WITSA - First Newsletter - 2012


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WITSA - First Newsletter - 2012

  1. 1. WITSA 2012 NewsletterVolume 1, 2012 World Information Technology and Services Alliance In the News WCIT 2012 Preliminary Program and Highlights! The World Tech Jam - A Global Forum on WCIT 2012 will bring digital gurus together with leaders of government and industry for three days of debate and discussions around shared Digital Society opportunities for digital innovation across all segments of the society. WCIT 2012 will be hosting a The Congress will also feature: World Tech Jam in June 2012, where thousands of  The United Nations’ World Youth Summit Awards (WSYA) which stakeholders – ICT senior promotes best practices in e-content and new media and executives, large technology demonstrates young people’s potential to create outstanding digital users, representatives from content; academia, governments,  A B2B event with structured business meetings aimed at renewing NGOs, policymakers, or developing multinational and cross-industry contacts and business leaders and young partnerships; citizens will come together  The C200 Investment Forum that provides a premium networking to crowd source hundreds opportunity between selected Canadian companies seeking of new ideas, innovations investment and invited members of the International ICT Investment and actions that the ICT community; sector can adopt in order to  A unique showcase of Canadian Innovations and Young Global help address societal and Innovators, where presenters will demonstrate world-changing economic challenges. ideas and answer questions from the audience; and  The WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards; identifying the most outstanding ICT users and honoring organizations that have demonstrated exceptional achievement in using ICT to benefit societies, governments, individuals, organizations and the private sector. Registration is now OPEN. www.witsa.org
  2. 2. WITSA 2012 Newsletter Leadership Update Khoo to speak at China Strategic Emerging Industry Development Forum WITSA Chairman, Dato’ Dan E CHITEC has been held every year Khoo has been invited to speak in the month of May since 1998 at the China Strategic Emerging and jointly hosted by the State Industry Development forum, Council, the Ministry of Science Event Highlight to be held in Beijing, China and Technology, the Ministry of from May 23 to 24. With the Commerce, the Ministry of theme of Strategic Emerging Education, the Ministry of Industry Development and Industry and Information, WITSA Board to meet Economic Restructure, the State-owned Assets Supervision in Brasilia forum will be held at the and Administration Commission Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and of the State Council, the China Sunword Dynasty Hotel. Council for the Promotion of The WITSA Board of International Trade, the State Directors which meets Intellectual Property Office and The high-level officials’ forum twice a year will be having is typically attended by Beijing Municipal Government. its next meeting in Brasilia influential figures from in June 2012. ASSESPRO of selected institutions and Brazil, who has won the enterprises as well as hosting rights to the Global representatives from local and Policy Action and Trade foreign companies. It will be Summit (GPATS) 2013 will held in conjunction with the be hosting the meeting. 15th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo (CHITEC).Poisant to speak at WSIS Forum 2012 (May 16-20, 2012 at Geneva)The ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP will beorganizing the upcoming World Summit on theInformation Society (WSIS) Forum 2012, a UnitedNations (UN) summit from May 14 to 18, 2012 atGeneva, Switzerland. Dr. Jim Poisant, WITSA’sSecretary General has been invited to be amongthe speakers in the High-Level Opening Sessionto be held on May 14 with the theme “ICT for Sustainable Development: WSIS beyond 2015”. The sessionwill provide an interesting blend of panel of experts with audience interaction on specific topics identifiedthat would be relevant and crucial within the mandate of the WSIS.WSIS Forum 2012 is a UN summit that is a unique two-phase initiative to create an evolvingmulti-stakeholder platform aimed at addressing the issues raised by information and communicationtechnologies (ICTs) through a structured and inclusive approach at the national, regional and internationallevels. Its goal is to achieve a common vision, desire and commitment to build a people-centric, inclusiveand development-oriented Information Society where everyone can create, access, utilize and shareinformation. For more information about WSIS, go to http://www.itu.int/wsis/basic/about.html. www.witsa.org
  3. 3. Volume 1, 2012Leadership UpdateWITSA’s Advisory CouncilWITSA recently introduced a program toenable greater public policy engagement. Mr. Allan MarcusMembers of the council will be made up of Senior Director, Head Information Technolo-multi-stakeholders representing ICT gies and Communications Industriescorporations, officials within governments and The World Economic Forum (WEF)multilateral organizations, non profit New York, NYorganizations and academic institutions. Thecouncil will offer perspectives andrecommendations to WITSA on important topicand issues.WITSA believes that this council will bringadded value to both WITSA’s policy endeavoursas well as WITSA members as a whole.By participating in this program, WITSA Dr. Thomas Stelzerbelieves that members will gain access to a true Assistant Secretary Generalglobal network of people who have a common For Policy Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairspurpose in fulfilling the promise of the Digital Department of Economic and Social AffairsAge, across virtually all cultures, societies and United Nations, New York NYstages of economic development, helping todevelop and deliver effective public policiesregarding the development, application and useof ICT.WITSA is pleased to confirm the followingCouncil members: Mr. John S. Wilson Lead Economist Development Economics Research Group Trade and International Integration The World Bank Washington, D.C. 20433Mr. John HigginsChairmanWITSA Global Policy Action CommitteeCEO Digital Europe Dr. Robert Kahn (One of the Fathers of the Internet) President & CEO Corporation for National Research Initiatives Reston, Virginia WITSA is seeking additional members to join the council from all global regions. www.witsa.org
  4. 4. WITSA 2012 Newsletter  Only four associations across these countries have had consultations with their government on the TPPA; of these, only three had been consulted about IP issue;  Most associations havePromise of the Digital Age formal IP policies, and all support WITSAs position;Trans-Pacific Partnership  There are still noThe Trans-Pacific Partnership In the wake of the groundswell "public" versions of the(TPP), also known as the against the proposed US Protect negotiating texts;Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online  Virtually all speakers atPartnership Agreement, is a Piracy Act (SOPA), and also the the Stakeholdersmultilateral free trade agreement Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Forum expressedthat aims to further liberalise the Agreement (ACTA), to which the concern about the consultation processeseconomies of the Asia-Pacific EU recently indicated it was of governments, andregion; specifically, Article 1.1.3 delaying accession, WITSA the lack ofnotes: "The Parties seek to canvassed members and transparency in thesesupport the wider liberalisation associations in countries affected negotiations especiallyprocess in APEC consistent with or potentially affected by the TPP around reported IP clauses;its goals of free and open trade to indicate the extent to which  Despite this concern,and investment." they have been consulted by, or the briefing of engaged in discussions with, their stakeholders byThe original agreement between governments on the contents of negotiators that wasthe countries of Brunei, Chile, any proposed agreement. held on 7 MarchNew Zealand and Singapore was contained little new information, nor wassigned on June 3, 2005, and Based on the survey results, Tim there any request fromentered into force on May 28, Conway, WITSAs Senior Policy negotiators for2006. Six additional countries – Advisor, made a presentation to information fromAustralia, Malaysia, Peru, Japan, stakeholders and negotiators stakeholders on issuesUnited States, and Vietnam – during a Forum organised as part such as cloudare negotiating to join the of the Melbourne round of computing, which was reported to have raisedgroup. Canada is an observer in negotiations. A copy of Tims some concernsthe TPP talks but has not speech and slides is available atcommitted to join. South Korea this download link Key points are This concerns WITSA.has been requested to join and is as follows:expected to do so in due course.  WITSA has strong -continue to next page-The eleventh round of membership across the TPPAnegotiations took place on March country group, including1–9, 2012, in Melbourne, among those invited (Japan,Australia. Canada, Mexico) and interested (South Korea); www.witsa.org
  5. 5. Volume 1, 2012 WITSA on Twitter WITSA now has a twitter feed! Please follow us @WITSA1, and remember to include us in yourContinue from page 3 tweets where you are seeking widerIn principle, WITSA supports actions that reduce barriers to trade in circulation. You aregoods and services between nations. This is a central element in our also encouraged to re-tweet ours wheremission of "fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age". However, our appropriate.preference is this be undertaken, where possible, as part of a multilateralprocess under the auspices of organisations such as the World Trade This is the start of aOrganisation (WTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation wider social media(WIPO). We note these processes take a long time and can be complex, strategy for WITSA,but they at least occur around agreed common goals and lead to which will be rolled out over the year, alongstandardised approaches. with a redesign of theBecause of problems of delay and complexity in laws. To do WITSA website,achieving multilateral agreements, there has been otherwise will incorporating bloga strong push towards bilateral (country to set back trade spaces.country) and plurilateral/regional trade development.negotiations - the TPPA being one of the latter. As The TRIPSthe current TPPA negotiations show (along with agreementcurrent concerns arising with the provides the base, and efforts should focus onAnti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - ACTA), the amending this for technological requirementsoutcome of a more fragmented approach is exactly on a global basis.that - fragmentation of trading arrangements and 4. Any proposed amendments to IP policies,applicable laws, such as those affecting IP. There regulations and rules must always balance theare also concerns regarding extra-territorial critical interests of reward for innovation, onenforcement of one countrys laws in the one hand, and access to technology on theanother. Consultation processes and other.transparency, discussed above, are also often 5. Enforcement of IP laws is a very sensitive issue,weak. The exclusive nature of these types of and must be recognised as such. Whereveragreements is also troubling; for example, the TPP possible, extra-territorial enforcement of oneexcludes China and India. nations laws over another should be avoided.In the TPPA presentation linked above, WITSA set As WITSAs concerns are also reflected in otherout five principles that governments should follow proposed treaties, such as ACTA, WITSA membersin relation to these types of negotiations: are urged to pay attention to them, and seek discussions with their countrys trade negotiators1. Consultation with affected industries and other and government officials who are currently, or may stakeholders. This appears not to be be, involved in the negotiating rounds. If you agree happening in many countries, at least in with the principles set out above, please advocate relation to the ICT sector these at meetings with government and trade2. Any proposed policy or regulatory change must officials. Please seek their feedback on the be supported by proven cost/benefit evidence. negotiations to-date, and ask them to work with This is, in fact, the reason why governments you, as the national ICT association, on issues that should be consulting more actively and affect the ICT industry in your country. transparently.3. Trade rules generally, and IP rules and By all means, please share any information or regulations in particular (because they insights you have on the process with your WITSA underpin ICT) should be a global development, colleagues. leading to standardised approaches in national If you have any concerns with the principles above, or any other aspect, please contact Tim Conway. www.witsa.org