Single object range detection


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Single object range detection

  1. 1. SINGLE OBJECT RANGE DETECTION (SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT) Our online Tutors are available 24*7 to provide Help with Help with Single Object Range Detection Homework/Assignment or a long term Graduate/Undergraduate Help with Single Object Range Detection. Our Tutors being experienced and proficient in Help with Single Object Range Detection ensure to provide high quality Help with Single Object Range Detection Homework Help. Upload your Help with Single Object Range Detection Assignment at ‘Submit Your Assignment’ button or email it to . You can use our ‘Live Chat’ option to schedule an Online Tutoring session with our Help with Single Object Range Detection Tutors. Trebuchet Range Simulation and Optimization This sample assignment shows a Model of a simple trebuchet that predicts projectile range based on fulcrum position & launch angle. plot_treb.m % Plot the projectile range for a simplified trebuchet over a range of % design variable values. Illustrates the nonsmoothness in objective % function that results from discrete events in the simulation. % % Model corresponds to an example video created for ME 149 (Engineering % System Design Optimization), a graduate course taught in the mechanical % engineering department at Tufts University. The video can be viewed at: % % % % Author: James T. Allison, Ph.D. clear % Define points for full-factorial numerical sampling x1 = pi/2:0.1/2:pi; % theta_r x2 = 0.6:0.005:0.99; % l1 range = zeros(length(x1),length(x2)); for i=1:length(x1) for j=1:length(x2) % evaluate projectile range
  2. 2. range(i,j) = treb([x1(i),x2(j)]); end end % Plot range as a function of release angle and fulcrum position figure(2); surf(x2,x1,range); xlabel('l1 (m)') ylabel('theta_r (rad)') zlabel('range (m)') visit us at or email us at or call us at +1 520 8371215