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Eng. Florence Seriki

  1. 1. Presentation for the WITSAMeetings / WCIT 2012October 20-24, Montreal, Canada Engr Florence Seriki MFR www.witsa.org
  2. 2. PROFLEEngr. Florence Seriki• Founder and CEO of Omatek Ventures Plc (The Nigerian computer Company was founded about 25 years ago)• Chemical Engineer and graduated in 1986 from the University of Ife with honours• Started working career in 1986 with a one-on-one computer training for executives within the banking and oil sectors over 25 years ago and this had laid foundation for the establishment of Omatek Ventures Plc today. This was the first of its kind and most executives were my computer2 students www.witsa.org
  3. 3. PROFILEEngr. Florence Seriki• By 1988, the executives entrusted me with their corporate staff training and also relied on my expertise to source for their personal computers. This made me then to reposition the Company formed at the time – Omatek ventures Limited as a premium partner for the foremost foreign brands in the likes of Compaq, HP, IBM and Apple and Datamini. The transformation continued and in 1990 Omatek Ventures Limited became a vendor of some of the world- class computers. 3 www.witsa.org
  4. 4. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc• In 1993, after posting over $1Million in revenue from sales of these brands, Omatek commenced the assembly of Omatek brand of computers from Semi Knocked Down (SKD) parts purchased from key brand manufacturers in Asia. The high quality of these computers made its sales in the financial and key corporate sectors highly successful.• Omatek brand soon gained grounds as it could hardly meet up with the supply of products due to high demand for its products and hence by 2002, the need to have its own factory was not only necessary but the company decided to establish the FIRST Factory in AFRICA for a number of reasons:4 www.witsa.org
  5. 5. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc• First, is to pioneer the production of Completely Knocked Down (CKD) factory in Africa involved in the production of Omatek Brands of Casings, Speakers, Computers and Notebooks, with its factories located in Nigeria and Ghana.• Second, to pioneer the production of 3-in-1 LCD Flat Screens and Plasmas.• To produce massively for the Nigerian and Ghana government under the Omatek e-Xpress Consumer Scheme Initiative that assisted public servants, teachers, lecturers and students to own computers with ease whilst paying over a period of time5 www.witsa.org
  6. 6. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc• Pioneer the 24hour Alternate Power Solution using Solar, UPS/Inverter, battery, Led Bulb Hybrid and providing 24hr lighting with no generator or Diesel; whilst REDUCING Power/Energy Consumption by 85%.• Pioneer the establishment of Resource Centres at Tertiary Institutions; whilst providing Practical Hands-on and Technology transfer to students and providing Research and Development platform to the institutions.6 www.witsa.org
  7. 7. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc• Pioneer Youth Recruitment and Empowerment in IT.• Create Derived SMEs.• Generate massive Employment for Youths.• Pioneer the e-Learning in schools and launched the first ever 8inch notebook for students in the Educational sector.7 www.witsa.org
  8. 8. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc• As part of strategies designed to enable it maintain the high quality of its products while also meeting up with the minimum order quantity requirement from the first class manufacturers of computer components, the company embarked on the first of a series of repositioning in 2008 by raising the required capital through Private Placement and subsequently got listed on the stock market, thus making Omatek the first Computer company to be so listed in Nigeria.8 www.witsa.org
  9. 9. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc • It is on record that Omatek is one of the few companies with accelerated entrance into the stock market, considering the short period between the private placement and the actual listing. It was another memorable day in history of the best hardware computer company out of the entire Africa when it got listed on the Nigerian Stock market on June 18, 2008 shortly after it exited the SME scheme.9 www.witsa.org
  10. 10. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc • The shares of the company were over subscribed by a whooping N5 billion. The enthusiasm is indicative of the kind of respect and acceptance that Omatek has won for itself over the past two decades of its operations. • Today, Omatek has sustained buying its component parts from seasoned first class manufacturers that produce for other foreign brands.10 www.witsa.org
  11. 11. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc • In 2005, Omatek beat 42 other Countries to become the Best System Builder in East, West and Central Africa and the only company in these regions that produces Computers and Computer Casings from Completely Knocked Down (CKD) components sourced from the highest grades of manufacturers, thus making all Omatek computers of world-class standards comparable to any other foreign brand. This feat has not been matched till date.11 www.witsa.org
  12. 12. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc • The newly formed Omatek Ventures Plc has grown into a Group of Companies with the establishment of subsidiaries and associates to strengthen its operations. Omatek Ventures Plc has therefore become the holding company for the followings: • Omatek Computers (Nigeria) Limited (factory) • Omatek Computers (Ghana) Limited (factory) • Omatek Ventures Distribution (Ghana) Limited • Omatek Engineering Services Limited • Omatek Ventures Distribution Limited12 www.witsa.org
  13. 13. PROFILEOmatek Ventures Plc • Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, today, the group is blessed with seasoned board members and high level management team which I am a part.13 www.witsa.org
  14. 14. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES14 www.witsa.org
  15. 15. PRODUCTS AND SERVICESOmatek eXpress Scheme• Conceived in 2004, the Omatek e-Xpress initiative is designed to ensure easy access to computer systems and other Omatek products without the challenges of affordability. The Omatek e-Xpress initiative is a flexible computer acquisition and payment scheme which enables beneficiaries to pay for any computer of their choice through a structured re-payment plan. • The Omatek e-Xpress initiative affords Nigerians, including Civil Servants, Students, Lecturers and Professionals the opportunity to own computers of their own through a flexible and convenient payment plan which15 spans between 12-24 months. www.witsa.org
  16. 16. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Omatek eXpress Scheme cont’d • Under this arrangement, beneficiaries will acquire computers and pay over an extended period of time through a lease arrangement that requires an undertaking dully executed in favour of Omatek/Banker by supervisory officers of the organization/institution and state governments as the case may be, to ensure monthly deduction from source from beneficiaries salaries16 www.witsa.org
  17. 17. 17 www.witsa.org
  18. 18. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Omatek E-Learning Scheme  • The Omatek e-learning scheme provides a platform to ensure that Information and Communication Technology tools are deployed to schools/classrooms under a carefully structured learning environment equipped with internet connectivity to create a virtual connection between students and teachers. • This also involves the deployment of robust content/curriculum as well as monitoring and evaluation to ensure continuity/seamless implementation18 www.witsa.org
  19. 19. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Omatek E-Learning Scheme  • The Omatek e-Learning scheme is currently running in tertiary and private schools where the institutions have declared e-learning policy, thus making the payment of the monthly rental directly by the students to be tied to a pre-registration clearance or collection of documents for graduation. • For Public Schools, Omatek engages in implementing the e-learning infrastructure in schools whilst there is need for the monthly rental to be deducted directly from source.19 www.witsa.org
  20. 20. 20 www.witsa.org
  21. 21. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Omatek Engineering Serices Limited(OESL) & Resource Centres   Omatek Engineering Services Limited provides all Technical Support for the Group. This include * Backup Support/Aftersales services * Research & Development * New Product Development * RMA support * Order Management & Product Specification * Communication. ERP & Power21 www.witsa.org
  22. 22. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 24-HOUR LIGHTING SOLUTION & 85% ENERGY/WATTAGE REDUCTION ANDSOLAR POWERED STREET LIGHT • Solar hybrid alternative Power Solutions with the use of LED bulbs together with street lights and alternative power solution using Solar and LED technology. • Our solutions combine the benefits of the solar system and those of the LED technology to proffer solutions that reduce energy consumption considerably while saving costs by 60-85% whilst providing 24-hour lighting solution.22 www.witsa.org
  23. 23. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 24-HOUR LIGHTING SOLUTION & 85% ENERGY/WATTAGE REDUCTION ANDSOLAR POWERED STREET LIGHT • The use of our solar/LED solution can result in significant operational and maintenance cost savings for schools, public offices, hospitals, hotels, street lighting implementation, rural electrification and rural water system.23 www.witsa.org
  24. 24. 24 www.witsa.org
  26. 26. AWARDS • Recipient of Nigeria’s high national honours; a Member of the Federal Republic (MFR) in recognition of selfless service to my Motherland. • Omatek Computers Limited is first to win the Microsoft Best Systems Builders Award 2005 for Central, West and East Africa in 2005 • Award as Nigeria’s IT Amazon and has over a 150 national and international recognition awards; • I have led Omatek in the last 25 years to become Nigeria’s only publicly quoted computer company;26 www.witsa.org
  27. 27. AWARDS• Helped the Nation to create massive Local Youth Employment/Empowerment in the technology industry and has enabled Technology Transfer and increase in Local Content• Had made Omatek Ventures Plc create many derived Small Medium Enterpreises (SMEs) servicing the core IT industry • Had grown Omatek Ventures Plc to produce IT tools massively for the Nigerian Government Computer Assisted Program under the CANI Computer acquisition Program for Nigerian Civil Servants as part of the27 efforts to re-engineerwww.witsa.org public service for more the
  28. 28. AWARDS • Had made Omatek Ventures Plc to produce IT tools for the Ghana’s Government Computer Assisted Program (GAPP) under the i-Advance Computer acquisition Program for Ghanaian Citizens • As a believer in Local Content Development in the ICT sector and the enormous potential that ICT has to offer in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, I Have led Omatek Ventures Plc to partner with other private sector players and academic institutions on Research & Development to "ensure that the benefits of new technologies, especially ICT are available to all. This has resulted in the establishment of Omatek Resource Centres across many Universities/higher institutions to provide hands-on experience for undergraduates28 www.witsa.org
  29. 29. AWARDS • Had Served as the chairperson of the Electronic and Telecommunications group of the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce, and a member the Nigerian National Information Technology Advisory Committee. • Member of the Governing Council of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba, Ondo State, south west Nigeria. • In recognition of her business acumen, she was invited to join the Board of Directors of Vitafoam Nigeria Plc in October 2009. • Currently the President of the Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN)29 www.witsa.org
  30. 30. AWARDS • Presently on the Presidential Private Public Committee; and on the special Presidential Committee on Port Reform; who are mandated to reduce custom clearing to 48 hours from almost a month. • Family woman and blessed with three children • Currently received the Woman Of The Year Award • Been inducted into into the Obafemi Awolowo University, Faculty of Technology Hall of Fame30 www.witsa.org
  31. 31. AWARDS Some of Mrs. Seriki’s other awards include:  • Woman of the year award • Most Fascinating Nigerian (MFN)-Press Merit services • Most Outstanding/Innovative company of the decade – Africa Digital Awards 2010 • Computer Hardware of the Year 2010 –National Information technology Merit Awards • Best Computer Company of the Year 2010 – West Africa ICT Development Awards • Professional Fellowship Award-Nigerian Computers Society31 www.witsa.org
  32. 32. AWARDS Some of Mrs. Seriki’s other awards include:  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2009-Equisite Magazine/Eloy ’09 Awards. • Life Time Achievement Award for revolutionizing IT in Nigeria-3rd Lagos Enterprise Award 2009 • Distinguished Alumni Award-Obafemi Awolowo University Alumni Association(Lagos Branch) • Legend of Technology 2009 – Titans of Technology • Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurship Award • Outstanding Female Entrepreneur of the year, 200332 www.witsa.org
  33. 33. AWARDS Some of Mrs. Seriki’s other awards include:  • Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Excellence in Enterprise Award, 2005 • Best IT Woman of the Year 2003 • Distinguished O.A.U Alumni Award for outstanding Achievement in IT • Digital Peers International Award of Excellence, in recognition of immense contributions to ICT, 2005. • African leader par excellence Award 2008 by the international institute of comparative leadership for Africans and blacks in diaspora and the Accolade communication.33 www.witsa.org
  34. 34. SUMMARY AND KEYS ITEMS FORDEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA • Job Creation • Making ICT a major Drive for Economic Development in Africa • Making ICT a priority item for Economic Development and Budgeting • E-Governance • Empowering Youths • E-Learning and influencing Curriculums in Schools • Practical Application of ICT in Schools34 www.witsa.org
  35. 35. SUMMARY AND KEYS ITEMS FORDEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA- CONT…. • Transparency in Governance • Broadband and Universal Access for All • Funding • Trade Links/ Alliances for Corporate Subtainance of ICT Companies • Communication with other African Countries and World over • AFRICA REALLY JOINING THE DIGITAL VILLAGE35 www.witsa.org