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iPad User Group (5) -tools for health and wellness


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iPad User Group (5) -tools for health and wellness

  1. 1. iPad/iPodTouch User GroupSure theres an app for everything but which app is best for your task? Join us in room 228every Wednesday between 3pm and 4pm to see what users recommend. If you knowsomeone who may be interested please invite them to join in.Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you own a device or just have questions aboutapps, work flow and processes. All you need to bring is a willingness to listen, learn, shareyour ipad/itouch experience with others…and have fun!Participants will demonstrate apps and workflows, share ideas, tips, and solutions based oniPad/iPodTouch. Through sharing we will discover apps and tips that will enable us to use ourdevices expertly!PLEASE NOTE: A user group is NOT a workshop where TLTC demonstrates how to configureyour device, iTunes settings and download/synch apps. We will be offering workshops andindividual consultation throughout the year to help you with set up. Agenda November 2, 2011IMPORTANT: Please identify the best day and time for you or someone you know to attendthis group ie -first thing in the morning, over the lunch hour, or later in the day. 3:00 - 3:05pm Welcome 3:05 - 3:15pm Demo (iPodTouch/iPad) 3:15 - 3:25pm iOS5 Demo (iPodTouch/iPad) 3:25 - 3:35pm iSolutions wanted 3:35 - 3:50pm iSolutions offered (or no known app!) 3:50 - 4:00pm Wrap Up (next meeting -theme/category-volunteers).
  2. 2. App Demos Micromedix Free (universal) Offers drug information on drugs according to generic names, common names, and dosage. Inlcudes detail about precautions, adverse effects, toxicology.   iTunes Link information/id390211464?mt=8 Sleepmaker (universal) This 4 start rated free app includes 33 sleep relax sounds, multi playing of tracks and white noise generator.iTunes link: also recommends the following relaxation apps.Sleep Machine $1.99 Assorted Sleep sounds, various prices, some free
  3. 3. Noise, plus your own white noise recorder, various prices, some free is recommended to check the comments section before making any purchase, as well,always try free versions if it is available. Compare the two versions, some only remove theads for the cost. So, if the ads dont bother you, save your money. :) First Consult 60 day free trial with sign up (universal) First consut is an excellent source of information for patients and their doctors. A list of topics leads to greater details that include -a summary, background information, diagnosis, treatment, summary of evidence, outcomes, prevention and resources.iTunes Link Blausen Human Atlas Lite Free (universal) This app allows physician and patient to visualize conditions through access a 360 rotatable human body, video explanations, and numerous still images that can explain disease and/or help you understand an upcoming surgery.iTunes Link
  4. 4. Your Questions Nov 2, 2011What apps can you recommend to manage health and wellness on the iPad or iPodTouch? Your SolutionsWhat apps can you recommend to manage health and wellness on the iPad or iPodTouch?There are numerous medical and health apps on iTunes. Some geared towards physicians andnurses, some towards patients, and others ideal for personal learning and monitoring ofhealth.Todays session will review apps from each category. TLTC Tip of the Week:Checking out ebooks from the ACC library to read on your iPad orzzza iPodTouch is as easy as1, 2, 3! See the document ACC Mobile eBooks (5) (PDF) for details.Link: Wrap UpNovember 16 Theme:Next week is a short week so we will not be meeting on WednesdayNovember 9th. We will meet November 17th and share Music and Audio apps.Let us know if you have any apps you really like!