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Eileen Roden Top attributes of successful PMOs


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APM PMO SIG Spring conference: People are the PMO's best assets

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Eileen Roden Top attributes of successful PMOs

  1. 1. V0-1Top Attributes of successfulPMOsEileen J Roden
  2. 2. V0-1Person specificationKnowledge Education SkillsExperience Behaviour Aptitude
  3. 3. V0-1PMO Manager Establishment of thePMO Line management ofPMO resources
  4. 4. V0-1PMO ManagerGold dust PreferredEssential Not good
  5. 5. V0-1ProjectSpecialist Development of goodpractice processes andtools Support to the deliveryteams
  6. 6. V0-1Project SpecialistGold dust PreferredEssential Not good
  7. 7. V0-1ProjectOfficer Reporting Support to the deliveryteams
  8. 8. V0-1Project OfficerGold dust PreferredEssential Not good