Are daily deals right for your brand. What consumers really think


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This 20-minute webinar detailed the qualitative research iModerate conducted to find out what Daily Deal consumers really think of the deals themselves, the brands behind them and the relationships they foster. We shared consumer insights as to when brands should use coupons vs. daily deals vs. gift cards and revealed the not-so-obvious motivations that drive consumers to participate.

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Are daily deals right for your brand. What consumers really think

  1. 1. Are Daily Deals Right for your Brand? What Consumers Really ThinkRob
  2. 2. Daily Deal Landscape
  3. 3. What the data tells us Prevalence Popularity Effectiveness• U.S. adult internet • Top three daily deals • 65% returned to users subscribe to purchased are patronize the an average of dining (45%), businesses whose almost three daily clothing/apparel and daily deals they had shopping emails or shoes (36%) and purchased newsletters entertainment/event tickets • 60% bought• More than six in 10 something they respondents • 45% of daily deal were on the fence reported subscribing recipients pass about to more of these along the emails to emails now than last friends and family at year least weeklySource: E-marketer February 2011 Survey & Lightspeed Research 2011
  4. 4. We wanted toknow more…
  5. 5. Our Qualitative Approach Methodology: Conducted 40 one-on-one online conversations to uncover qualitative insights Audience: Men and woman ages 18+ who have used a daily deal promotion within the past 6 months
  6. 6. Qualitative Objectives Explore the impactUnderstand why and Daily Deals have onhow consumers are consumers’ brand using Daily Deals perceptions Uncover the implications of brands’ participation in Daily Deals
  7. 7. What did we learn about Daily Deals? sophistication empowerment perceived value
  8. 8. Sophistication• Consumers feel like they are in on an exclusive secret• Consumers feel like they are being invited into the brand experience• Consumers feel like savvyidentifiers of bargains• Consumers feel they are appreciated and their needs are recognized
  9. 9. Sophistication: What we heard…“It makes me feel really good … like I haveaccomplished something. That I was a smart enough tosave that much money as opposed to paying full price.”M, 45-54
  10. 10. Empowerment• Consumers take more risks to experiment with new products• Consumers are willing to take a leap of faith if a Daily Deal is structured properly• Allows consumers to do what they love more often, spontaneous indulgence• They feel there is no need to shop without deals
  11. 11. Empowerment: What we heard“Instead of trying something for the first time at fullprice, you can try something at a reduced rate…Itopens my eyes to places and restaurants that I neverknew existed.” M, 25-34 It shows you whats on sale. it shows you what brands are being offered. It puts you in control to say yes or no to a particular item or brand and I love it. F, 45-55
  12. 12. Higher Perceived Value• Savings are more significant than traditional sales, coupons and discounts• More relevant than other discounting methods• Higher quality and variety of products and services• Convenience
  13. 13. Perceived Value: What we heard“Daily Deals offer better products and services at amuch deeper discount than the coupons offer. DailyDeals are offered at places that don’t generally offercoupons as well.” F, 45 “It’s still saving money like any coupon does. But I feel like the offers are much better than traditional paper coupons that you get through snail mail.” M, 25-35
  14. 14. How do consumers view participating brands?As appreciating and recognizing their needs As proactive, progressive and on the cutting edge Doesn’t cheapen or diminish the integrity of the brand
  15. 15. Brand perceptions: What we heard“They are really trying to market themselveswell and get more customers in the door…Ithink they are being more progressive andreally trying to use new types of marketing. Itimpresses me when companies go outsidetheir comfort zone and try new marketingmethods.” M, 25-34
  16. 16. What does this mean for your brand?
  17. 17. 1 Daily Deals are here to stay, make them part of your marketing arsenal Daily Deals are enabling consumer to feel spontaneously2 indulgent, use Daily Deals as a way to surprise and delight, but don’t over do it (the discount) Daily Deals might sound simple, but they are complex3 and combine social, emotional and rational benefits
  18. 18. QuestionsRob Tregenzartregenza@imoderate.com303.928.8423