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Developing skills for continued high performance in this changing world webinar

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Developing skills for continued high performance in this changing world webinar

  1. 1. making the difference APM – Developing skills for continued high performance in this changing world 19th November 2020
  2. 2. Turner & Townsend Our speakers today 2 Lisa Street Associate Director Garry Murphy Director, Infrastructure UK Head of PM APM webinar
  3. 3. Turner & Townsend Introduction APM webinar 3 ▪ The past months have presented unprecedented challenges and changes for everyone. What has this meant for those of us managing projects through this period and in the new working environment? What skills do you need to embrace to be successful in your work? ▪ Through our experiences we will highlight the challenges faced and share the developments and insights that have helped to keep us focussed on project performance. We will discuss: • The disruption impact on projects, the effects on productivity and how our profession and the industry is adapting • Changing communication needs and acceptance of new channels and tools • The specific considerations and requirements of stakeholder engagement • Increased demands for connecting with and motivating remote teams
  4. 4. Turner & Townsend A changing world - impact on projects APM webinar 4 21%*1 Experienced project delays due to COVID-19 75%*2 noted that the pandemic will accelerate change to the construction industry 101% increase in Zoom share price from Jan 31st to March 2020 92%*3 drop in rail passenger journeys in Great Britain in 2021-21 2022 before air passenger numbers return to pre-COVID levels 17% less carbon emissions in April 2020 (compared with the same period in 2019) *1 APM Survey: *2 McKinsey – The next normal in construction – How disruption id reshaping the world’s largest ecosystem *3
  5. 5. Turner & Townsend The market outlook for UK infrastructure projects 5 Key points 1.Confidence was building in Q4 of 2019 2.Sharpest decline since 2008 – will continue into Q2 2022 3.Recovery 4.Infrastructure spend to grow from 0.8% to 1.2% of GDP APM webinar
  6. 6. Turner & Townsend Impact of COVID on project schedules APM webinar 6
  7. 7. Turner & Townsend Managing projects through the disruption PreCOVID-19 productivity PostCOVID-19 productivity Pandemic ▪ Lockdown #1 ▪ Shutdowns ▪ Manufacturing restrictions ▪ Essential workers only Disruption ▪ Lifting of lockdown ▪ Restrictions and Protocols ▪ Co-operation and Collaboration ▪ ‘Bottle-neck’ in manufacturing Recovery ▪ Impact of remaining restrictions ▪ Manufacturing capacity ▪ Material availability Period of uncertainty Productivity Start/end of pandemic APM webinar 7 Focus ▪ Wellbeing of project teams ▪ Crisis management ▪ Business Continuity Planning Focus ▪ Project recovery ▪ Re-engaging the supply chain ▪ New ways of working Focus ▪ Learning from the crisis ▪ New tools and ways of working ▪ Culture shift ▪ Accelerated change ▪ Efficiency ▪ Re-visit Business Case Planning for further lockdowns?
  8. 8. Turner & Townsend How organisations and their projects are emerging from the crisis Successful strategies in managing projects in the crisis Evolving for the new future Early 2020 Mid 2020+ Supply chain control: those projects who had strong control of their supply chain have emerged well by proactively managing and communicating with their supply chain. Supply chain support: Infrastructure projects and programmes who are heavily public sector funded have been more proactive in protecting their supply chain ie driving early payments to keep supply chain liquid Scenario planning: mature levels in scenario planning, leading to an ability to respond quickly to change. Site working and access: A higher level of innovative thinking became evident, enabling maximum working levels and productivity whilst not breaching the social distancing rules. Re-visiting the Business Case: Projects, Programmes and Portfolios have evolved in terms of both WHAT their business case is, but also HOW it needs to be delivered. Taking back control of the schedule: whilst re- baselining will be important, ensuring the “scope to go” is clear, and then building the scope back up into a strong forecasting mechanism will be key to project success. Driving forward a new contracting strategy: organisations and their Project Managers need to recognise the scale of control they need to put in place if they are to actively turn around their projects and supply chain. Enhanced communication and teamworking: Greater agility within project teams, enhanced communication techniques and getting closer to stakeholders APM webinar 8
  9. 9. making the difference Skills Project performance 9
  10. 10. Turner & Townsend Project Performance Working Professionally Leading Teams Engaging Stakeholders Skills focus 10 ▪ Communication ▪ Negotiation ▪ Time management ▪ Regulatory environment ▪ Ethics and Standards ▪ CPD ▪ Stakeholders ▪ Social context ▪ Engagement and influence ▪ Facilitation ▪ Conflict resolution ▪ Team / Virtual teams ▪ Team development ▪ Leadership ▪ Organisational culture ▪ Diversity & Inclusion ▪ Workplace stress APM webinar
  11. 11. Turner & Townsend A changing world in where we deliver projects APM webinar 11 23 March 2020 - ‘must’ stay at home and certain businesses must close Poll
  12. 12. Turner & Townsend My experience Survival mode Making it work Making it sustainable APM webinar 12 23rd March – May June – August September - Now
  13. 13. Turner & Townsend My experience – Survival mode ■ Communication ■ Lots of disparate ideas from people – email / outlook updates, daily calls – over communication but lack of clarity on what we were trying to say and the best way to do it ■ Time management ■ Working and personal hours blurred ■ Clarity of working arrangements ■ Conflict & Negotiation ■ Agreeing working periods with husband ■ Client expectations on working and productivity ■ Remote working set up ■ Work place stress ■ People trying to deal with their individual circumstance but who was looking after each other? ■ Stakeholders ■ A whole new dimension of people and groups had to be considered in the working day i.e. family as new honorary colleagues! APM webinar 13 Poll
  14. 14. Turner & Townsend My experience - Making it work ■ Team development ■ Levels of trust increased ■ New ways of working and working patterns emerged ■ Communication ■ Daily calls eased and calls become more focused. ■ Informal communicated restarted ■ Better use of appropriate tools ■ Engaging Stakeholders ■ Office reopen and could meet people face-face ■ Opportunity to restart core project work e.g. workshop facilitations ■ Work place stress ■ Varied between people with office re-opening ■ Continuing Professional Development ■ Creating time to attend webinars ■ Conflict ■ Differing view from Government, T&T and clients APM webinar 14 Poll
  15. 15. Turner & Townsend My experience – making it sustainable Virtual Teams ■ To be better connected digitally ■ How to create and grow projects and teams digitally Workplace Stress ■ How to identify and manage identifiers in others ■ Recognising our own triggers (and releases) Communication ■ Key messages landing more successfully ■ Remote facilitation skills improving ■ Still more to do on how to make ‘informal catchups’ work Social context ■ Roles & responsibility established ■ What do we want our organisations and teams to be like in the future ■ Our personal and professional lives are even more closely intertwined than ever before APM webinar 15
  16. 16. Turner & Townsend Lisa top tips Keep communication simple & clear Talk about and protect the good things that happened Create an opportunity for some head space Find that water cooler / coffee moment chat Ask if your team are okay? APM webinar 16
  17. 17. Turner & Townsend Q&A 17 Garry & Lisa APM webinar
  18. 18. making the difference making the difference Contact us: Visit us: Follow us: @turnertownsend Connect with us: Turner & Townsend