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iPad User Group (6) -tools for immediate feedback


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Apps Brian uses to provide feedback and enhance the classroom experience.

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iPad User Group (6) -tools for immediate feedback

  1. 1. iPad/iPodTouch User GroupSure theres an app for everything but which app is best for your task? Join us in room 428every Wednesday between 12:30pm and 1:30pm to see what users recommend. If you knowsomeone who may be interested please invite him or her to join in.Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you own a device or just have questions aboutapps, work flow and processes. All you need to bring is a willingness to listen, learn, shareyour ipad/itouch experience with others…and have fun!Participants will demonstrate apps and workflows, share ideas, tips, and solutions based oniPad/iPodTouch. Through sharing we will discover apps and tips that will enable us to use ourdevices expertly!PLEASE NOTE: A user group is NOT a workshop where TLTC demonstrates how to configureyour device, iTunes settings and download/synch apps. We will be offering workshops andindividual consultation throughout the year to help you with set up. Agenda November 17, 2011Brian Cox will demonstrate how he is using the iPad to provide students with tutorials andimmediate feedback on graded presentations and essays. If you are an instructor or someonewho would like to learn how to move files around, work with multiple formats, and easiy sendthem between devices you won’t want to miss this demonstration. To follow along or try thisat home you will need the following apps.
  2. 2. App List for Demo Documents 2 (universal) Free Easily create documents, spreadsheets, pictures and audio. This mobile office suite includes the ability to transfer files via google, email, wifi and ftp file.iTunes link: Screenchomp (iPad) Free This free app lets you record and sketch simultaneously and then share immediately with anyone - even with those who do not have an iOS device.iTunes link: Doodle Buddy (iPad) Free Doodle Buddy is available as an iTouch app as well. iTunes link:
  3. 3. Goodreader (iTouch) $4.99   Possibly  the  best  $4.99  you  will  ever  spend!  This  app  does  it   all…docs,  videos,  file  browser,  zip/unzip,  and  a  great  pdf   reader  with  lots  of  annotation  options.         This app is not universal so be sure to download the right one for your device!!iTunes Link Goodreader (iPad) $4.99 Possibly  the  best  $4.99  you  will  ever  spend!  This  app  does  it   all…docs,  videos,  file  browser,  zip/unzip,  and  a  great  pdf   reader  with  lots  of  annotation  options.  iTunes Link Talkatone (universal) Free Call any landline in the US and Canada for free. We tested this out over the college wifi and found the sound quality to be excellent!iTunes Link
  4. 4. Your Questions Nov 17, 2011How can I display shared calendars on my iPad? Your SolutionsHow can I display shared calendars on my iPad?So far no one has been able to answer this question although Brian was able to share acalendar with his student. He will look into what step need to be followed to accomplishthis. At this point t seems the calendar owner needs to publish it and give permission. f you have suggestions please let us know!! There is a few discussions on Apple’s forumon this topic. TLTC Tip of the Week:If you haven’t yet upgraded to iOS5, the newest version of software forApple mobile devices (iphone, iPod Touch and iPad), you may want to thinkabout doing so. It adds over 200 new features. To upgrade follow the stepsbelow. This is the last time you will need to tether your device to yourcomputer. iOS 5 provides the ability to do updates directly on your device!Step 1. Use the main computer for synching to a specific device toperform the upgrade.Step 2. Upgrade iTunes to the latest version 10.3.5, before upgradingyour iphone, iPod Touch and iPad.Step 3. Transfer purchases from your device to your computer (iTunes)
  5. 5. before starting the update.Step 5. Create a backup before starting the update.For more details and screen shots visit: Wrap UpNext user group is Thursday December 1st 12:30-1:30pmLet us know if you have any apps or categories you’d really like to see!