ASRF students competition 2011 wining projects


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ASRF students competition 2011 wining projects

  1. 1. University Students Competition 2011
  2. 2. • Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF) is a non- government, non-profit organization created by Samih Darwazah, founder of Hikma Pharmaceuticals, to promote the development of applied science and engineering ideas.• Our main target investigators are colleges and universities in the fields of medicine, engineering, natural sciences, technology and others.
  3. 3.  Winners from: ◦ Yarmouk University ◦ German Jordanian University ◦ Hashemite University ◦ Jordan University for Science and Technology Participation 10 10 8 5 6 4 2 0 Number of applications Number of funded projects
  4. 4. Project Team Haneen Abu Al-Rob Islam Abu Awad Aseel Asa’ad Wafa’a Khudruj Supervisor Dr. Mohammad SalahMechatronics Engineering Departement Hashemite University
  5. 5. (BGIT coding team)Enhancing Query Retrieval Efficiency Using Bigram Based Index Term Coding Student: Ameen Aljedady Supervisor: Dr. Izzat Alsmadi Yarmouk University
  6. 6.  Information Retrieval Systems (IRS)s provide searching capabilities for different systems. IRS mainly uses indexes to speed up the search process. (term {Inverted list} i.e. Football {25, 2, 5, 12}) This project aims to enhance the efficiency of query retrieval in IRSs By reducing the needed resources (memory, storage and CPU-time). This is done by reducing the number of symbols that represent the terms in the index. Index terms here are represented by numbers resulted from encoding terms, instead of characters.
  7. 7. Integer Integer #compariso #compariso representati representati #comparison Query Length n n on on Using Standard Huffman BGIT Using BGIT Huffman‫)5( البحث‬ 24-148-14 235-89-147 3 6 5 4 ‫)3( ضغط‬ 114-7-64 56-75-32 3 5 4 5‫)5( فهارس‬ 135-5-24 192-253-128 3 5 4 3‫)6( محركات‬ 169-5-35-12 172-246-111-96 4 8 6 6 ‫)4( يبحث‬ 232-148-14 141-102-76 3 5 3 4‫)6( يتناول‬ 232-203-118 139-79-100 3 9 5 6 The reduction of size is 69.5% for Unicode characters with 34.5 % reduction of the number of symbols. The reduction in the number of comparisons for Huffman is 28.9% and for BGIT is 26.3% using Binary Search.
  8. 8.  Encoding index terms showed: ◦ Good reduction on size (Storage & memory) as well as transfer time. ◦ Significant reduction in number of comparisons (CPU-time). Although the reduction of size in BGIT coding is expected to be the same as our previous study using Huffman, but the main advantages of using BGIT are: ◦ Fixed-length coding is less complex and easier to decode. ◦ Less time to deploy because, alphabetically ordered terms were represented by ascending ordered integers. (Less reorder overhead). Standard index that uses X amount of resources to process queries will use only 61% and 66% of X in encoded index using Huffman and BGIT coding , respectively. Encoded index using Huffman and BGIT will allow scaling- up by 64% and 52%, respectively without investing in new resources.
  9. 9. Diagnostic value of combined CRP andWBC with Alvarado Score of Appendicitis (CWAA) Supervisor: Dr. Naser Hammuri Team: Abdul Rahman al Dajani Dua’a Zandaki Elias Ahmad Yarvas Jana Zabalawi
  10. 10. -surgical operations Alvarado Score -admissions & -resources referrals -Money -effort>=7 : ↑probability of PROBLE M5-6 : EQUIVOCAL<=4 : highly unlikely
  11. 11. Here comes our idea… Alvarado Score 200 After ? patients expected now resultsC Reactive White Blood Protein Cells 46200 JD 70 000 JD Combined elevation of CRP and WBC has high specificity for appendicitis
  12. 12. Department of Mechatronics Enginering Jo-Car 2 Intelligent Ground VehicleStudent Team: Hudhaifa Jasim Rakan Abu-Shanab Mahmood ShubbakFaculty Advisor: Dr. Nathir Rawashdeh Also funded by:
  13. 13. Previous Experience Jo-Car 1  Participating at IGVC 2011 Michigan, US.  First team from the Middle East at IGVC.  JoCar rank was 21 out of 56.  Teams were from US, Japan, Canada, India, and Jordan.
  14. 14. Jo-Car 2 Targets Better mechanical and electricalDesign. Better Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. Participating at SOFIX 2012 Participating at IGVC 2012
  15. 15. Noninvasive Cholesterol Sensor Supervisor Dr. Mashhour Bni A’amer StudentsAhmed Sa’ad Mohammed Qaddomi Ahmed Qassim Jordan University of Science and Technology Biomedical Engineering
  16. 16. Collect Fuzzy Neural Data NetworkNon-Invasive Design and Cholesterol Fabrication Sensor
  17. 17.  Visit Complete the pre-proposal online and send it Or contact us at ◦