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Coaching with the spirit

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Abc coaches when_science_and_spirit_merge_06_feb12

  1. 1. When Science and “Spirit” merge in the Coaching Process Happen 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Before we begin,only take notes if you wish to.At the end we will tell you how toreceive a copy of these slides.Therefore, relax and enjoy theprogram! 3
  4. 4. To discover more about how Science and Spirit Merge in the coaching process …According to the watchdog of the coaching and mentoring industries …“… probably the most revolutionary and effective modelof coaching to be developed in the last ten years –Betska K-Burr’s Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics®.” - Rey Carr, CEO, Peer Resources 4
  5. 5. We have a planetary emergency• Complete meltdown of Arctic summer sea ice is imminent;• GHG emissions are way over the top;• 50 billion metric tonnes of methane hydrates in the Siberia Arctic Ocean could explode at any moment;• 300,000 people are killed every year by climate change;• Our oceans are dying – sea creatures and coral reefs. 99% of blue whales are gone, 70% of fish are gone;• 16,000 children die every day from starvation;• World food and water supplies are in peril;• Glaciers are retreating and the list goes on … 5
  6. 6. We have a corporate/family emergency• 50% of US corporations have been sued by employees;• In Canada and India, we may not sue our employers but we sue inside – we simply shut down our productivity;• 50% of Canadian Government Leaders are on anti-depressants … who is running that government?• In Canada 26% of children 2-17 are currently overweight/obese;• In India 15-20% of children and adolescents in the urban population are obese (Center for Obesity & Diabetes Support);• In most progressive countries, rates of heart disease and cancer are increasing due to poor acidic and fat-centric diets of meat, processed foods, sugar, dairy and so on. 6
  7. 7. So how do we fix all of thesevery significant challenges in allwalks of life?What do you think? 7
  8. 8. Of course!YOU are the answer!Coaching is the answer.We can coach out the problems and findsignificant Solutions for a better world.But, we must have coaching methodologies whichcan help the Client find innovative solutions.It is that simple! 8
  9. 9. Our job is to help the Client discover thatThey ARE the Guru!That they have all the answers inside ofthem. 9
  10. 10. “What a man ‘learns’ is reallywhat he ‘discovers’ by takingthe cover off his own soul, whichis a mine of infinite knowledge.All knowledge that the world has everreceived comes from the mind; theinfinite library of the universe is in yourown mind.“ 10
  11. 11. What is the#1 Value you bring tothe coaching &leadership profession? 11
  12. 12. Example of Quantum Physicsin Action The Brain Walk®How is it that when you pulled aCLI Values Card it seems to be Faithperfect in terms of it being your Foi Take a Walk. Move a Mountain™#1 coaching and leadershipstrength?Each CLI Values Card has a different frequency. “Love”has a higher frequency than “Integrity”. Therefore, TheLaw of Attraction is at work. When you set an intentionyou select (attract) from the EMF of the cards the valuethat has the exact frequency which meets your intention. 12
  13. 13. AgendaThe Model for Inner Peacewhich Brings World PeacePentalateral ThinkingThe Powerful Subconscious MindNewtonian vs Quantum PhysicsEpigeneticsCells, Environment, The EMFA Coach’s Responsibility11 Truths about CoachingHow to Coach with “Spirit” 13
  14. 14. As Coaches, our Clients expect us to be role models of … 14 Check point: how well are you doing with your Mind, Body, Spirit Mastery?
  15. 15. “As human beings, our greatness liesnot so much in being able to remakethe world … as in being ableto remake ourselves.” - Gandhi“We can never obtain peace inthe outer world until we make peacewith ourselves.” – Dalai Lama 15
  16. 16. What is a Coach’s secret to Mind Mastery and finding peace within themselves? 16
  17. 17. Module I 17
  18. 18. The Coach’s Secret for both Self and their Clients is Pentalateral™ Thinking Superconscious Mind Subconscious MindL R Conscious Mind
  19. 19. “Positive thoughts have a profound effect on behavior and genes, but only when they are in harmony with subconscious programming. And negative thoughts have an equally powerful effect. When we recognize how these positive and negative beliefs control our biology, we can use this knowledge to create lives filled with health and happiness.” - Bruce Lipton 19
  20. 20. The subconscious mind –processes some 20,000,000environmental stimuli per second.The conscious mind –processes 40 environmental stimuli persecond. Who’s running the show? 20
  21. 21. "When a person has access to boththe intuitive, creative, and visualright brain and the analytical,logical, verbal left brain, then thewhole brain is working." - Stephen Covey 21
  22. 22. Therefore, for you to be highly effective, your full Coaching Toolkit must have …1. the ability to quickly and effectively go into the subconscious mind to find the unconstructive programming that exists in yourself and Clients and …2. the ability to change those unconstructive beliefs into permanent positive ones.3. The ability to access the superconscious for genius solutions. 22
  23. 23. Module II 23
  24. 24. Newtonian vs Quantum PhysicsIn Newtonian Physics (Isaac Newton), only matter wasdiscussed. The mind disappears. The body is separate fromthe mind. Disconnect from spirit. As an organism we are DNAcontrolled robots. Vital Force has no impact on us.Newtonian Mechanics: Universe = Matter ~1700 ADQuantum Mechanics (Einstein): Universe = Energy ~1921QM puts the mind back in charge. The mind is the vital force.Unity of polarities (male and female). Holism.Consciousness influences life. Unity of energy and matter.All organisms respond to vibration, communicate via vibration. “The field [mind] is the sole governing agency of the particle [body]. ~ Albert Einstein 24
  25. 25. Epigenetics (Study Bruce Lipton’s Work)Epigenetics is The NEW Biology = “Control above the genes” Genes and DNA do not control our future WE are the power. We control our future. Our thoughts control our future. Each cell in our body is a programmable chip. Therefore, we can change our biology and behaviours by changing our beliefs. 25
  26. 26. DarwinDarwinian followers believe that:1. Individual traits are passed from parents to children. This is true – children are sponges.2. Hereditary factors are passed down from parent to child and this controls how the individual lives their life. This implies that there is no hope for children of alcoholic parents for example. 26
  27. 27. CancerCancer, for example, is a body with a lousygovernment! The community of cells hasbroken down.Why? Because of the Client’s beliefs.UK Study: 1/3 of cancer patients who gotsaline instead of chemo but thought theywere getting chemo had their hair fall out! What we think we become! 27
  28. 28. DiseaseWe have been programmed toaccept that we are subservientto the power of our genes.Heart disease, cancer, diabetesand obesity levels areincreasing at alarming rates.If a person’s mother died from heart disease,chances are their programming says “I’m going todie from heart disease as well.” What we think we become! 28
  29. 29. Module III 29
  30. 30. Our body is a bustling community of50 – 100 trillion cells.Cells are living sentient entities thatkeep our bodies alive and thriving.Because our cells are programmable,we must be very aware of the signalswe are letting into our cells.We must TALK to our cells becausethey are miniature people. 30
  31. 31. More about Cells!Each cell possesses the functional equivalent of our: Nervous system Digestive system Respiratory system Excretory system The Brain is the Endocrine system Manager of all the cells; Muscle and skeletal systems otherwise we Circulatory system would have chaos! Integumentary system Reproductive system and even a primitive immune system 31
  32. 32. More about Cells!In other words, each cell is an intelligentbeing that can survive on its own.We remember that we began as single cells.In order to survive, each cell needed tohave the functional equivalents above.Then one day we woke up and realizedthat we could be something greaterso we formed a team!!! 32
  33. 33. It’s the Environment Stupid!Lipton’s research showed us that when he provided ahealthy environment for sick cells, the cells revitalized!The significance for Coaches is that when a Client isstuck, the Client needs to look at their environment.For example:1. Do they have negative people in their life?2. Do they have a good spiritual practice?3. If unwell, are they still eating meat, processed foods and mucus causing products? Drinking alcohol? Cigs?4. What unconstructive belief systems are stuck in their subconscious mind/cells causing the illness? 33
  34. 34. “By learning to bring your awareness to past experiencesand conditioning – memories stored in the very receptorsof your cells – you can release yourself from theseblocks, this stuckness.” - Candace Pert, Neuroscientist 34
  35. 35. CLI’s interpretation of Pert’s research is that habits andbehaviours will only change if there is a biological, cellularshift in the brain body.CLI can confirm Pert’s work because before CLI discoveredPert, we were already testing our Clients to see if they hadshifted at a cellular level and designed out coaching modelsto ENSURE THAT THE SHIFT HAPPENED.Therefore, in the coaching process in order for permanentpositive change to happen for the Client (where they takeaction) the cells must change their beliefs. 35
  36. 36. Lipton’s research: Receptor proteins have two negativelycharged ends. Like charges repel. The repelling forces inthis case cause the backbone of the protein to extend sothat the negative amino acids are as far apart as possible. 36
  37. 37. PCMK™ Coaching:1. Client discovers why they keep repeating certain behaviours by finding the root cause event that started the pattern.2. Uses Quantum Physics to select the Methodology with the perfect frequency to create everlasting change.3. Models are scientifically engineered to ask questions that are LB/RB/Con/Sub/Super in order to bring the Client into a positive state and away from a negative state.4. This new positively charged signal is sufficient to bind to one end of the necklace to create a positive charge at one end. The two ends attract each other and marriage takes place. At CLI we call this “popping”. 37
  38. 38. PCMK™ Coaching:4. Just to make sure, at the end of every PCMK™ session, a Release of the Emotional Charge process releases any remaining emotions leaving the Client in a permanently positive state of being. They become very strong.5. This changing conformation generates movement. The antenna of the Receptor Protein is happy with this positive signal and allows the new energy to enter the cell. Processing proteins connect that energy with the effector protein whose job it is to take action! That energy is harnessed to do work providing for such functions as digestion, respiration, and action on a goal. 38
  39. 39. Effector Positive Signal Protein Receptor Protein Processor ProteinWhen coaching, the right positive signal must be picked up by theantenna of the receptor protein in order for it to allow the energyof that positive thought to enter the cell. The processor proteinconnects this energy to the effector protein which sends signals tothe interior of the cell to take action. 39
  40. 40. This is THEmostimportantpart righthere.Innovativesolutionscome in fromthe EMF orsuper-consciousmind. 40
  41. 41. Module IV 41
  42. 42. What is the Electro Magnetic Field?It is the energy field around the body in which isstored all knowledge and wisdom of theuniverse including of self.EMF = superconscious mind.When receptors are constricted we havedistorted thinking or irrational thought becausethe emotions are blocking the nourishment fromreaching our thinking cells. 42
  43. 43. Quantum Physics indicatesthat energy and matter areInterchangeable(Einstein, E=mc2)Our bodies are not mechanisticsystems of solid matter. They areoscillating energy in constant flux,sometimes appearing as solid matter. Everything is energy. Witness thata cell phone works on “frequency” or vibration.Kirlian photography shows that around our bodies are colours of energy.This photograph is of the energy field or EMF of someone’s fingers. Kirlianphotography can be used to diagnose disease, even before it manifestsitself in the physical body, and assess the quality of food. Kirlianphotographs of organic food show a quality of radiance that is not presentin conventionally grown foods. We often eat dead food. 43
  44. 44. Module V 44
  45. 45. “All things are created by the mind. Our mindwe must create; we must speak good things,think good things, and then we will change thenegative to the positive. We should teach thecells in our own bodies to think good thoughts.Whatever good we think or speak, our minds,our bodies and the millions and billions of cellsin our bodies also will listen immediately.That’s why I say that you’re your own master.” - Supreme Master Ching Hai 45
  46. 46. Our Superconscious or‘Godself’ is defined as thatperfect part of ourselveswhich has all the answers.When we connect with theSuperconscious for solutions,we feel complete, whole andone with the universe. We are at peace. 46
  47. 47. SuperconsciousMind= Energy Fieldaround the body= EMF 47
  48. 48. Scientific coaching models createthe environment where, in everysession, our Clients connect withtheir brilliant Godself which resultsin brilliant solutions and permanent positivebehavioural change.Aren’t we lucky to have Coaching as anenlightening vehicle with which to achievethis noble state of being? 48
  49. 49. Module VII 49
  50. 50. 8 reasons to indicate that memories are stored in the body (as well as in the EMF of the body)1. Quote from Supreme Master Ching Hai.2. If we are reprogramming our cells, then the unconstructive program or memory must be in the cells.3. Tissues (cells) store memories such as fear … research on heart transplant patients.4. If each cell replicates a human being, the membrane of the cell must be the brain of the cell (memory bank). Mem-brain. 50
  51. 51. 8 reasons to indicate that memories are stored in the body (as well as in the EMF of the body)5. In the human brain, the hippocampus forms and stores short term memory and the amygdala converts the short term memory into long term memory. If each cell is like a human being, the cell must also have a memory centre.6. Bathing French Riviera beauties. Once their skin burns, that skin is highly sensitive for the rest of their lives … therefore, cells have memories.7. When we lose our short-term memory, we can take B12 and it comes back; therefore, memory is in the cells. 51
  52. 52. Memories are stored in the EMF of each ReceptorCLI’s Ground Breaking Research8. If each cell is like a miniature human being, then it follows that eachcell has an EMF. As seen through deep meditation, each receptorhas an EMF in which are stored the memories.Coaching Clients who cannot achieve a goal or overcome a problemhave very little energy flowing through the receptor into the cell.A malnourished cell = a fuzzy Client!A Coach’s job is to find the exact positive signal (positive beliefsystem) which will excite the receptor’s antenna to allow energy intothe cell. No more fuzzy Client! 52
  53. 53. Memories are stored in the EMF of each ReceptorCLI’s Ground Breaking ResearchThis process is what gives the Client permanent positive change.Otherwise they flounder, repeating the same pattern over and over.For fast results coaching methods must be very scientific in order tofind the “signal” to wake up the receptor!PCMK™ Coaches do this in a number of ways including:1. Use colour to find the chakra in which the cells reside.2. Using multiple techniques the Client goes right into the EMF of that receptor to discover what literally shut the receptor down from functioning. The subcon mind (EMF) reveals the exact age of the shutdown. Client usually instantly remembers the event.3. A new positive belief system is anchored in the subcon to replace the old unconstructive one. 53
  54. 54. A Coach’s ResponsibilityTo provide our Clients with the highest customerservice, Coaches have a responsibility tolearn methodologies which find that magicalbelief system which excites the antenna of thereceptor to once again allow energy into the cellthus shifting our Client’s behaviourspermanently.Clients need and want fast results, especially in aglobal crisis climate which demands fast solutions.When we think and act using the brilliance of ouroriginal great self, we are in a stronger position tohelp our ailing planet. 54
  55. 55. Module IX 66
  56. 56. 11 Truths about Coaching1. Let’s Celebrate our Success thus far!2. Let’s invite our Clients to put Spirit back into their lives.3. Coaching based solely on a series of logical questions is outdated. Coaching results are maximized when our Clients are invited to use their whole brain/mind.4. Our Beliefs Control our Bodies, our Minds, and therefore our Lives.5. The Environment Plays a Major Role in our Transformation. Get rid of toxicity. 67
  57. 57. 11 Truths about Coaching6. Our Clients want and deserve the fastest, most effective coaching methodologies!7. Let’s learn from our Brothers and Sisters in Other Professions. ie Talk Therapy is not very effective.8. Our Clients deserve to be Coached by the Best. In the human world, we have the same communication challenge as do the whales. Our phone line to “God” is full of static. With polluted minds and polluted bodies, it is difficult to access our highest intuition because our access to it is filtered by the “garbage” we have created in the form of unconstructive beliefs in our subconscious and by what impure food and drink and such we put in and on our bodies. 68
  58. 58. 11 Truths about Coaching9. We could Consider Making “Three Stops” #1: Stop calling ourselves coaches if all we do is give advice. #2: Stop thinking that coaching is just for goal setting and only therapy is for emotional issues. The therapy profession does not own the field of ‘emotions’. #3: Stop minimizing our abilities as a Coach. We are brilliant inside! When Coaches embrace and become masters of our own mind, body, and spirit we are astonished at the speed of our thinking. 69
  59. 59. 11 Truths about Coaching10. Be prayerful. When we get stuck about what question to ask next, silently pray and wait for the answer to come.11. Acknowledge that there are some challenges that can only be solved by the Grace of God. 70
  60. 60. Meditation is the Secret of all the Sages Free SAFE Meditation: 71
  61. 61. To Be the BestCoach for ourClients …Coaching with theleft brain only isquickly becomingoutdated. It is notpowerful enough.Learn Mind, Body,Spirit CoachingMethodologies tohelp yourself andyour Clients tap intotheir subconsciousand the all powerfulsuperconscious. 72
  62. 62. Module X 73
  63. 63. Introducing … The World’s #1 Positive Thinking Tool 74
  64. 64. Free to you and your Clients at Our gift!Use it for a happier and peaceful life. 78
  65. 65. Thanks for being our guest today!In addition toThe Brain Walk®,PCMK™ Lasers – ten minute coachingmethodologies for great results.Visit: Sample Lasers + Audio 79
  66. 66. Sign up for Free Coaching and LeadershipCLI Quick Tips by sending an email toJohn@CoachingAndLeadership.comFor a copy of these slides, give yourbusiness card to Inderjeet. 80
  67. 67. To discover more about how Science and Spirit Merge in the coaching process … More Next Steps … Fill out the Entry Form to Win Big Prizes! Read The “God” in Coaching. Attend a free webinar to learn more. Check out the coaching tools at the side table. More wonderful thoughts for you on the Entry Form … 81
  68. 68. 82
  69. 69. 83
  70. 70. Being a Coach is a wonderful thingAh, to be a Coach is a wonderful thingwhere my Clients learn how to love themselvesin ways they have never done before.And, I too, learn how to better love myself. To be a Coach is a fulfilling job when, at the end of the day, I sleep peacefully knowing that my Clients embark upon a more enlightened life.To be a Coach gives my life more meaningas my Clients rave about their achievements,leaving behind old, unrewarding patternsand turning personal and global crises into dust. 84
  71. 71. To be a Coach, I often want to givemy Clients their money back!They teach me so much about deathand dying and living with my soul.Thank you Clients and may God bless you!You are my best friends.You are often my saviour for I, too,am still finding the real me. ~ Betska K-Burr, 2009 85