Asia pacific coaching conference 4th and 5th september 2012


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Asia pacific coaching conference 4th and 5th september 2012

  1. 1. 4th & 5th September 2012 Resorts World Convention Centre Sentosa - Singapore The Vision for APCC2012 is to increase the positive impact of coaching across the region. This vision will be expressed through the theme “Coaching Beyond Boundaries” and achieved through the three progressive dimensions: • Transforming Self • Developing the Profession • Inspiring Organisations and SocietiesOfficial Event of EVENT venue held in MANAGED BY Platinum Sponsor gold Sponsor silver Sponsors
  2. 2. Transforming Self Developing the Profession Amy Barnes Doug Riddle Co-Director of Scherer, Leadership International Global Director of Coaching Services and Assessment Portfolio at the Center for Creative Leadership Experimenting in the Here and Now-What Gestalt has to offer coaches. Carpentry or Poetry? The highly interactive session is based on Gestalt principles Impact on Individuals and Organisations. used by coaches, therapists and facilitators. In this session, we In the competitive world of leadership coaching, the will look at how coaches can facilitate change by co-creating coach who can demonstrate consistent positive resultsexperiments in the here and now so that clients can get in touch with ‘what is’ present from coaching will be in high demand. A mature discipline can demonstrate itsin the moment. This way of working demands a moment by moment freshness in effectiveness through meaningful measures. While coaching has been obsessedapproach that puts the coach at the edge of his/ her knowing- the coach and client with showing that it can yield good results, consistent and credible measuresboth learn and grow in their relationship with one another. This workshop will suit of coaching impact have been slow to emerge. As the person responsible forpeople who are ready and eager to explore and play at the boundary. one of the largest managed coaching communities in the world, the Global Director of Coaching Services at the Center for Creative Leadership will identify the challenges and the opportunities for measuring the impact of leadership Carol Courcy coaching. Practical solutions for individual coaches and coaching companies Featured speaker on emotional agility and coaching will be presented. in the USA, Singapore, and Europe. Mastering Emotional Agility Hsieh Tsun-yan How is it that smart, often well-educated people find Chairman and Lead Counselor of LinHart Group themselves stuck or repeating ineffective patterns? Carol claims it is a missing--yet easily learned-- life skill Coaching for Group Breakthroughof emotional agility. Want to spend less time exhausted, anxious, guilty or For a senior executive to change, often his stakeholdersfrustrated? Carol will show you that “You don’t have to change everything for must change too. Grounded in his 30+ years of experienceeverything to change!” Participants will leave with at least one simple practice as CEO counselor and board advisor with McKinsey & Cofor increasing their day to day level of satisfaction and joy in the weeks to come. and his own firm LinHart Group, Tsun-yan will address the challenges and key success factors of coaching several executives experiencing a shared challenge, often while leadership succession is also happening. Emma Wheat & Jeff Jacobson Tsun-yan will also bring his perspective as a serving board member of large Coaches Training Institute (CTI) enterprises such as Sony Corporation, Manulife Financial, and Bharti Airtel. Senior Faculty Members The Warrior and the Geisha: Inner Coaching Tools for a Changing James Fulton Paradigm. Need tools to help your clients Asia Pacific Head of the Pine Streetthrive in today’s global marketplace? Then join Emma Wheat and Jeff Jacobson, Leadership Development Groupinternational coach trainers for the Coaches Training Institute, to learn how tointegrate the servitude of the geisha and the courage of the warrior. Participants will What clients and commissioners really wantlearn how to utilize these seemingly contrasting styles to help transform their clients from their coaches.and their organisations to greater success. The session will look how to bridge the gap between business/organisational contexts and coaching and how to sharpen interventions and their commissioning. James leads Goldman Ryan Ross Sachs’ approach to developing the performance and succession pipeline of the Hogan VP Partner Alliances region’s Managing Directors. Ho Wan Leng CEO Optimal Consulting Group Jerry Connor Co-Founder, Coach in a BoxStrategic Self Awareness –It is not just for our clients anymore. Coaching Collaboration - EncouragingCreating strategic self awareness is the primary goal of any coaching practice. Breakthrough Beyond BoundariesWhat happens when the coach is not strategically self aware? How does this lack In complex or fast changing environments manyof awareness of his/her strengths and own development impact the effectiveness leadership challenges are coming between, across andof the coaching process and ultimately transfer onto the client? This session’s beyond teams, geographies and organisations. Coachingfocus is on the strategic self awareness that coaches should develop to better not has a big role to play in helping leaders adapt to this and the workshop willonly themselves but also their practice. Specifically, coaches can derail without explore a set of highly contemporary ideas and tools around how to do this.awareness in three broad areas – the risk of flight, the risk of fight, and the risk of In the session we’ll share the findings of a joint research project involvingneeding to be right. the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Bridge and Coach in a Box on this subject and explore its application to a number of live case studies currently operating in major global organisations. We’ll also spend time Joseph Tigani interactively experimenting with the tools themselves. Author, Business and Marketing Consultant A Rose By Any Other Name: Building a Successful Market Brand as a Professional Coach. “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” Or would it? Branding is not just about promotion (name), but also about how you conduct your coaching servicesincluding your clients’ experiences (sweetness) interacting with you.Learn to align promotional messages with branding achieved through clientinteractions, using personal authenticity and a real point-of-difference to developa cut-through brand in a competitive marketplace. Joseph Tigani knows first-hand how to do this, building a successful coaching practice from start-up.
  3. 3. Inspiring 3rd September 2012, 9.30am to 11.30amOrganisations and Societies From Solo To Supported: How To Outsource, Delegate and Automate Your Business to Save your Sanity Julian Whiteley Many of entrepreneurs pride themselves on being the chief cook Chief Executive Officer, United World College of and bottle washer. Most likely they created their first website, South East Asia (UWCSEA) designed their marketing materials, updated their spreadsheets Educate me for my future, not your past. and spent hours installing software they thought they needed. Whilst employers have been grappling with the expectations They did everything because in the early days, they simply had to of Generation Y, Generation Z has appeared on the horizon do it all to survive. But surviving isn’t the goal – thriving is. Being and Generation AO (Always On) is not far behind. well-rounded is overrated. Feeling overwhelmed is unacceptable. Nicole GrahamThe workshop will give an insight into how one leading school has been preparingstudents for the adventure of life, and how it is adapting to the challenge of Mindfulness One of the main tools of a good coaching sessioneducating children, the youngest of whom will enter employment in 2030, for is the quality of the presence the coach offers tosuch an uncertain future. It will explore the skills and qualities necessary to the coached. The ability to stay present in thelead a successful life in the 21st Century and how one can develop them. We moment, fully aware of the client, is a crucial skillwill explore some of implications and share insights for coaches about how to for any coach. Mindfulness training is the methodinteract with the young of today, the emerging work force and our future leaders. for developing present moment awareness with the object of our choice. Ramus Angela Hougaard Spaxman Through the session the top six reasons (as defined Mansour Javidan by Angela Spaxman, Potential Project trainer and Founding Director of the Global Mindset Institute coach) for coaches to train in mindfulness will be presented. Coaching Executives for Global Roles Coaching executives beyond boundaries requires a more 3rd September 2012, 12.30pm to 2.30pm sophisticated approach than simply developing cross- cultural awareness; it involves developing a Global Mindset. Using Social Media and Webinars to Expand your ReachIn this session, you will learn which essential global leadership attributes create and Impact as a Coacha Global Mindset, based upon the findings of an extensive research project For coaches, social media is perfect as a means throughincluding data from over 14,000 managers from companies around the world. which to share knowledge with a far extended audience.You will leave this session with a clear understanding of what When combined with webinars, the message is enabled to be communicated to an audience of hundreds, if not thousands ofGlobal Mindset is, how to measure it, and, most importantly, how to nurture attendees at a cost that is accesible to all coaches.This sessionit among your coaching clients in ways that leverage performance and is designed to introduce the audience of coaches to a practicaleffectiveness. methodology for applying social media and webinars into Ben-Croft their existing coaching models. It will introduce the very latest tools, techniques and technologies as well as a defined system for using these to dramatically increase the reach and scope of their coaching footprint. Katherine Holt THREE Strategies For Transforming Yourself and Founder, Peakinsight Your Coaching Practice These days in business, it’s not just about being a better coach. Kyoko Seki It’s about being better at selling. As a professional coach, Coaches Training Institute (CTI) Lead Trainer you need to stand out from other coaches, in a world where consumers and HR professionals are inundated with choices.Being Leadership What are the top three reasons your ideal client should chooseParticipants will learn about four shifts that are required for leaders to navigate YOU? In this refreshingly streetwise session, you’ll challengeour complex world: 1) appreciating individual uniqueness in the context of your assumptions of selling, assess your capabilities and learncultural differences, 2) cultivating the “being” dimension of human experience, 3) Tom Abott how to reach the next level in your coaching practice.developing multicultural effectiveness, and 4) becoming adept at managingparadoxes. Participants will apply the learning in an experiential exercise wherethey will be primed to recognize how the impact of “Being Leadership” could 3rd September 2012, 3.00pm - 5.30pmshift their coaching practice - as well as global leaders being coached. Coaching Supervision: Double Whammy Transforming Your Coaching and the Coaching Industry This workshop will introduce you to the professional practice of coaching supervision and how it keeps you at a learning edge by inviting you to engage in insightful reflection and grow beyond your current coaching boundaries. In this highly participative session, delegates will have the opportunity to Paul Lim Katherine experience supervision first-hand and understand Chen how it can enhance and even transform one’s coaching practice. Accessing the chemistry of wellness, performance and leadership Participants will be familiarized with the very latest in neuropsychological research. They will also receive instruction in a new and comprehensive application designed to extend the coaching modality beyond its traditional environment. In this new context the coaching modality interfaces directly with neuropsychological influences affecting wellness, performance Dr I Weinberg and leadership.
  4. 4. ASIA PACIFIC COACHING CONFERENCE 2012BENEFITS & FEATURESThe Largest and Foremost Coaching Conference in Asia Pacific – and discussion. They pool their conference takeaways and examineThis two day coaching conference will be held on 4th and 5th September these from various angles. Eventually they integrate their diverseand will focus on “Coaching Beyond Boundaries”. APCC will offer two individual perspectives into a new collective view. The theme forkeynote addresses from internationally renowned thought leaders; this session will be appreciating what we have heard, seen, thought13 focused sessions by presenters from Asia, Australia, Europe and about, discussed, set an intention for during the past two conferenceAmerica; two panel discussions on current issues facing our community; days and then dreaming around what might be as a result.and much more. Pre-Conference Event – A Pre-Conference to APCC will be heldNew Ideas, Methods and Inspiration – Our vision for APCC2012 is to on 3 September 2012. The goal of the Pre-Conference is to offerincrease the positive impact of coaching across our region. This vision master workshops and deep learning opportunities to all conferencewill be expressed through the theme “Coaching Beyond Boundaries” delegates. The day is planned specifically for delegates to immerseand achieved through the three progressive dimensions: Transforming themselves in new thinking and avail themselves of learning in-demandSelf, Developing the Profession, and Inspiring Organisations and skills and knowledge. What sets the pre-conference apart from theSocieties. A broad range of presentations, panel discussions, and main conference, is that it is designed to be highly experiential andinteractive conversations will explore the many facets of these interactive, rather than presentation-based.themes. Participants will benefit from exposure to many new ideas, Bookshop – Resources, books and materials from the internationalmethodologies, and applications about coaching and its impact. speakers at the APCC conference will be offered, as well as materialsNetworking – Meeting new friends and colleagues from around the from international best sellers on topics covered during the conferenceworld is typically a highlight of APCC. This year we are anticipating including human capital, organisational and societal development.more than 300 participants from throughout Asia and the Pacific. We This is a one stop shop for all you need to know about the coachingwill also have visitors from Europe and the Americas. Our conference profession and topics covered during APCC 2012.will not only include coaches but also HR leaders, educators, and Exhibitors – Bringing together a platform for coaching schools,representatives from those businesses that support coaching, learning coaching organisations, publishers, sponsors and learning &and development. APCC will offer plenty of “networking” time at coffee development organisations to provide further information on what isand tea breaks, mid-day meals, and various inter-active sessions. in the market for the coaching profession.Open Space Sessions – We will be offering two “Open Space” (OST) CCEU Credits for members - An opportunity to learn, reflect andstyle track segments, in addition to our regular presentations. OST further develop our own coaching practice through various formats;will provide delegates an opportunity to interact with the conference breakout rooms, international keynotes and interactive group sessionsby offering and hosting a session of their own. This can be a session to keep us relevant and sharpen our skill set.they have thought about and decided to offer at APCC before arrivingat the conference or it can be a session idea that pops up during the Gala Dinner – Bringing together delegates from various culturescourse of Day One of the conference that they feel is important and across the region in an social setting conducive to deepening bondswould like to explore further. and new friendships.World Café - This closing session will offer delegates an opportunity To register for your seat,to reflect, synthesise and create new points of view through dialogue please go to: many participants are expected? duration are planned for the Pre-Conference on September 3. Detailsand from which countries? will be posted on our website in the coming weeks. And yes, all learningAPCC2012 will draw participants from throughout the Asia Pacific region. activities at the APCC2012 will earn ICF CCEUs.At APCC2010 we had participants from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan,Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Why Singapore? Why Resorts World?New Zealand, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. We also had participants Singapore is a convenient transportation and learning hub at the centerfrom North America and Europe. Over 280 people attended APCC2010. of the Asia Pacific region. This makes it easy for participants from allThis year we expect between 300 and 400. corners to visit. It also makes it attractive for speakers and facilitators from overseas to participate.Will there be opportunities for networking?Yes. The Conference has numerous networking opportunities – lunches, Resorts World Sentosa is one of Singapore’s newest resort destinations.dinners, and tea breaks; several Open Space discussion sessions; an It combines a lovely setting on Sentosa Island (connected by road andAppreciative Inquiry Cafe session. rail) with the Universal Studio Theme Park, a world class casino, and many fine restaurants. The hotel is just 15 minutes from downtownAre any workshops being offered? Singapore and the Orchard Road shopping area.Will they qualify for ICF continuing education?Yes, many of the concurrent sessions during the main conference(Sep. 4 and 5) will be highly interactive. Moreover, workshops of longer3rd September 2012 4th & 5th September 2012 – Main ConferencePreConference Fee: Early Bird till 31 May Extended to 15 June$200 for 1 workshop (optional add $85 for lunch) ICF & APAC Members : S$730$325 for 2 workshops includes lunch Non-Members: S$780$400 for 3 workshops includes lunch Standard till 31 August 2012 ICF & APAC Members: S$780For registration visit Non-Members: S$880