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Innovative Methods and Technologies in Project Management: Project Management Techniques, Ray Mead, p3m global, 15 February 2017

Innovative Methods and Technologies in Project Management: Project Management Techniques
presentation by Ray Mead, p3m global
APM Wessex branch
Wednesday 15 February 2017

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Innovative Methods and Technologies in Project Management: Project Management Techniques, Ray Mead, p3m global, 15 February 2017

  1. 1. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.1 APM Wessex Branch – Project Management Techniques Ray Mead, p3m global
  2. 2. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.2 What do we do assess Competence Assessments Organisational Maturity p3m Healthchecks Technology Assessments p3m pulseTM develop Training PMO Design & Development Methodology Development Coaching & Mentoring EPM Implementation e-learning p3m pathwaysTM engage Portfolio Optimisation Business Transformation Turnkey Project Delivery Extended Workforce p3m Assurance p3m oneTM
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  4. 4. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.4 A word on Project Management techniques • A Google search for “project management techniques” returns 36,300,000 results • has 136 Technique Wikis • 148 techniques listed in PMBoK 5th Ed. Including… • Brainstorming • Document Analysis • Observation • Meetings
  5. 5. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.5 600 500 400 300 200 100 1987 1996 2000 2004 2008 2013 % 100 80 60 40 20 PMBoK pages vs Project Success Rates
  6. 6. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.6 Innovative Techniques? The Stand-Up Meeting • 15 minutes (at most) • 3 questions 1. What did you do yesterday 2. What will you do today? 3. What obstacles are in your way? • Keeping it time-boxed focuses folks minds and helps get/keep agenda items targeted at what’s important: • Research shows standing up is more effective as meetings are faster and more focused
  7. 7. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.7 The Kanban Board 6 3 5 3 5 Pending Analysis Development Test Deploy WIP Done WIP Done WIP Limit From the Product Backlog
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  9. 9. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.9 Cynefin Framework
  10. 10. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.10 Complexity – The Stacey Matrix Standards Guidance Monitoring Political- Control Compromise Experimenting Chaos Anarchy Innovation Creativity Debate Serendipity Trial and Error Zone Of Complexity High LowCertainty High Low Agreement Stacey proposes a matrix that introduces two dimensions with regards to management of organisations: Certainty and Agreement: Certainty depends on the quality of the information base The degree of agreement among the people directly involved on what should be done with respect to the implementation
  11. 11. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.11
  12. 12. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.12 Kick-Off Meetings • Set purpose and direction • Outline scope and constraints • Communicate governance arrangements • Obtain agreement and commitment • Set ground rules • Establish a project sub-culture
  13. 13. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.13 MoSCoW Prioritisation Minimum Useable SubseT Work arounds difficult/costly Work arounds easy/cheap Out of Scope for this timeframe Requirements that cannot be de-scoped without causing the project to fail Requirements that can be de-scoped as a last resort to keep the project on track Requirements that can be de-scoped without causing significant problems Must Have Should Have Could Have Won’t have this time Guaranteed Expected Possibly Maybe next time No more than 60% effort @ 20% effort @ 20% effort ©DSDM Consortium, 2010
  14. 14. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.14 Delivering the Business Case with MoSCoW Prioritisation ©DSDM Consortium, 2010
  15. 15. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.15 Facilitated WBS Sessions • Is a graphical display of the hierarchy of the project. • Identifies ALL work to be performed – if it isn’t in the WBS, it isn’t in the project. • Helps prevent work slipping through the cracks. • Helps prevent change. • Should exist for EVERY project. • Facilitates communication between the team and other stakeholders. • Provides a basis for estimating staff, cost and time. • Gets team BUY-IN and can be used for team building. • IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE PROJECT!
  16. 16. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.16 Product/ Activity Role 1 Role 2 Role 3 Role 4 Role 5 Role 6 Task1 R A I Task2 A R C I Task3 C A C I R Task4 I A R C Task5 C A, R I I I Task6 A A R I I RACI Matrix
  17. 17. ©p3m global. All rights reserved.17 New sports park Upgraded rail station Improved rail links Regenerated urban park More frequent trains Athletes village Increased revenue from tourism Fast Shuttle Service to city centre Faster access to park More industry attracted to park More jobs New housing Marketing campaign More day visitors To regenerate the local economy Residents consultations To improve the city’s image More residential tourists More attractions/ facilities Further sports investment Extra capital for further development Increased accommodation in area Increased attraction to tourism Recruit and train guest rooms staff Project Output or Enabler Strategic Objective End Benefit Intermediate Benefit Business Change
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