Assembla Airbrake webinar - Production Monitoring and Continuous Delivery - Slides - May 2013


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Slides for Assembla and Airbrake webinar: If you can only do one thing to help implement Continuous Delivery it should be production monitoring. Presented by Michael Chletsos, CTO of Assembla and Justin Mares, Director of Growth at Airbrake (Rackspace). May 22, 2013.

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Assembla Airbrake webinar - Production Monitoring and Continuous Delivery - Slides - May 2013

  1. 1. Production MonitoringThe Key Step Towards Continuous Delivery
  2. 2. PresentersMichael Chletsos● CTO @● Previously DevOp for Assembla● Heavy interest in Continuous DeliveryWorkflowsJustin Mares● Director of Growth @ Airbrake (acquiredby Rackspace)● Co-author of Traction Book● Former co-founder of CloudFab
  3. 3. Questions & CommentsThere will be a Q&A session at the end.To Submit Questions:● use the "Questions" area on theGoToWebinar side panel-OR-● use Twitter (hashtag: #assemblaQA)
  4. 4. Continuous Delivery is not a process that I candefine for you, rather its a goal.The Goal of being able to continuously deliveryour code to QA/UAT or Production and reactin real time to the results of the release.How to perform this is dependent on yourEcosystem.What is Continuous Delivery?
  5. 5. CD at Assembla
  6. 6. CD at AssemblaIteration Planning
  7. 7. CD at AssemblaContinuous Delivery
  8. 8. Traditional Iteration PlansPlanning Coding ReleaseStress Level Scope of Work
  9. 9. Traditional Iteration PlansPlanning Coding ReleaseStress Level Scope of WorkAdd MoreRequirementsBug Fixes
  10. 10. Traditional Iteration PlansPlanning Coding ReleaseStress Level Scope of WorkAdd MoreRequirementsBug Fixes& More Work
  11. 11. CD at Assembla
  12. 12. Problems of IterationsJust admit it -Planning is HardPriorities ChangeUnforeseen Problems Occur
  13. 13. Why Continuous Delivery?● More Frequent Releases● Faster Issue Resolution● Improved Productivity● Better Quality of Code● Less Stress on the Team● Better Customer Experience
  14. 14. Whats the Secret Key?If you want to start anything today that will helpyou immediately:Monitor Errors in ProductionIf you want to do nothing else but one thing tobe able to Continuously Deploy:Monitor Errors in Production
  15. 15. Why Monitor?Working software is the primarymeasure of progress.- Agile Manifesto
  16. 16. Monitoring● Monitor Everything● Monitor Everything● Monitor Everything● React to Anomalies not Thresholds
  17. 17. Errors in Production
  18. 18. Assembla Deploys● Automated● Click of a Button Deploys● Reliable● Consistent● Monitored
  19. 19. Assembla Process
  20. 20. Barebones CDCode Production
  21. 21. Barebones CDCode ProductionThats Just Cowboy Coding!
  22. 22. Barebones CDCode ProductionProductionMonitoringBugs
  23. 23. Barebones CDProductionProductionMonitoringBugs
  24. 24. Assembla Process
  25. 25. Assembla ProcessBad Release
  26. 26. Any ProcessProductionProductionMonitoringBugs
  27. 27.
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Why Monitor?
  30. 30. Airbrake
  31. 31. Its a ProcessCode ProductionProductionMonitoringBugsMust understand whatshappening in production
  32. 32. ADD
  33. 33. Need Insight!Key Question: what broke??BacktraceEnvironmentParameters
  34. 34. Bug TriageIf you only have a few tests (or even none atall), dont despair. Simply set up the CI serverand agree to one simple rule: well add a newautomated test every time we fix a bug.- Eric Ries, author of the Lean Startup
  35. 35. Too Many Errors!
  36. 36. Too Many Errors!Prioritization is critical● How many similar errors have occurred?● How often does this happen?● Who knows most about issue?
  37. 37. Too Many Errors!Track:● Errors since last deploy● Critical errors● Error rate (increasing or decreasing?)● Repeating errors
  38. 38. StickermuleImplemented monitoring:● Permanent 3% conversion uptick
  39. 39. Deploy with Confidence
  40. 40. What To Do Now●● Assembla.comMichael ChletsosCTO Assembla.commpchlets@assembla.comblog.assembla.comJustin MaresGrowth at