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Balancing your change portfolio conference 2017, Introduction and Close from SIG Chaire, 11 May 2017, London


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Introduction and close from the SIG Chair
Stephen Parrett
Balancing your change portfolio
APM Portfolio Management SIG Conference 2017,
11 May 17,
Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London

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Balancing your change portfolio conference 2017, Introduction and Close from SIG Chaire, 11 May 2017, London

  1. 1. Conference – 11th May 2017 The Portfolio Management SIG welcomes you to: “Balancing your Change Portfolio” Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Devices off - no recording • Tea, coffee and lunch • H&S • Facilities Welcome & Introduction 2 Contents of the day • Introduction • Presentations • Workshops • Panel Session • Networking • Ideas/Questions • Feedback • Ideas boards Stephen Parrett, Chair, PfM SIG Who is here?
  3. 3. Promote awareness of portfolio management practices Provide an active forum for interested professionals to share experiences, ideas, tools, techniques and challenges Encourage cross-professional collaboration Contribute to the development of best practice SIG Strategic Themes Developing New Knowledge Disseminating Knowledge Engaging with the CxO Community Engaging SIG Membership Working with the APM3 The SIG’s Aims ... and so help organisations achieve their corporate strategy or strategic intent
  4. 4. Two Major SIG Initiatives in 2017  Launching today!!  No. 1 - “Recognising the need to change - six telling signs”  Three more to follow……. “Managing the Portfolio” * A new series of 4 SIG Opinion Pieces * “Introductory Guide to PfM” * The first PfM SIG publication *  Based on practical experiences and will include real-life scenarios  Sought by SIG members and the PfM community  Increases the profile of the APM in this increasingly important area
  5. 5. Conference Objectives 5 “Balancing your change portfolio” Discover how experienced practitioners make PfM work Discuss and exchange views with colleagues during the workshops and other interactive activities Provide networking opportunities through the day Take forward PfM knowledge development and publication
  6. 6. Conference Agenda 6 09:00 Registration and refreshments 09:30 • Stephen Parrett (SIG Chair) – Welcome & Introductions 09:45 • Portfolio Challenges 10:00 • Sandie Grimshaw, PwC 10:45 Break/Networking 11:10 • Richard Moor, Royal Mail 11:55 • Peter Glynne, PfM SIG Committee 12:40 Lunch/Networking (start moving to workshops at 13:30) 13:40 • Workshops (return to Conference Hall at 14:40 ) 14:45 • Tracy Wadsworth, Lloyds Banking Group 15:30 Break/Networking 15:55 • Max van Vessem, GSK 16:40 • Panel Session 16:55 • Closing Comments 17:00 End - Social/Networking (upstairs at the Marquis Cornwallis)
  7. 7. 7 Introducing the Conference Workshops Portfolio Time (Nobel Suite – 1st floor) In search of lost time – how can portfolio managers balance all the “time-bound” challenges across projects, programmes and the portfolio?. Steve Leary Paul Morgan Adam Skinner Benefits Management (Main Hall – ground floor) Optimising the benefits from the portfolio Portfolio Toolset (Jasmine Suite – 1st floor) Defining effective PfM toolset functionality for your organisation
  8. 8. 8 Portfolio Management Challenges Until 10.00 • Brief introductions to each other on your tables • Discuss and identify the top 3 Portfolio Management Challenges/Issues/Concerns you are facing, or will face • Appoint a ‘table monitor’ to write them down • Rank challenges in order of priority or importance (H,M,L) • Mark table numbers on results – SIG Cttee collect at break • Analysis over lunch to inform workshop discussions
  9. 9. Next Steps 9 1. Presentation slides available through the APM website 2. Conference summary published 3. Conference article planned in the Autumn issue of “Project” 4. Workshop & activity outputs summarised for the website 5. Continuing development of the SIG’s PfM Guide 6. Your views about today, please – short questionnaire 7. Volunteers sought to support/join the Cttee
  10. 10. Conference Close 10 Presenters SIG Committee and Friends APM Holiday Inn Hyde Park Solutions And YOU Thank you to........