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Emma Arnaz Pemberton and Dave Powell A PMO success story


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APM PMO SIG Spring conference: People are the PMO's best assets

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Emma Arnaz Pemberton and Dave Powell A PMO success story

  1. 1. Emma Arnaz-PembertonDave Powell
  2. 2. Introduction• North American Retail Division sells a broad assortment of merchandisethrough our chain of office supply stores in the U.S. and Canada• North American Retail Division currently operates over 1,100 officesupply stores throughout the U.S. and Canada• North American Business Solutions Division sells nationally branded andprivate brand office supplies, technology products, furniture and servicesby means of a dedicated sales force, through catalogs and electronicallythrough our internet sites• Office Depot sells to customers in 59 countries throughout NorthAmerica, Europe, Asia and Latin America• International Division sells office products and services through directmail catalogs, contract sales forces, internet sites and retail stores, usinga mix of company-owned operations, joint ventures, licensing andfranchise agreements, alliances and other arrangements
  3. 3. The PMO Journey
  4. 4. 20082009201020112012The PMO Journey
  5. 5. 2008• The business is in decline• Change in Leadership for the UK&IE– Identified there is poor change management– No visibility• We are now Project Management Office• Temporary Organisation– One external contractor as Project Office Manager– One external Programme Specialist with experience– Two admin assistants• From the business• Are available• No Project Management knowledge– Support from Aikona (to build the method)• Add some visibility to change management & what is happening in the business• Project Management is an additional role to the traditional day to day– Selection of ‘key’ people trained in the new method– People selected by role, interest or competency• Boris Johnson became mayor of London, Barack Obama became USPresident and The Large Hadron Collider was fired upYear of: Plug the Gap
  6. 6. 20082009201020112012The PMO Journey
  7. 7. 2009• Business expectation of reporting – tick in the box• Some visibility of numbers is already available and the business wants more data• Recruitment into the team– One Programme Specialist to review the method and capability• Continue to report to the business• Train interested people in the method• Report police• Reporting is a tick in the box exercise done with PMO• After training, I was left to get on with it• Everything is a project and handed to PMs with the capacity rather than capability• Worst Snow in 20 Years in Feb , Dave Powell got married and they found Gold in StaffordshireYear of: Report, Report, Report
  8. 8. 20082009201020112012The PMO Journey
  9. 9. • We now have PM’s in the business• Part-time and external professional PM’s• Business is asking for competency & Value Add• We are now Programme Management Office• Recruitment:– One Programme Specialist with strategic experience– Up-skilling within the PMO started• Fullest team so far with a broad mix of experience• Re-design & Re-launch the PMO– Vision, Mission, Values created– Launch day– Complementary training (not just about project management)• PMs feel engaged• Felt a support function in place• Confusion in the positioning of PMO within the project & programme roles(execs, reporting, support or project management) – conflict of interests (who reports to who& escalation)2010• Longest Cold Spell for 30 Years!, Eyjafjallajoekull erupted grounding flights in the UK – The STIG wasrevealedYear of: Re-Launch & Re-Birth
  10. 10. 20082009201020112012The PMO Journey
  11. 11. 2011• PMO re-distributed for Q1 & Q2 as per business requirements• Business loses PM focus to define its own purpose• Restructure means 4 PMO resource leave the business• Up-skilling continues of original staff• Sustain the operations already in place– Training– Reporting• Carrying on with projects as normal• Less PMO presence or support• Feeling less proactive so PMs started to create small pockets of community to share skills &experience• Royal Wedding in UK, The UK Riots and an Earthquake and Tsunami in JapanThe Lost Year
  12. 12. 20082009201020112012The PMO Journey
  13. 13. Year of: Re-Group & Re-Set• Strategic Priorities defined and communicated to provide focus• Programmes lost urgency• Business once again asking for PM competence• Restructure means 2 PMO resource leave the business• Targeted training of original PMO resource• 1 PMO resource re-distributed to support operations• Review and re-define the purpose of the PMO– Vision, Mission, Values– European Remit added– Engagement– Optimise Reporting to add value• PMs more engaged• Trained around key competencies as well as PM• Clear definition of structure and boundaries of the PMO – roles, responsibilities• PMO Community created for peer to peer support, sharing and expertise2012• “Gangnam Style” Fever hits the world, the diamond jubilee and London Olympics
  14. 14. 20082009201020112012The PMO Journey2013 and Beyond
  15. 15. 2013Year of: Growth• Neigh laughing matter• New Leadership across Europe• EU Business Transformation Office• Reaffirmed Strategic Priorities• European Business asking for PM competence• We are now Portfolio Management Office• Structure– PMO Manager– PMO Officer– 80% Business Improvement Resource• PMO Strategy in place including full Service Catalogue• Increase alignment & maturity across the business• Continuous Improvement of existing processes• Initialise opportunities for globalisation• Increased understanding of structure and escalation as a Service Provider• Better peer to peer relationships leading to enhanced opportunities for complementaryworkshops and training• Competency matrix to identify key skill sets (right people in the right box)
  16. 16. • Resource up• Address the gaps in 2013/2014• Work towards a PPM tool• Global alignment in line with the potential mergerwith Office Max• World Class PMO!?
  17. 17. Current Gaps• Resource planning• AOP Alignment• Benefits Realisation• PPM Tooling
  18. 18. Slow Burn?• Is the Slow Burn Approach the right approach?– We are nearing maturity by up-skilling existing associates– This has taken time but it has given• Passion for the business and our customers• The chance to grow with the business• Ability to adapt better• Better engagement with the PMO Community• What if we had done it differently 5 yrs ago?– We would have resourced with professionals– But would we have• An ‘off the shelf approach’ that is not aligned to Office Depot principles• Not able to adapt as quickly• Lost the benefit of going on the journey