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Dounreay’s Nuclear Flask Loading Facility Project – A New Delivery Strategy, Liverpool John Moores University - 30 Jan 17

  1. 1. Flask Loading Facility (FLF) Project “A new delivery strategy”
  2. 2. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation FLF Project Overview Irradiated Exotic Fuel is currently stored at Dounreay. As part of the Dounreay decommissioning and restoration scheme, this fuel is to be relocated to the Sellafield site in Cumbria. To support this operation, the requirement was identified for a new Flask Loading Facility (FLF) to enable the handling of transport flasks to be loaded with Irradiated Fuel (IF) Containers for both road and rail transfer. Client: Dounreay Sites Restoration Limited Location: Dounreay and Warrington Contractor: Nuvia Limited
  3. 3. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation Project Outline • The Project was to complete a concept and scheme design for a new Flask Loading Facility at Dounreay. • The function of the facility is to transfer fuel in Irradiated Fuel Containers from site flasks to road/rail transport flasks for onward transfer. Contract stages Phase 1 Concept Phase 2 Preliminary Safety Case (PSR and Planning App support) Phase 3 Scheme Design
  4. 4. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation Scope of Work The Project scope included the following: • Concept Design - a fully functional plant proposal was produced with fuel storage, fuel preparation, and onsite flask unloading and offsite road/rail flask loading capability. • Development of the Preliminary Safety Case (PSR) and Environmental documentation. • Scheme Design – Developing the approved concept to enable a technical specification to be produced for Detailed Design and Build Contract. • Performance of the CDM 2015 roles of Designer and Principal Designer.
  5. 5. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation • The client outlined a preferred approach to roll back major elements of the FLF functionality into the ‘Donor Plants’ resulting in a much reduced specification. • Project timescales were vital as the Clients overall site decommissioning programme required, by a specific date (Jan 2016), the ability to place a contract for detailed design and build. Therefore delays at the front end of the project could not be allowed to impact the overall completion date. • The resulting challenge for the FLF team was that a new Scheme Design including PSR was required in six months instead of the planned 10 month schedule for the scheme design without the benefit of a proven concept. • This presented a challenge as key elements of the design specification were yet to be decided The Challenge
  6. 6. association for project management Options Developed Main project driver - to decommission PFR at the earliest possible date Baseline Option FLF with 30 IF Container Storage Option 1 FLF with 300 IF Container Storage Option 2 PFR Re-Use of Pond - FLF with 300 IF Container Storage Option 3 Phased Build FLF with 300 IF Container Storage Building Information Modelling (BIM) with a Nuclear Project
  7. 7. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation • BIM - The project was delivered using a BIM (Building Information Modelling) Level 2 process whereby the majority of plant design definition was incorporated into one 3D model. Supporting drawings were reduced to a minimum. • BIM Level 2 is all about Collaboration. • Minimise “dumb” information, Maximise centralised information. Building Information Modelling (BIM) with a Nuclear Project
  8. 8. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation • Planning is key. • Getting the right systemisation in place early makes proper collaboration much easier. • Each discipline has its own centralised model which is incorporated into a federated model for reviews and clash detection. Building Information Modelling (BIM) with a Nuclear Project 212 Process Air (.IAM) EFD 105 External Temporary Supplies 214 Breathing Air (.IAM) EFD 105 External Temporary Supplies (.DWG) BCD 231 Fire Fighting Systems (.IAM) GA 110 External Supplies (.DWG) BCD 200 Mechanical Services Systems (.IAM) GA 232 Fire Water Storage & Pumps (.IAM) 130 Power Distribution (.DWG) SLD 235 Hot Water System (Heating) (.IAM) 140 UPS Systems 242 Portable Water (.IAM) 150 Diesel Input Board 244 Domestic/Foul Water Drainage (.IAM) 151 Standby Diesel Generators 160 Normal Lighting 710 General Area Supply Services - CS (.IAM) VFD 170 In Cell Lighting 720 Flask Loading Bay Vehicle Extract - CS (.IAM) VFD 180 Emergency Lighting MEP (.IAM) 700 Ventilation (.IAM) GA 730 General Area Extract System (Main Building) -CL (.IAM) VFD 190 Small Power 740 Transfer Cell Area Extract/Stack Discharge System - CM (.IAM) 195 Earthing (.DWG) Earthing DIA 780 Change Room General Area Extract System -CL (.IAM) VFD 196 Lighting protection 930 Fire Protection Systems Layout 900 EC&I (.IAM) GA 940 CCTV-Systems-Process and Surveillance 945 Communications - BT Telephones 946 Communications - Internal Data 310 Flask Handing Crane (.IAM) GA 947 Communications -Intercom/PA 311 Z6022 Flask Handling Equipment (.IAM) 950 Main Plant Control System TOPOLOGY DWG 312 Transfer Flask Handling Equipment (.IAM) 955 Plant Data Management/SCADA TOPOLOGY DWG 330 Z6022 Flask Bogie (.IAM) 957 Management Information Systems 335 Transfer Flask Bogie (.IAM) GA 958 Main Control Room Layout 360 Flask Handling Area Roller Shutter Doors (.IAM) 960 Plant Security System - Access Flask Handling Area 370 Z6022 Top Cover Equipment (.IAM) 970 Activity in Air Monitoring (Inc. Interlock Monitoring) Layout and Transfer Halls (.IAM) 375 Z6022 Flask Docking Port (.IAM) 971 Criticality Incident Detection 380 Transfer Flask Outer Cover Equipment (.IAM) 972 Stack Monitoring FLF Building and 385 Transfer Flask Docking Port (.IAM) 974 Air Quality Monitors Navisworks (.NWF) 390 Transfer Flask Inner Lid Handling Machine (.IAM) DPD 975 Building Evacuation Collaboration of weekly 391 Transfer Flask Interspace Test Equipment (.IAM) 978 Change Room/Portable Instruments snapshots from each disciplines 395 Shielded PA Door (.IAM) 980 Special Radiometric Instruments navisworks file. Weekly . NWD snapshot produced for review. Mech (.IAM) 800 Out Cell Operating Area (.IAM) GA 810 MSM Maintenance Area (.IAM) 820 Flask Maintenance (.IAM) 410 In cell Equipment Import/Export (.IAN) 430 MEB Equipment (.IAM) 440 Grab Station (.IAM) 400 Transfer Cell .(IAM) GA 460 In Cell Crane (Inc. Grabs) (.IAM) GA/DPD 470 In Cell Crane Maintenance Shield Door (.IAM) DPD 480 Shielded Personnel Door (.IAM) 490 Buffer Store Array (.IAM) Reference shrink-wrap model (.IPT). Model is placed in all assemblies 001 External Works (CS&A) (.IAM) GA where marked 010 Plant Layout & Space Management FLF Facility (.IAM) 011 Architectural Building Layouts (.IAM) GA Civil Building 012 Steel Work Superstructure (.IAM) Fabric (.IAM) 013 Reinforced Concrete Structures &Foundations (.IAM) 014 Secondary Steel Work(.IAM) 030 MSM Equipment (Runway Beams) (.IAM) 090 Out-Cell Runway Beams (.IAM) External Plant Works GA300
  9. 9. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation Component Parts • FLF Flask Loading Facility - 36 Flask Storage • IF Container Irradiated Fuels Container – 2700mm x 195mm • Inter site Flask (Existing) • MEB Multi Element Bottle - IF Containers • Flask Transport Flask - 50 Tonne and 4000mm high What is a Flask?
  10. 10. association for project management MEB lidding equipment Platform & stairs to in-cell Crane Maintenance Area IF container swab monitoring glove box MSM & shielded viewing window MSM extraction hoist & beam Stairwell to -3m level Shielded cell wall 1.350m thk Original Concept Design
  11. 11. association for project management Original Concept Design Original Storage for 300 IF containers
  12. 12. association for project management Flask Handling Area
  13. 13. association for project management Z6022 Transfer Hall
  14. 14. association for project management Plant Rooms
  15. 15. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation • BIM - The project was delivered using a BIM (Building Information Modelling) Level 2 process whereby the majority of plant design definition was incorporated into one 3D model. Supporting drawings were reduced to a minimum. • The team developed new processes for checking/approving designs and working with the 3D model and managed the records electronically which streamlined the process significantly reducing timescales. Making it Happen “Nuvia demonstrated their ability to truly integrate with the client team to deliver the scheme design scope. To collaborate, be flexible in meeting our moving requirements, and yet be robust in applying the processes and procedures that ensured the delivery of a substantiated scope of work when it was required. Many a time I challenged Nuvia personnel to 'make it happen', and they delivered.” DSRL Engineering Manager, FLF Project
  16. 16. association for project management Throughput video
  17. 17. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation Stage 3 Scheme Design The Concept and PSR were completed on schedule and within budget when a significant change in approach was initiated by an emerging opportunity which required the design to be reworked. Project Change Change entailed the de-scoping of many of the original functional processes as they were ‘rolled back’ into their own donor plants. Typically the project completion date remained fixed as it formed part of the site wide decommissioning programme.
  18. 18. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation • In delivering the Project with a such a significant change we formed an integrated team with the Client and jointly developed a set of revised baseline design parameters at the outset against which we delivered the design. • The scope of work was developed in stages as we moved forward re-setting objectives around decision points which acted as gateways. This approach provided focus in short term whilst working toward an agreed goal. • Weekly internal technical reviews based around the model were held agreeing approaches and resolving issues as they were encountered. Managing the Change The approach undertaken mitigated potential conflict situations arising.
  19. 19. association for project management Delivery Team The team demographic in which the relationship between the discipline leads and the 3D modellers meant that the engineering seniors could be centred on developing engineering solutions in an emerging scope while the modellers were able to focus on producing the designs and integrating the requirements of the engineering teams.
  20. 20. association for project management Collaboration and Conflict Management Logistics Separated by a distance of 550+ miles the integrated team needed to work closely and efficiently as we effectively restarted the team building process. Management of potential conflict situations was vital during the ‘forming and storming’ process as we were redefining the project scope whilst delivering on a fast track basis. The new requirements brought many new stakeholders into the project including donor plant Operations, safety and security teams. Rules of engagement were agreed at the outset to promote an open culture and trust.
  21. 21. association for project management Logistics – Design Reviews, HAZOPs etc. 24 people at Thurso plus Client team 8 people at Risley Stakeholder Management Use of communications technology such as remote desktop and video conferencing enabling key team members top work collaboratively even when separated by significant distances. This proved a major advantage as it negated the impact of travelling logistics and reduced the time in meetings to a minimum.
  22. 22. association for project management Nuclear Technology and Innovation Stakeholder Management • Stakeholder Engagement - Access to Information – The 3D model data was presented through Navisworks, a freeware platform available to all parties without licensing issues. This has the added benefit of reducing demand on PC specification greatly increasing the accessibility of the model data to all stakeholders. • Design Reviews - We implemented a fast track review process in which the MDDR and constructability reviews were held using on screen 3D model walk through's. 2D documentation was reduced to a minimum. “Thanks for all that you and others are doing. I understand that we are pushing hard with it but be assured we appreciate all that you've done and are doing to get us over the line.” DSRL Project Manager, FLF Project As the change introduced many stakeholders new to the project, bringing them ‘up to speed’ as quickly as possible was essential.
  23. 23. association for project management Stakeholder Management • Value engineering studies were undertaken to identify innovative or even novel solutions to functional requirements, simplifying plant maintenance and identify cost saving initiatives. • In-cell equipment was minimised to meet the requirements of the process and reduce the decommissioning challenges at the end of plant life. • Other stakeholders who were engaged from the outset included operations, RPA and SHE representatives throughout the design process to ensure buy-in and produce a proposal capable of meeting all operational and legislative requirements. Along with the change of scope we needed to ensure that the Project Benefits were maintained and where required re-defined.
  24. 24. association for project management Benefit Realisation • Focus on use of existing Plant Functionality - The use of existing DSRL equipment within the donor plants was exploited where possible and newly specified equipment was aligned with the existing site maintenance capability. • Economic materials such as aluminium cladding were selected to maximise the opportunities offered by a short plant life. • Plant infrastructure was reduced to a minimum, full advantage being taken of opportunities such as natural ventilation where plant operating conditions permitted. • Space envelopes have been claimed to give the design the flexibility to incorporate additional capabilities should the need arise as the unknowns in the baseline data reach maturity. Along with the change of scope we needed to ensure that the Project Benefits were maintained and where required re-defined.
  25. 25. association for project management Outcomes Smaller Facility Footprint Final Facility Design Original Concept Design
  26. 26. association for project management Outcomes 11.47m 8.98m 8.85m 20.07m 3.00m Simplification of In-cell Operation Original Concept Design Final Cell Design
  27. 27. association for project management Client Feedback DSRL was able to meet the requirements of the overall decommissioning programme and successfully navigate the ONR milestone for completion. The project is considered by DSRL to be a major success. “We are now in receipt of the scheme design for the flask loading facility Can I take this opportunity in offering my congratulations to all of you and your teams in achieving this. The journey to get to this point has at moments been difficult but there is no doubt when everyone pushes in the same direction with the same aim that significant things are achieved.” DSRL Project Manager, FLF Project
  28. 28. association for project management Sharing LFE from the Project 8 2 5 7 3 6 4 1 COSTS A 55% DD&B cost reduction was achieved DELIVERY We delivered a PSR in an accelerated timeframe – from Hazop to Safe Working Party Review in 7 weeks MILESTONES Every project milestone was successfully achieved REVIEW Designs were subject to independent PBO review and declared to be of a high standard. 1 2 3 4 COMMUNICATION Effective communication is vital to collaboration and ultimately project success. APPROACH BIM Model approach is foundation for Detailed Design and Construction Information – (A process therefore following straight through). INNOVATION BIM encourages innovation and streamlining review processes EFFICIENCY Significant use of BIM, as trialled on this project, has indicated improvements in efficiencies, potentially providing competitive advantage. 5 6 7 8 £
  29. 29. This presentation was delivered at an APM event To find out more about upcoming events please visit our website

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Dounreay’s Nuclear Flask Loading Facility Project – A New Delivery Strategy Liverpool John Moores University 30 January 2017 Mike Scully, Chris Riley and Lewis Smeed


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