation & Creativity (Vicki Griffiths) • Risk and Decision Making (Sarah Coleman) • The psychodynamics of being 'on the call’ (Tim Lyons) • Influencing at a Distance (Dan Connors, Applied Influence Group) • Behaviours and Mindsets (Wendy Shooter, Unicorn Consulting) • Seeing opportunities in threats (Reyhaneh Kazemi, WiPM Iran)
  5. 5. Introducing Lessons from Lockdown
  6. 6. Introducing Lessons from Lockdown • The reflective practitioner during lockdown: insights, reflections, experiences, opinion pieces • Looking at the perspective of the individual and of the organisation • Series of articles from Lessons from Lockdown team, representing P3M community and beyond • Recognising the impact on P3 delivery; the degree of disruption and challenge to existing ways of working • Focusing on behaviours and competencies rather than technology, process, structure: • What skills, competences and behaviours do we need for the future? • What can we take from the past to help plan our future? What do we want to leave behind? • What are the positives we can take from lockdown and apply for the future? What are the negatives have we noticed and what can we learn from them? • Thoughts on change models (Kubler-Ross, 2008; Kotter,1996) • Published through the Major Projects Association:
  7. 7. Lessons in Collaboration
  8. 8. Collaboration ‘working with another person or group in order to achieve or do something’
  9. 9. Results Cooperation Clarity Willingness Relationship Laying aside one’s differences, breaking down of siloes, adopting an open- minded approach, seeking the best solution.
  10. 10. Lessons in Resilience
  11. 11. Resilience = returning to original shape or position after deformation • So what? Projects are about re-formation anyway (not deformation) • How do we reinforce change effectively when working remotely? • Norms of human contact are ‘deformed’ by social distancing; • The ‘original shape’ may now be a new shape → Flexibility / Adaptability • The market for services has changed • Client downsizing; • Assessing market shape/sectors, depth and duration, spending power; • Voluntary networks – loss leaders, but build skills, contacts and sector savvy; • The ‘neurology’ of the workplace and the organization / project • Values and Beliefs – are they the same? • Capabilities and Environment will certainly change in remote working • Behaviours are the minefield! Stay sane, stay curious, stay polite!
  12. 12. Lessons in Innovation & Creativity
  13. 13. Necessity is the Mother of Invention How can I enable my staff to work from home? How can my business / project adapt to the new normal? How can I maintain project momentum now that the team are geographically dispersed? How can I continue to supply goods and services while keeping people safe? How can I bring my offering online? Can I change my offering to manufacture essential supplies?
  14. 14. Necessity is the Mother of Invention How can we maintain this spirit of Innovation ?
  15. 15. Lessons on Risk and Decision Making
  16. 16. • Just how lucky are we feeling? • Recognise degree of disruption and challenge to existing ways of working; also a stimulus and prompt for renewal and recovery • Increasing prominence on project data analytics, big data, benchmarking, AI, enterprise information management: o insights for timely, relevant, better decision-making o decision intelligence (Pratt, 2019) • Projects: accelerated, cancelled, rescheduled • Time horizon: short-term blip or more fundamental change? • Risk: how do we view risk? o Organisations: Increased risk appetite, although not comfortable o Organisations: accelerating through decisioning process o Organisations: line-of-sight events and planning horizons shorter o Organisational culture and attitude to risk o Shorter-term tactical ‘keeping the show on the road’? • Decisions: o Individuals: ‘Zoom-fatigue’ impacting bandwidth to make a ‘good’ decision? o Individuals: Time pressure means taking more risk? o Organisations: Decisions taken now will be revisited in the ‘new normal’ • What else are we missing? Clint Eastwood ‘Dirty Harry’. Warner Bros. Entertainment
  17. 17. The psychodynamics of being 'on the call’
  18. 18. Conferencing is not the same as meeting • What is your weakest link? • You cannot NOT communicate • Emphasis • Timing • Positioning • Levels Sequence • Pause and freeze (visual full stop) • Staying alert • Watch like a hawk! • Give space to the introverts • Use chat sparingly How you will be perceived? Quality of your connection Your audio Your video Your message This works for you OR another person Engaged or disengaged? Closed or open? Interested or bored? Agreeing or disagreeing? Looking up or looking down? Look into my eyes (not around the eyes!)
  19. 19. Lessons in Influencing at a Distance
  20. 20. Lessons in Influencing at a Distance Dan & Emma gave an excellent presentation on the 5th August The link to this is on the APM web site august-2020
  21. 21. Lessons in Behaviours & Mindsets
  22. 22. Lessons in Behaviours & Mindsets Here Chartered Psychologist, Wendy Shooter explores the beneficial behaviours that have emerged during lockdown with the P3M community. Wendy is running a webinar on the 14th Sept (13:00 – 14:00) on this topic • This session is focussing on Lessons from Lockdown: Behaviours and Mindsets, where I will share my research on the beneficial behaviours that have emerged in the project community since lockdown. If you are a member come along. Employees of Corporate Partners and Affiliates please book here Tricia Moon #projectmanagement #behaviours #PM #mindsets #P3M More details can be found on the Major Projects site:
  23. 23. Seeing opportunities in threats
  24. 24. Seeing Opportunities in Threats Here Reyhaneh Kazemi, founder of Women in Project Management Iran and Project Management Advisor at the OIEC Group, Iran, shares some of WiPMI members’ personal and individual experiences and explores three particular opportunities that have emerged during this time of threat and disruption. More details can be found on the Major Projects site:
  25. 25. Lessons in Lockdown Questions APM People SIG