Mindfulness for leadership and project efficiency


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Mindfulness for leadership and project efficiency

  1. 1. Anne Parker ‘Mindfulness’ and Mind Management Training for Leadership and Project Efficiency
  2. 2. Who Am I? A ‘Human Resources Professional’ who followed a journey of: Processes and Procedures/Professional Qualifications The Processes of Learning Skills/Attitude/Personal Growth/Self Development ‘Strengths Psychology’/’Positive Psychology’ ‘The Psychology of Happiness’
  3. 3. Exciting Times! The Convergence of Sciences and other Disciplines: Psychology inc. Sports Psychology Neuroscience/Biology Biochemistry Economics A splash of the ‘Ancient Wisdoms’
  4. 4. This Talk Will talk about your brain as one of your most important Project Resources.....Ever.. And will give you some of the knowledge and technique to maximise that resource I hope some of it will be: Informative Practical and useful Common Sense Bonkers Embarrassingly Simple Relevant
  5. 5. We shall Visit A range of Global Sources Nobel Prize Winners Bradley Wiggins Goldie Hawn Sleepless Nights Project Management Your hormones
  6. 6. The Human Brain
  7. 7. The Human Stress Response ‘FFF’ An amazing Survival Mechanism A full Body/Mind set of responses But a liability of ‘Amygdala Hijack’
  8. 8. Improved Activity in the Pre-Frontal Cortex A Widened Perception ‘The Attentional Muscle’; Powers of Concentration Improved Listening Strategic Thinking Regulated Emotions i.e. Greater Calm Sense of Happiness/Compassion/ Ability to be in Flow (NB Dan Pink)
  9. 9. Mindfulness An Ancient Tradition Thich Nhat Hanh Jon Kabat-Zinn Mark Williams Treatment of Problems vs. Growth of Capacity and Excellence
  10. 10. Mindfulness ‘Mindfulness means paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally’ Jon Kabat-Zinn
  11. 11. Research from Ashridge ‘....whilst meditation has long been associated with stress reduction and the treatment of depression it is increasingly being recognised as important in developing the type of cognitive capacities required of knowledge workers in the modern economy’
  12. 12. The Gifts of Neuroscience Neurogenesis Neuroplasticity What this means for your learning potential, and your habitual thoughts and behaviours Astonishing time spans The happiest man in the world
  13. 13. The Entry of Mindfulness into the UK For Anxiety and Depression – The Mental Health Route In Schools (The Hawn Foundation) – The Behavioural Angle For Health and Wellbeing – The Happiness Route In Sport – the ‘Gold Medal’ Route In a Corporate Context – The Leadership/Safety/Efficiency Route
  14. 14. Chade Meng Tan @ Google ‘Jolly Good Fellow’ The 20% Rule The Siyli.org Programme Guest speakers The links to Emotional Intelligence
  15. 15. Tony Schwartz and ‘The Energy Project’ ‘We’re not meant to operate in the same way machines do: at high speeds, for long periods of time; running multiple programs. Human Beings are designed to pulse between the expenditure and intermittent renewal of energy’ The 21st Century has challenges of CAPACITY as well as COMPETENCY Examples at Sony; Unilever
  16. 16. Leadership/Management Development A growing interest in personality Increased need to generate change Pressure to generate efficiencies that create ‘more for less’ Changing job design from mechanistic jobs to knowledge/service based cultures Changing workers attitudes
  17. 17. Case Study 1 Busy Operations Manager ‘Macho’ Aggressive Short Fuse Considered a ‘Do-Er’ High Energy
  18. 18. Results with Training Ability to Regulate Emotion Awareness of Varied Brain Activity Started to Think Strategically Started to Have Ideas for Business Improvement Had new compassion for team/Coworkers
  19. 19. Case Study 2 Site Manager Had a serious HSE incident on site Didn’t sleep well/Worked Long Hours Anxious Short Term Thinking Reactionary Heavily Sarcastic Flippant/Volatile Impatient
  20. 20. Training Results ‘I’m working Less hours (less by 30-40%) but getting twice as much done’ ‘It’s lovely to feel calm’! ‘Don’t wake up at 2 in the morning with my brain going like a washing machine any more’ ‘Can see loads of stressed people around me!’
  21. 21. Breathing Exercise
  22. 22. Compare and Contrast.. ‘The Revving Amygdala ’ Only hearing what you want to hear – or what you fear hearing Constantly reacting – jumping always onto problems and being critical, not building on what goes well or giving praise Doing tasks with poor attention/compromised memory and perception i.e. making mistakes, missing things Using the PFC Noticing things you have never noticed before Noticing things that give you new ideas – thus generating new possibilities Strengthening Leadership with a stronger sense of ‘Anything is Possible’ Adding an improved depth and quality to tasks
  23. 23. Continued... ‘Revving’ Amygdala Being fearful and communicating various plans that don’t all ‘join up’ Fighting ‘what is’ and thus wasting time and energy Being negative, pessimistic and critical – alienating others Being defensive, using a lot of blame and/or aggression Using the PFC Being more ‘in touch’ with your full experience, knowledge and true response to a situation Calmly understanding what can be changed and what can’t and generating creative solutions to maintain progress Enrolling people on projects as ‘co-conspirators’ and enthusing their efforts Incorporating the principles of being there to serve as well as to lead or manage
  24. 24. The links to Stress and Depression, Health and Wellbeing World Health Organisation stats and predictions The impact of ‘Multi-Tasking’ on brain activity The mind-body as a whole – concentration of receptors in brain, heart, gut
  25. 25. Thankyou for Listening! Anne Parker 0797 684 9986 www.anneparker.co.uk anne@anneparker.co.u k Management Training/ 121 Coaching Facilitation/ Team Building Speaking