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SCCI'13 R&D Training Session


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Research and Development
Training Session
SCCI'13 (Students' Conference on Communication and Information)
FCI,CU (Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University)
Presented by Assim Tulba
August 15, 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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SCCI'13 R&D Training Session

  1. 1. SCCI13 R&DTraining Session By: Assim Tulba August 15, 2012
  2. 2. Activity No.1• Define R&D in a simple sentence• Duration: 30 Sec8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 3
  3. 3. Introduction• About Assim Tulba• Story of R&D in SCCI8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 4
  4. 4. Research and Development8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 5
  5. 5. R&D Role in SCCI• Research and reports – Document current year achievements – Collect past years achievements – Create the History and Glory• Interviews with Former SCCIans8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 6
  6. 6. R&D Role in SCCI• Information about competitors – Budget – Sponsors – Events – Achievements – What makes them better than us?8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 7
  7. 7. R&D Role in SCCI• Development – Events – Committees – Workshops – Sessions8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 8
  8. 8. Activity No.2• Interview with Former SCCIan Simulation• Duration: 2 Mins.8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 9
  9. 9. Interview Tips• Ask open-ended questions• Give him a chance to speak and release his knowledge• Learn how to listen• Help him to understand your questions by giving examples not ANSWERS!• Info vs Info => Win-Win Situation• Keep your confidential data safe8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 10
  10. 10. Interview Tips• Small groups of interviewers – Different questions – Video or audio records• Be organized and prepare your questions and tools• Put yourself in others place• Be positive and solution seeker• Ask for recommendations8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 11
  11. 11. Activity No.3• Interview with Former SCCIan Simulation (Right Way)• Duration: 3 Mins.8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 12
  12. 12. General Tips• R&D = Maximize performance and Minimize problems• Set your objectives and make it clear• Do your homework and research• Think different, and out of the box• How to gain information from different resources? – Power of networks, contacts , and connections8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 13
  13. 13. General Tips• Use every single possible chance• Gain Information from everywhere• Do an online surveys• Be organized in interviews and reports• Make your reports easy to read and important as possible8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 14
  14. 14. General Tips• The more information and numbers you have, the more analysis and statistics you make and the more right decisions and actions you’ll take8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 15
  15. 15. General Tips• To evaluate (events, sessions, members, & performance) – Set point of strength – Set points of weakness – Suggest new strategies and tactics to overcome problems8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 16
  16. 16. General Tips• Ask yourself after each event: – What will I do if I go back with time – Then write a report and document your achievements• Time plan should be available to everyone – Set monthly and yearly plan for each committee, and workshop so they set their priorities and determine their objectives8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 17
  17. 17. General Tips• Time Importance – 6 Oct Victory – In Japanese malls – SCCI Average Delay – Respect time and find solutions – How SCAF manage their meetings8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 18
  18. 18. General Tips• No need for duplicates and extra efforts, just use readymade technology• If you want to lead one day,, then learn how to follow!• SCCI’11 R&D Final Report• Pass your achievements to next generations8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 19
  19. 19. General Tips• 3ady!!• At the end of SCCI’13 manage meeting with SCCI’14 high board to discuss: – Yearly problems – Final R&D report8/15/2012 SCCI13 R&D Training Session 20
  20. 20. Thank you@Assim Tulba