Creative Project Management


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This was one of the finalist team's presentations at the APM Wessex branch's PM Challenge finals night held on 25th February at Southampton Football Club.

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Creative Project Management

  1. 1. BY TOMAS DOS SANTOS, MANDAKH NYAMSUREN, CLARE JARRED AND ISLAM DZHABIEV Our Project: Creating a more sustainable business
  2. 2. Agenda • Project Delivery • Project Documentation • Project Financial Management • Project Success & Benefits • Main Issues Encountered • Lessons Learned
  3. 3. Project Delivery
  4. 4. 1st Stage of the Project • Discussed project with Ambition Consultancy potential ideas • Met with owners of Chocol8 and pitched project ideas • Worked with Chocol8 and Ambition Consultancy to define our project 2nd Stage of the Project • Delivery of activities - Westbourne Christmas Fair - Kaplan Language School event • Produce all documentation for the project • Monitoring and Controlling the project 3rd Stage of the Project • Final documentation • Project Closure
  5. 5. Planning • Keep SMART • Meet the project Objective • Time scale (Schedule) • Project Materials Organisation • Manage Constraints (Scope, Schedule & Budget) • Monitoring & Control • Quality Control Execution •Manage the Budget & Deliverables • Assigned Tasks • Gain Acceptance • Manage Issues • Communication Plan • Project Team • Implementation & Transition Closure • Document all the information • Post – closure analyses
  6. 6. LevelofOrganizationaleffort Conceptualization/ Planning Organisation Management/Execution Closure
  7. 7. Risk Management Strategy Identify the Risk Areas Assess the Risks Develop Risk Management Plan Implement Risk Management Action Re-evaluate the Risks
  8. 8. Project Documentation
  9. 9. Initial Risk Assessment
  10. 10. Roles and Responsibilities R – Responsible A – Accountable C – Consulted I - Informed
  11. 11. Network Diagram
  12. 12. Product Breakdown Structure
  13. 13. Work Breakdown Structure Chocol8 Project [2]Running of event at Kaplan on 11th Dec [2.3] Creation of student discount card [2.2] Producing promotional material [2.1] Running of the stand [3]Production of project documentation [3.2] APM Project documentation [3.1] Initial Project documentation [1]Running of the Christmas Fair on 7th Dec [1.4] Production of promotional material [1.3] Create box for completed quiz forms [1.2] Creation of quiz [1.1] Delivery of quiz at Christmas fair [1.2.c] Approval from Chocol8 owners [1.2.a] Research into event [1.2.b] Creation of questions [1.2.d] Printing of quiz [1.3.a] Design box [1.3.b] Deliver box to shop [1.2.c] Approval from Chocol8 owners [1.4.a] Design leaflets [1.2.b] Design posters [1.2.d] Design t-shirts [1.2.e] Printing of t- shirts [1.1.a] Dispensing of quiz [1.1.b] Collection of quiz [1.1.c] Drawing and contacting winner [1.1..d] Giving of hamper and photo of winner [1.1.e] Collection of email addresses [2.1.a] Booking the stand [2.1b] Manning the stand throughout day [2.1.c] Distribution of discount card [2.1..d] Collection of email addresses [2.2.a] Designing promotional material [2.2b] Approval from Chocol8 owners [2.2.c] Printing of promotional materials [2.2..d] Distribution of promotional material [2.3.a] Consultation with Chocol8 owners [2.3b] Designing of card [2.3.c] Printing of discount card [3.1.a] Produce Project Proposal [3.1.b] Produce Network and Gantt [3.1.c] Constructrisk assessment [3.1.d] Carry out stakeholder analysis/ map [3.2.a] Produce amended Project Proposal [3.2.b] Submit 3 reports [3.2.c] Monitor budget [3.2.d] Preparation for final presentation Quality Check quality of promotional material Review quality of any documentation Brief team on day of events Collect feedback from Chocol8 owners ManagementTechnical Briefing on project Defining scope Allocation of tasks Reviewing progress Liaising with Chocol8 owners
  14. 14. Power High Low Keep Satisfied Government Bournemouth University Manage Closely Chocol8 Owners Students (Our Team) APM (Sponsors) Monitor Keep Satisfied Local Community Competitors Kaplan International College Suppliers Low Interest High Keep Satisfied Government Bournemouth University Manage Closely Chocol8 Owners Students (Our Team) APM (Sponsors) Monitor Keep Satisfied Local Community Competitors Kaplan International College Suppliers Stakeholder Map
  15. 15. Project Financial Management
  16. 16. Project Budget Overview (£) Expenditures Original(£) Revised(£) Final(£) International student discount cards (Kaplan) 25 20 20 Colour leaflets double sided (Kaplan) 20 17.23 17.23 Colour leaflets double sided (Chocol8) 20 15 15 colour posters (Quiz) 10 9.98 9.98 colour poster (Kaplan) 10 9.98 9.98 Christmas Quiz 10 7.50 7.50 T-shirts 50 39.96 39.96 Hamper (Quiz) 90 60 60 Hamper (Kaplan) 40 25 25 Box for completed quiz forms 5 5 5 Sample chocolates (Kaplan) 35 28 28 Ribbon to wrap around quiz forms 5 5 5 Total Project Costs 320 245.65 245.65
  17. 17. Cost Performance Index Cost performance index (CPI) £0.97 Unit Budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP) £242.67 Actual cost of work performed (ACWP) £250.65 Schedule performance index (SPI) 34 days Budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS) 238.20 Schedule Variance Budget at completion (BAC) £242.65 Schedule variance (SV) £235.27 Variance at completion (VAC) £8.02 Estimate at completion (EAC) £234.63 Note: The results presented in this report are based on the activities and expenditures made during the project. Some of the results are based on the calculation of the budget given for the project and the amount expended for every activity and material used for completion of the project.
  18. 18. Project Success & Benefits realised
  19. 19. Project’s Outcomes  The project helped Chocol8 to develop a sustainable approach for its business and the number of young people visiting the store have increased.  Over 100 e-mail addresses were collected and forward to Ambition Consultancy for further use for Chocol8’s online business.  Both local community and Kaplan students have received seasonal deals products with more customised services.  More local people are aware the existence of Chocol8 in Westbourne through both Christmas fair and Kaplan event.
  20. 20. How we measured the project’s success • Good project plan • Open communication within the team • Careful Risk Management • Managing the project Expectation • Control the changes within the project • Review of the scope of the project • Good deliverables • Strong Project Closure
  21. 21. Main Issues Encountered
  22. 22. Unwillingness to participate from some individuals Problems to get budget on time for the events Weather condition Monitoring the project Cost constraints
  23. 23. Lessons Learnt
  24. 24. Lessons Learnt Control & Monitoring the Project Manage all the project’s element Skills & Strengths of the Team Constant changes within the project Communication Risks Decision Making Paper Work & Documentation
  25. 25. Thank you for listening… Any Questions?