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Key themes and summary John Zachar and Ralf Finchett


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Conference summary: APM PMO SIG spring conference: People are the PMO's best assets, held on 25th April 2013

Published in: Business, Technology
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Key themes and summary John Zachar and Ralf Finchett

  1. 1. Stuart Dixon Good quotations, particularly Churchills &Coco Channels Refocus on people rather than process &tools Ask really pertinent questions, tailored toyour circumstances
  2. 2. Eileen Roden Similarities in messages Focus on people rather than processes,tasks & tools Success often depends on heroes - thatget burned out / up What are the dependencies? How does PMO maturity affect the successof the PMO?
  3. 3. Emma Arnaz-Pemberton &David Powell The analysis of a successful PMO and whyit has been successful A very good story of– what went right and why,– what didnt and why, and– what was done to fix it!Oh, and some interesting past facts.
  4. 4. Richard Pound Influence - the only real power a PM has,except perhaps for knowledge Richard walked us through the process ofbeing a successful influencerPositional KnowledgeCharisma Influence
  5. 5. Rob Sadler Tuckman Culture - individual and organisational - and somedetail about each And how they establish a challenge to success Factors affecting cultural perspective are multiple& diverse Perceptions must be dealt with as reality Flexibility and adaptability are pre-requisites Micro-cultures exist Project Management activities can be adaptedmuch more easily than organisational cultures