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Nokia x5 01-ug_en


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Nokia x5 01-ug_en

  1. 1. Nokia X5-01 User Guide Issue 1.1
  2. 2. 2 ContentsContents Write text 24 Search 26Safety 5 3. Personalise your device 27About your device 5 Profiles 27Network services 7 Select ringing tones 28Shared memory 7 Change the display theme 28About Digital Rights Management 7 3-D ringing tones 281. Get started 9 4. Make calls 30Keys and parts 9 Make a call 30Insert SIM card and battery 10 Answer or reject a call 30Memory card 11 Voice mail 31Antenna locations 12 Make a conference call 31Switch the device on and off 12 Speed dial a phone number 32Charge the battery 13 Call waiting 32Keypad lock (keyguard) 14 Call divert 33Volume control 15 Call barring 34Headset 15 Voice dialling 34Wrist strap 16 Make a video call 35Copy content from your old device 16 Answer or decline a video call 36Shortcuts 17 Internet calls 37Ovi by Nokia 18 Video sharing 38About Ovi Store 19 Call and data registers 412. Your device 20 5. Contacts 42Device setup 20 Stay connected with your onlineSettings wizard 20 friends 42Home screen 20 Save and edit names and numbers 42Display indicators 22 Manage names and numbers 42 © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Contents 3Ringing tones, images, and call text Video Centre 69for contacts 43 RealPlayer 696. Messaging 44 9. Internet 71About messaging 44 About Browser 71Write and send messages 44 Browse the web 71Check the number of unread Browser toolbar 72messages 46 Navigate pages 72E-mail 47 Web feeds and blogs 73Nokia Messaging 49 Bookmarks 73About Chat 50 Empty the cache 74Message reader 50 End the connection 74Speech 51 Connection security 74Messaging settings 52 10. Time management 767. Music and audio 56 Calendar 76Music key 56 Set time and date 78Music player 56 Alarm clock 78Ovi Music 59Say and Play 60 11. Office applications 80Nokia Podcasting 60 Active notes 80FM Radio 62 Calculator 81Internet radio 63 Converter 81Recorder 64 Zip manager 82 Dictionary 828. Images and videos 65 Notes 83Camera 65Gallery 66 12. Connectivity 84Photos 67 Data connections and access points 84Share online 67 Network settings 84© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. 4 ContentsWireless LAN 85 16. Green tips 109Active data connections 88 Save energy 109Synchronisation 88 Recycle 109Bluetooth 89Data cable 93 Product and safety information 109PC connections 93About home network 94 Index 11813. Data management 95Install or remove applications 95File manager 97Device manager 98About Licenses 10014. Settings 101Application settings 101Device and SIM card security 101Accessory settings 101Restore original settings 10215. Find help 103Support 103Keep your device software up todate 103In-device help 105Settings 105Access codes 106Prolong battery life 107Free memory 108 © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Safety 5Safety SWITCH OFF IN RESTRICTED AREAS Follow any restrictions.Read these simple guidelines. Not Switch the device off infollowing them may be dangerous or aircraft, near medicalillegal. Read the complete user guide for equipment, fuel, chemicals,further information. or blasting areas.SWITCH ON SAFELY QUALIFIED SERVICE Do not switch the device on Only qualified personnel may when wireless phone use is install or repair this product. prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. ACCESSORIES AND BATTERIESROAD SAFETY COMES FIRST Use only approved Obey all local laws. Always accessories and batteries. Do keep your hands free to not connect incompatible operate the vehicle while products. driving. Your first consideration while driving WATER-RESISTANCE should be road safety. Your device is not water- resistant. Keep it dry.INTERFERENCE All wireless devices may be susceptible to interference, About your device which could affect The wireless device described in this performance. guide is approved for use on the (E)GSM 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz networks, and UMTS 900, 1900, and 2100 MHz HSDPA and HSUPA networks. Contact© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. 6 Safetyyour service provider for more Warning:information about networks. To use any features in this device, otherYour device supports several than the alarm clock, the device must beconnectivity methods and like switched on. Do not switch the devicecomputers may be exposed to viruses on when wireless device use may causeand other harmful content. Exercise interference or danger.caution with messages, connectivityrequests, browsing, and downloads. When using this device, obey all lawsOnly install and use services and and respect local customs, privacy andsoftware from trustworthy sources that legitimate rights of others, includingoffer adequate security and protection, copyrights. Copyright protection maysuch as applications that are Symbian prevent some images, music, and otherSigned or have passed the Java content from being copied, modified, orVerified™ testing. Consider installing transferred.antivirus and other security software onyour device and any connected Make back-up copies or keep a writtencomputer. record of all important information stored in your device.Your device may have preinstalledbookmarks and links for third-party When connecting to any other device,internet sites and may allow you to read its user guide for detailed safetyaccess third-party sites. These are not instructions. Do not connectaffiliated with Nokia, and Nokia does incompatible products.not endorse or assume liability forthem. If you access such sites, take The images in this guide may differ fromprecautions for security or content. your device display. Refer to the user guide for other important information about your device. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Safety 7Network services Shared memoryTo use the device you must have service The following features in this devicefrom a wireless service provider. Some may share memory: multimediafeatures are not available on all messaging (MMS), e-mail application,networks; other features may require instant messaging, for example. Use ofthat you make specific arrangements one or more of these features maywith your service provider to use them. reduce the memory available for theNetwork services involve transmission remaining features. If your deviceof data. Check with your service provider displays a message that the memory isfor details about fees in your home full, delete some of the informationnetwork and when roaming on other stored in the shared memory.networks. Your service provider canexplain what charges will apply. Some About Digital Rights Managementnetworks may have limitations that When using this device, obey all lawsaffect how you can use some features of and respect local customs, privacy andthis device requiring network support legitimate rights of others, includingsuch as support for specific technologies copyrights. Copyright protection maylike WAP 2.0 protocols (HTTP and SSL) prevent you from copying, modifying, orthat run on TCP/IP protocols and transferring images, music, and otherlanguage-dependent characters. content.Your service provider may have Content owners may use different typesrequested that certain features be of digital rights management (DRM)disabled or not activated in your device. technologies to protect theirIf so, these features will not appear on intellectual property, includingyour device menu. Your device may also copyrights. This device uses varioushave customized items such as menu types of DRM software to access DRM-names, menu order, and icons. protected content. With this device you can access content protected with WMDRM 10 and OMA DRM 2.0. If certain DRM software fails to protect the© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. 8 Safetycontent, content owners may ask that is formatted. You may also lose thesuch DRM softwares ability to access licence and the content if the files onnew DRM-protected content be revoked. your device get corrupted. Losing theRevocation may also prevent renewal of licence or the content may limit yoursuch DRM-protected content already in ability to use the same content on youryour device. Revocation of such DRM device again. For more information,software does not affect the use of contact your service provider.content protected with other types ofDRM or the use of non-DRM-protected Some licences may be connected to acontent. specific SIM card, and the protected content can be accessed only if the SIMDigital rights management (DRM) card is inserted in the device.protected content comes with anassociated licence that defines yourrights to use the content.If your device has OMA DRM-protectedcontent, to back up both the licence andthe content, use the backup feature ofNokia Ovi Suite.Other transfer methods may nottransfer the licences which need to berestored with the content for you to beable to continue the use of OMA DRM-protected content after the devicememory is formatted. You may alsoneed to restore the licence in case thefiles on your device get corrupted.If your device has WMDRM-protectedcontent, both the licence and thecontent will be lost if the device memory © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Get started 91. Get started 12 End/Power keyKeys and parts 13 Keyboard 14 Nokia AV connector (3.5 mm) 15 Wrist strap hole 16 Camera flash1 Ambient light sensor 17 Loudspeaker2 Display 18 Micro USB/Charger connector3 Navi™ key (scroll key) 19 Camera lens4 Left selection key5 Home key Note: The surface of this device does6 Call key not contain nickel in the platings. The7 Microphone surface of this device contains stainless8 Earpiece steel.9 Volume/Zoom keys During extended operation such as high10 Right selection key speed data connection and extensive11 Music key WLAN usage, the device may feel warm.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. 10 Get startedIn most cases, this condition is normal.If you suspect the device is not workingproperly, take it to the nearestauthorised service facility.Insert SIM card and batterySafe removal. Always switch the deviceoff and disconnect the charger before 3 Remove the battery, if inserted.removing the battery.1 To release the back cover, pull and 4 To unlock the SIM card holder, push hold the release button. it to the right.2 While holding the release button, 5 Lift the SIM card holder up. lift the back cover. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Get started 11 Memory card Use only compatible microSD cards approved by Nokia for use with this device. Nokia uses approved industry standards for memory cards, but some brands may not be fully compatible with this device. Incompatible cards may damage the card and the device and corrupt data stored on the card. Insert a memory card A memory card may already be inserted in the device. If not, do the following:6 Slide the SIM card into the SIM card holder. Make sure the contact area of the card is facing down.7 Push the holder down, and to lock it, push it to the left.8 Line up the battery contacts with the battery compartment connectors, and insert the battery.9 Replace the back cover.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. 12 Get started1 To release the memory card holder, push the holder to the direction indicated by the arrow on the holder.2 Lift the memory card holder up.3 Slide a compatible memory card into the memory card holder. Make sure the contact area of the card is facing down.4 Push the memory card holder down.5 To lock the memory card holder, Switch the device on and off push the holder to its original position.Remove the memory card1 Switch the device off.2 Remove the back cover and the battery.3 Remove the memory card from the memory card holder.Antenna locationsYour device may have internal and Press and hold the power key to switchexternal antennas. Avoid touching the the device on and off. Briefly pressingantenna area unnecessarily while the this key ends an active call or closes anantenna is transmitting or receiving. application.Contact with antennas affects thecommunication quality and may cause If the device asks for a PIN code, entera higher power level during operation the PIN code, and select OK.and may reduce the battery life. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Get started 13If the device asks for the lock code, enterthe lock code, and select OK. The factorysetting for the lock code is 12345.To set the correct time zone, time, anddate, select the country you arepresently in, then enter the local timeand date.Charge the batteryYour battery has been partially chargedat the factory, but you may need torecharge it before you can switch onyour device for the first time. 3 When the device indicates a fullIf the device indicates a low charge, do charge, disconnect the charger fromthe following: the device, then from the wall outlet.1 Connect the charger to a wall outlet.2 Connect the charger to the device. To avoid breaking the charger connector, be careful when connecting or disconnecting the charger cable.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. 14 Get started If connected to a computer, you can synchronise your device while charging. Charging over USB can take longer to start, and may not work if you connect through a non-powered USB hub. Your device charges more quickly when connected to a wall outlet. Keypad lock (keyguard) To unlock the keypad, open the slide, or select Unlock, then quickly select OK. Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General. To set the device to lock the keypad when you close the slide, select SlideYou do not need to charge the battery handling > Keyguard activation.for a specific length of time, and you canuse the device while it is charging. If the To set the device to automatically lockbattery is completely discharged, it may the keypad after a certain length oftake several minutes before the time, select Security > Phone and SIMcharging indicator appears on the card > Keypad autolock period >display or before any calls can be made. User defined, and select the desired time.Charge over USB1 Use a compatible USB cable to When the device or keypad is locked, connect to a compatible device, calls may be possible to the official such as a computer. emergency number programmed into your device.2 If your device is switched on, when prompted, select a USB mode. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Get started 15Volume controlTo adjust the earpiece or loudspeakervolume during a call or when listeningto an audio file, use the volume keys.To activate or deactivate theloudspeaker during a call, selectLoudsp. or Options > Activatehandset. Warning: When you use the headset, your ability Warning: to hear outside sounds may be affected.Continuous exposure to high volume Do not use the headset where it canmay damage your hearing. Listen to endanger your at a moderate level, and do nothold the device near your ear when theloudspeaker is in use. To make handsfree phone calls, use a headset with a compatible remote control unit, or use the microphone onHeadset the device.You can connect a compatible headsetor compatible headphones to your To adjust the volume during a call, usedevice. You may need to select the cable the volume key on the device or, ifmode. available, on the headset. Some headsets have multimedia volume controls that can only be used to adjust the volume for music or video playback.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. 16 Get startedIf you use a headset that is not approved Copy content from your old deviceby Nokia for use with this device, the You can use the Switch application tosound quality may be poor. copy content such as phone numbers, addresses, calendar items, and imagesDo not connect products that create an from your previous compatible Nokiaoutput signal as this may cause damage device to your new the device. Do not connect anyvoltage source to the Nokia AVConnector.When connecting any external device orany headset, other than those approvedby Nokia for use with this device, to theNokia AV Connector, pay specialattention to volume levels.Wrist strapThread the wrist strap, and tighten it. Copy content for the first time 1 To retrieve data from the other device for the first time, on your device, select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Switch. 2 Pair the two devices. To have your device search for devices with Bluetooth connectivity, select Continue. Select the device from which you want to transfer content. You are asked to enter a code on your device. Enter a code (1-16 digits), and select OK. Enter the © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Get started 17 same code on the other device, and Shortcuts select OK. The devices are now Here are some of the available keyboard paired. shortcuts in your device. Shortcuts can If your old Nokia device does not make the use of the applications more have the Switch application, your efficient. new device sends it in a message. Open the message in the old device, General shortcuts and follow the instructions on the display. Power key Press and hold to switch3 On your device, select the content your device on or off. you want to transfer from the other device. Press once to close an application and go to the When the transfer has started, you home screen. can cancel it and continue later. Music key Press once to open orContent is transferred from the memory hide Music player.of the other device to the correspondinglocation in your device. The transfer Press and hold to go totime depends on the amount of data to the Music transferred. Home key Press once to hide anThe type of content that can be application and go to thetransferred depends on the model of the home screen, leaving thedevice from which you want to transfer application open in thecontent. If that device supports background.synchronisation, you can alsosynchronise data between the devices. Press and hold to switchYour device notifies you if the other between opendevice is not compatible. applications.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. 18 Get startedSym key In a text input field, press select Menu > Ctrl. to insert a symbol or panel > Settings and smiley. Phone > Call > Speed dialling.Home screen Ctrl key Press and hold to activate or deactivate the silentPower key Press once to switch profile. between profiles. Sym key Press and hold to activateLeft Unlock the keypad and or deactivate Bluetoothselection keyboard. connectivity.key + right Space Press and hold to switchselection the torch on or off.keyCall key Open the call log, or call a Ovi by Nokia contact. With Ovi by Nokia, you can findHome key Open the main menu. new places and services, and stay in touch with your friends. You can do, for Press and hold to switch example, the following: between open applications. • Download games, applications, videos, and ringtones to your device0 Press and hold to start • Get music browsing the web.1 Press and hold to call your Some items are free of charge, others voice mailbox. you may need to pay for.Number Call a phone number The available services may also vary bykey (2–9) using speed dialling. To country or region, and not all languages activate speed dialling, are supported. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Get started 19To access Nokias Ovi services, go, and register your ownNokia account.For more information, go to the supportsection at Ovi Store With Ovi Store, you can downloadmobile games, applications, videos,pictures, themes, and ringing tones toyour device. Some items are free ofcharge; others you need to pay for withyour credit card or in your phone bill.The availability of payment methodsdepends on your country of residenceand your network service provider. OviStore offers content that is compatiblewith your mobile device and relevant toyour tastes and location.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. 20 Your device2. Your device device, SIM card, service provider, and the data in the Settings wizardDevice setup database. With the Phone setup application, Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > can do the following, for example: wizard.• Define the regional settings, such as To get the best results when using the language of the device. Settings wizard, keep your SIM card• Transfer data from your old device. inserted in the device. If the SIM card is• Personalise your device. not inserted, follow the instructions on the display.• Set up your mail accounts.• Sign up for the My Nokia service to Select from the following: receive free tips, tricks, and support Operator — Define the operator- for your Nokia device. You will also specific settings, such as MMS, internet, receive notifications when new WAP, and streaming settings. software updates are available for your device. E-mail setup — Configure a POP, IMAP, or Mail for Exchange account.• Activate Ovi services. Video sharing — Configure videoWhen you switch on your device for the sharing settings.first time, the Phone setup applicationopens. To open the application later, The settings available for editing mayselect Menu > Applications > Help > vary.Phone setup. Home screenSettings wizard About home screenWith Settings wizard, you can define e- The home screen is your starting pointmail and connection settings. The where you can collect all your importantavailability of the items in Settings contacts and application shortcuts.wizard depends on the features of the © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  21. 21. Your device 21When you have switched on the device, matches. This feature may not beand it is registered to a network, the available in all languages.device is in the home screen view. 2 To call the contact, press the call key.Use the scroll key to navigate in thehome screen. To deactivate the contact search, selectDepending on your home screen theme, Options > Contact search off.your home screen may include thefollowing: About contacts bar• Contacts bar You can add several contacts directly to• Application plug-ins the home screen, and quickly make calls or send messages to the contacts, view• Application shortcuts the contacts web feeds, or access the• Notification area contact information and settings.To customise application plug-ins and Contacts barshortcuts, or to change the home screentheme, select Menu > Ctrl. panel > To add a contact to your home screen,Settings and General > select the Add contact icon and a contactPersonalisation > Standby mode and from the list.the appropriate option. You may not be To create a new contact, selectable to change all shortcuts. Options > New contact, enter the details, and select Done. You can alsoSearch for contacts in the home add an image to the contactscreen information.1 To search for contacts in the home screen, start entering the contacts To add a web feed for a contact, select first or second name. Select the the Add feed icon, the desired feed from desired contact from the proposed the list, and Done.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. 22 Your deviceTo create a new feed, select Options > The battery charge level. TheNew feed. higher the bar, the more charge remains in the battery.To update a feed, select Refresh.To remove a contact from the home You have unread messages in thescreen, in the contact information view, Inbox folder in Messaging. If theselect the Settings icon and Remove. indicator is blinking, your Inbox is full and you need to remove oldDisplay indicators messages from the Inbox before you can receive new messages. The device is being used in a 3G network or a GSM network You have received new e-mail in (network service). The bar next to the remote mailbox. the icon indicates the signal strength of the network at your current location. The higher the There are messages waiting to be bar, the stronger the signal. sent in the Outbox folder in Messaging. High-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) / high-speed You have missed calls. uplink packet access (HSUPA) (network service) in the 3G The keys of the device are locked. network is activated. An alarm is active. You have activated the offline profile, and the device is not connected to a cellular network. You have activated the silent profile, and the device does not ring for an incoming call or message. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. Your device 23 Bluetooth connectivity is indicates that the connection is activated. active. indicates that the connection is on hold. A Bluetooth connection is established. When the indicator is You have set the device to scan for blinking, your device is trying to wireless LANs (WLAN), and a WLAN connect with another device. is available. A GPRS packet data connection is A WLAN connection is active in a available (network service). network that does not have indicates that the connection is encryption. active. indicates that the connection is on hold. A WLAN connection is active in a network that has encryption. An EGPRS packet data connection is available (network service). Your device is connected to a indicates that the connection is computer with a USB data cable. active. indicates that the connection is on hold. The second phone line is being used (network service). A 3G packet data connection is available (network service). All calls are forwarded to another indicates that the connection is number. If you have two phone active. indicates that the lines, a number indicates the connection is on hold. active line. HSDPA/HSUPA is supported and A headset is connected to the available (network service). The device. icon may vary between regions.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. 24 Your device A hands-free car kit is connected Switch between the different to the device. character cases To change between the upper and lower Your device is synchronising. case modes, press the shift key twice. To enter a single upper case letter in lower case mode, or vice versa, press the shiftOther indicators may also be displayed. key once, and then the desired alphabet key.Write textThe available input methods may vary. Insert a number or special character printed at the top of a keyUse the keyboard Press the function key, and then press the corresponding alphabet key, or press and hold the alphabet key only. To enter several special characters in a row, press the function key twice quickly, and then press the desired alphabet keys. To return to normal mode, press the function key once. Insert a special character that is not on the keyboard Press the sym key, and select and a1 Function key character.2 Shift key3 Sym key Insert a letter that is not on the4 Backspace key keyboard5 Enter key It is possible to insert variations of6 Ctrl key letters, for example, letters with accents. For example, to insert á, press and hold the sym key, and © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  25. 25. Your device 25simultaneously press the A key Predictive text inputrepeatedly, until the desired character isdisplayed. The order and availability of To activate predictive text input, selectletters depends on the selected writing Options > Input options > Activatelanguage. prediction. The indicator is displayed.Insert a smiley When you start writing a word, yourPress the sym key, and select a smiley. device suggests possible words. WhenSmileys are only available for text and the correct word is found, scroll right tomultimedia messages. confirm it. While writing, you can also scroll downTip: To add a recently used special to access a list of suggested words. If thecharacter, while pressing and holding desired word is on the list, select thethe ctrl key, press the sym key, and from word.the pop-up menu, select the character. If the word you are writing is not in the dictionary of the device, the deviceCopy and paste text suggests a possible word, while the1 Press and hold the shift key, and word you were writing is shown above scroll to highlight the text you want the suggested word. Scroll up to select to copy. your word. The word is added to the2 Press ctrl + C. dictionary when you start writing the3 Go to the place where you want to next word. paste the text, and press ctrl + V. To deactivate predictive text input,Change the writing language or select Options > Input options >activate predictive text input Deactivate prediction.Select Options > Input options. To define the settings for text input, select Options > Input options > Settings.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  26. 26. 26 Your deviceTo change the writing language, selectOptions > Input options > Writinglanguage.SearchStart a searchSelect Menu > Applications > Search.To search the contents of your mobiledevice, enter search terms in the searchfield, or browse the content categories.While you enter the search terms, theresults are organised into categories.The most recently accessed resultsappear at the top of the result list, if theymatch your search terms. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. Personalise your device 273. Personalise your device displayed in the home screen. The Offline profile cannot be timed.ProfilesSelect Menu > Ctrl. panel > Profiles. To delete a profile that you created, select Options > Delete profile. YouYou can adjust and customise the cannot delete the predefined profiles.ringing tones, alert tones, and otherdevice tones for different events, When the Offline profile is activated,environments, or caller groups. The your connection to the cellular networkactive profile is shown at the top of the is closed. All radio frequency signalsdisplay in the home screen. However, if between the device and the cellularthe active profile is General, only todays network are prevented. If you try todate is shown. send a message, it is placed in the Outbox folder, and is sent only whenTo create a new profile, select another profile is activated.Options > Create new, and define thesettings. You can also use your device without a SIM card. If you remove the SIM card, theTo customise a profile, select a profile Offline profile is activated.and Options > Personalise. Important: In the Offline profile youTo activate a profile, select a profile and cannot make or receive any calls, or useOptions > Activate. other features that require cellular network coverage. Calls may still beTo set the profile to be active until a possible to the official emergencycertain time within the next 24 hours, number programmed into your device.scroll to the profile, select Options > To make calls, you must first activate theTimed, and set the time. When the time phone function by changing profiles. Ifexpires, the profile changes back to the the device has been locked, enter thepreviously active non-timed profile. lock code.When the profile is timed, is© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. 28 Personalise your deviceWhen you use the Offline profile, you Change the display themecan still use a wireless LAN (WLAN), for Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Themes.example, to read your mail or browsethe internet. You can also use Bluetooth Select from the following:connectivity. Remember to comply with General — Change the theme used inany applicable safety requirements all applications.when you establish and use WLAN orBluetooth connections. Menu view — Change the theme used in the main menu.Select ringing tones Standby — Change the theme used in the home screen.To set a ringing tone for a profile, select Wallpaper — Change the backgroundOptions > Personalise > Ringing image of the home screen.tone. Select a ringing tone from the list, Call image — Change the imageor select Download sounds to open a displayed during calls.bookmark folder containing a list ofbookmarks for downloading tones Audio themes — Set sounds forusing the browser. Any downloaded various device events.tones are saved to Gallery. To activate or deactivate the theme effects, select General > Options >To play the ringing tone for a selected Theme group only, select Options >Personalise > Alert for, and select the 3-D ringing tonesdesired group. Phone calls coming fromoutside that group have a silent alert. Select Menu > Applications > 3-D tones.To change the message tone, selectOptions > Personalise > Message To enable three-dimensional (3-D)alert tone. sound effects for ringing tones, select 3- D ringing tone effects > On. Not all ringing tones support 3–D effects. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  29. 29. Personalise your device 29To change the 3–D effect that is appliedto the ringing tone, select Soundtrajectory and the desired effect.To modify the 3–D effect, select from thefollowing:Trajectory speed — Select the speedat which sound moves from onedirection to another. This setting is notavailable for all effects.Reverberation — Select the desiredeffect to adjust the amount of echo.Doppler effect — Select On to set theringing tone sound higher when you arecloser to your device, and lower whenyou are farther away. This setting is notavailable for all effects.To listen to the ringing tone with the 3–D effect, select Options > Play tone.To adjust the volume of the ringingtone, select Menu > Ctrl. panel >Profiles and Options > Personalise >Ringing volume.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  30. 30. 30 Make calls4. Make calls Scroll to the desired number or name, and press the call key.Make a call To adjust the volume of an active call,To make a call, open the slide, enter the use the volume number, including the area code,and press the call key. To switch from a voice call to a videoIf you use a headset, you do not need to call, select Options > Switch to videoopen the slide to make a call. call. The device ends the voice call and makes a video call to the recipient.Tip: For international calls, add the +character that replaces theinternational access code, and enter the Answer or reject a callcountry code, area code (omit the Answer a callleading 0, if necessary), and phonenumber. Open the slide, or connect a headset and press the call key.To end the call or cancel the call attempt, Mute the ringing tone of an incomingclose the slide. If you are using a callheadset, to end the call, press the end Select Silence.key. Reject a callTo make a call using the saved contacts, Press the end key. If you activate the Callopen the contacts list. Enter the first divert > Voice calls > If busy functionletters of the name, scroll to the name, in phone settings, rejecting an incomingand press the call key. call also diverts the call.To make a call using the log, press the Send a reject call text messagecall key to view up to 20 numbers that Select Silence and Send msg., edit theyou last called or attempted to call. message text, and press the call key. With the reply message you can inform © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  31. 31. Make calls 31the caller that you cannot answer the To call your mailbox in the home screen,call. press and hold 1, and select the mailbox to call.Activate the reject call text messagefeature To change the mailbox number, selectSelect Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings the mailbox and Options > Changeand Phone > Call > Reject call with number.message > Yes.Write a standard reject call text Make a conference callmessage 1 Make a call to the first participant.Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings 2 To make a call to anotherand Phone > Call > Message text, and participant, select Options > Newwrite the message. call. The first call is put on hold. 3 When the new call is answered, toVoice mail join the first participant in theSelect Menu > Ctrl. panel > Call conference call, select Options >mailbox. Conference.When you open the Call mailbox To add a new person to the call,application (network service) for the repeat step 2, and select Options >first time, you are asked to enter the Conference > Add to conference.number of your voice mailbox. Your device supports conference calls between a maximum of sixTo call your voice mailbox, go to the participants, including yourself.voice mailbox, open the slide, and selectOptions > Call voice mailbox. To have a private conversation with one of the participants, select Options > Conference > Private.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  32. 32. 32 Make calls 1 is reserved for the voice mailbox, and Select a participant, and select 0 for starting the web browser. Private. The conference call is put on hold on your device. The other Make a call participants can still continue the In the standby mode, open the slide, conference call. press the assigned key, and then press the call key. After you finish the private conversation, select Options > Conference to return to the Call waiting conference call. With the call waiting network service, you can answer a call when you have To drop a participant, select another call in progress. Options > Conference > Drop participant, scroll to the Activate call waiting participant, and select Drop. Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and Phone > Call > Call waiting.4 To end the active conference call, press the end key. Answer the waiting call Press the call key. The first call is put onSpeed dial a phone number hold.Activate speed dialling Swap between an active call and aSelect Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings call on holdand Phone > Call > Speed dialling. Select Swap.Assign a phone number to a number Connect an incoming call or a call onkey (2–9) hold with an active call, andSelect Menu > Ctrl. panel > Speed disconnect yourself from the callsdial. Scroll to the key to which you want Select Options > assign the phone number, and selectOptions > Assign. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  33. 33. Make calls 33End an active call If out of reach — Divert calls when thePress the end key. device is switched off or out of network coverage.End both calls If not available — Divert calls if youSelect Options > End all calls. have an active call, do not answer, or the device is switched off or out of network coverage.Call divertSelect Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings To divert calls to your voice mailbox,and Phone > Call divert. select a call type, a diverting option, andOptions > Activate > To voiceDivert incoming calls to your voice mailbox.mailbox or to another phone number.For details, contact your service To divert calls to another phoneprovider. number, select a call type, a diverting option, and Options > Activate > ToSelect the type of calls to divert and from other number. Enter the number, orthe following: select Find to retrieve a number savedAll voice calls, All data and video in Contacts.calls, or All fax calls — Divert allincoming voice, data, video, or fax calls. To check the current diverting status,You cannot answer the calls, only divert scroll to the diverting option, and selectthe calls to another number. Options > Check status.If busy — Divert incoming calls if youhave an active call. To stop diverting calls, scroll to theIf not answered — Divert incoming diverting option, and select Options >calls after your device rings for a Deactivate.specified length of time. Select thelength of time for the device to ringbefore diverting the call.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  34. 34. 34 Make callsCall barring To check the status of voice call barrings,Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings select the barring option and Options >and Phone > Call barring. If you have Check status.defined internet call settings, selectInternet call barring. To deactivate all voice call barrings, select a barring option and Options >You can bar the calls that can be made Deactivate all barrings.or received with the device (networkservice). To modify the settings, you To change the password used forneed the barring password from your barring voice, fax, and data calls, selectservice provider. Call barring affects all Options > Edit barring types. Enter the current code, then the new code twice. The barring password mustSelect from the following voice call be four digits long. For details, contactbarring settings: your service provider.Outgoing calls — Prevent makingvoice calls with your device.Incoming calls — Prevent incoming Voice diallingcalls. Your device supports enhanced voiceInternational calls — Prevent calling commands. Enhanced voice commandsto foreign countries or regions. are not dependent on the speaker’s voice, so you do not need to record voiceIncoming calls when roaming tags in advance. The device creates a — Prevent incoming calls when outside voice tag for the entries in the contacts,your home country. and compares the spoken voice tag to it.International calls except to home The voice recognition in the devicecountry — Prevent calls to foreign adapts to the main user’s voice tocountries or regions, but allow calls to recognise the voice commands better.your home country. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  35. 35. Make calls 35The voice tag for a contact is the name displays the name and number. Ifthat is saved for the contact. To listen to you do not want to call that contact,the synthesised voice tag, select a select another contact from the listcontact and Options > View details > of matches within 2.5 seconds, or,Options > Voice tag details > to cancel, select Quit.Options > Play voice tag. If several numbers are saved for a name, the device selects the default number, if Note: Using voice tags may be defined. Otherwise, the device selectsdifficult in a noisy environment or the first available number in a contactduring an emergency, so you should not card. You can also say the name andrely solely upon voice dialling in all telephone number type, such as mobilecircumstances. or home.Make a call with a voice tag Make a video callWhen you use voice dialling, the When you make a video call (networkloudspeaker is in use. Hold the device at service), you can see a real-time videoa short distance away when you say the between you and the recipient of thevoice tag. call. The live video captured by the camera is displayed to the video call1 To start voice dialling, in the home recipient. screen, press and hold the right selection key. If a compatible To be able to make a video call, you must headset with the headset key is have a USIM card and be in the coverage attached, press and hold the of a 3G network. For availability, pricing headset key to start voice dialling. and subscription to video call services,2 A short tone sounds, and Speak contact your network service provider. now is displayed. Say clearly the A video call can only be made between name that is saved for the contact. two parties. The video call can be made3 The device plays a synthesised voice to a compatible mobile device or an tag for the recognised contact, and ISDN client. Video calls cannot be made© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  36. 36. 36 Make callswhile another voice, video, or data call normal call or send a messageis active. instead. The video call is active when you seeIndicators two videos, and hear the sound through the loudspeaker. The call You are not receiving video (the recipient may deny video sending recipient is not sending video or the network is not transmitting (indicated with ), and you only it). hear the voice of the caller, and may You have denied video sending see an image or a grey screen. from your device. To send an End a video call image instead, select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and Press the end key. Phone > Call > Image in video call. Answer or decline a video call Even if you denied video sending during a video call, the When a video call arrives, is call is still charged as a video displayed. call. To check costs, contact 1 Open the slide, and press the call your service provider. key. Allow video image to be sent1 In the home screen, open the slide to caller? is displayed. and enter the phone number. 2 To start sending live video, select2 Select Options > Call > Video call. Yes. Starting a video call may take a If you do not activate the video call, you while. If the call is not successful (for only hear the sound of the caller. A grey example, video calls are not screen replaces the video image. supported by the network, or the receiving device is not compatible), you are asked if you want to try a © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  37. 37. Make calls 37Replace the grey screen with a still To add a new internet call service, selectimage captured by the camera Download.Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settingsand Phone > Call > Image in videocall. Activate internet calls Select Menu > Contacts and an internet call service.End a video callPress the end key. To make or receive internet calls, contact your service provider to receive the internet call connection settings. ToInternet calls connect to an internet call service, yourAbout internet calls device must be in a network serviceWith the internet call network service, can make and receive calls over theinternet. Internet call services may To activate your internet call service,support calls between computers, select Options > Activate service.between mobile phones, and betweena VoIP device and a traditional To search for available wireless LANtelephone. For availability and costs, (WLAN) connections, select Options >contact your internet call service Search for WLAN.provider.To make or receive an internet call, you Make an internet callmust be in the service area of a wireless When you have activated the internetLAN (WLAN) or have a packet data call feature, you can make an internetconnection in a 3G network, and be call from all applications where you canconnected to an internet call service. make a regular voice call, such as the contacts list or log. For example, in theManage internet call services contacts list, scroll to the desiredSelect Menu > Ctrl. panel > contact, open the slide, and selectConnectivity > Net settings. Options > Call > Internet call.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  38. 38. 38 Make callsMake an internet call in the home Warning:screen Continuous exposure to high volumeEnter the phone number or internet may damage your hearing. Listen toaddress, and select Net call. music at a moderate level, and do not hold the device near your ear when theMake an internet call to an internet loudspeaker is in use.address not starting with a number1 In the home screen, press any Video sharing requirements number key, and then press the Video sharing requires a 3G connection. backspace key to clear the display. Your ability to use video sharing2 To change to character mode, press depends on the availability of the 3G the function key. network. For more information on the3 Enter the internet address, and service, 3G network availability, and press the call key. fees associated with using this service, contact your service provider.Video sharing To use video sharing, ensure theUse video sharing (network service) to following:send live video or a video clip from yourmobile device to another compatible • Your device is set up for person-to-mobile device during a voice call. person connections.The loudspeaker is active when you • You have an active 3G connectionactivate video sharing. If you do not and are within 3G networkwant to use the loudspeaker for the coverage. If you move outside thevoice call while you share video, you can 3G network during a video sharingalso use a compatible headset. session, the sharing stops, while your voice call continues. • Both the sender and recipient are registered to the 3G network. If you invite someone to a sharing session © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  39. 39. Make calls 39 and the recipient’s device is not 4 Select Options > Edit. within 3G network coverage or does 5 Select Options > Add detail > not have video sharing installed or Share video. person-to-person connections set 6 Enter the SIP address in the format up, the recipient does not receive username@domainname (you can invitations. You receive an error use an IP address instead of a message that indicates that the domain name). recipient cannot accept the invitation. If you do not know the SIP address for the contact, you can use theVideo sharing settings phone number of the recipient,To set up video sharing, you need including the country code, to share video (if supported by the networkperson-to-person and 3G connection service provider).settings. Set up your 3G connectionA person-to-person connection is alsoknown as a Session Initiation Protocol Contact your service provider to(SIP) connection. The SIP profile settings establish an agreement for you to usemust be configured in your device the 3G network.before you can use video sharing. Askyour service provider for the SIP profile Ensure that the 3G access pointsettings, and save them to your device. connection settings for your device areYour service provider may send you the configured properly. For moresettings or give you a list of the needed information about the settings, contactparameters. your service provider.Add a SIP address to a contact Share live video or video clips1 Select Menu > Contacts. During an active voice call, select2 Select a contact or create a new Options > Share video. contact.3 Select Options > View details.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  40. 40. 40 Make calls1 To share live video during the call, Mute or unmute the select Live video. microphone. To share a video clip, select Video Turn the loudspeaker clip and the clip you want to share. on and off. Your device checks if the video clip Pause and resume needs to be converted. If needed, video sharing. the video clip is automatically Switch to full screen converted. mode (available for receiver only).2 If the recipient has several SIP addresses or phone numbers 3 To stop sharing video, select Stop. including the country code saved in To end the voice call, press the end the contacts list, select the desired key. When you end the call, video address or number. If the SIP sharing also ends. address or phone number of the recipient is not available, enter the To save the live video you shared, select address or number of the recipient Yes when prompted. The device notifies including the country code, and you of the memory location of the saved select OK to send the invitation. video. To define the preferred memory Your device sends the invitation to location, select Menu > Ctrl. panel > the SIP address. Settings and Connection > Video sharing > Preferred saving memory. Sharing begins automatically when the recipient accepts the invitation. If you access other applications while Options during video sharing you are sharing a video clip, the sharing is paused. To return to the video sharing Zoom the video view, and to continue sharing, in the (available for sender home screen, select Options > Resume only). video sharing. Adjust the brightness (available for sender only). © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  41. 41. Make calls 41Call and data registersSelect Menu > Log.To view recently missed, received, anddialled calls, select Recent calls.Tip: To view the dialled numbers whenin the home screen, press the call key.This functionality is not available if youare in the contacts bar. In the contactsbar, pressing the call key initiates a callto a contact.To view the approximate duration ofcalls to and from your device, select Callduration.To view the amount of data transferredduring packet data connections, selectPacket data.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  42. 42. 42 Contacts5. Contacts Add a new contact to the contacts list 1 Select Options > New contact.Stay connected with your online 2 Fill in the appropriate fields, andfriends select Done.You can synchronise the contactinformation on your device with Edit a contactcontacts you have on Facebook. When Select a contact and Options > Viewyou allow synchronisation, you are able details > Options > view your contacts Facebook profileinformation, such as their picture andstatus updates, in the Contacts Manage names and numbersapplication on your device. Select Menu > Contacts.Synchronising your contacts and Delete a contactretrieving status updates are network Go to a contact, and select Options >services. Roaming and data transfer Delete.charges may apply. If the socialnetworking service is not available orfunctioning correctly, you may not be Delete several contactsable to synchronise or retrieve status 1 To mark a contact to be deleted, goupdates. to the contact, and select Options > Mark/Unmark.Synchronise your contacts 2 To delete the marked contacts,Open the social networking service select Options > Delete.application, and follow the instructions. Copy a contactThis feature may not be available in Go to a contact, and select Options >certain regions. Copy and the desired location.Save and edit names and numbersSelect Menu > Contacts. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  43. 43. Contacts 43Send a contact to another device To define a ringing tone for a contact orSelect the contact and Options > View a contact group, select the contact ordetails > Options > Send business contact group, Options > Viewcard. details > Options > Ringing tone, and a ringing tone.Listen to the voice tag assigned to acontact To define the call text for a contact,Select the contact and Options > View select the contact and Options > Viewdetails > Options > Voice tag details > Options > Add text for call.details > Options > Play voice tag. Enter the call text, and select OK.When entering contacts or editing voice 1 To add an image for a contact savedcommands, do not use very short or in the device memory, select thesimilar names for different contacts or contact and Options > Viewcommands. details > Options > Add image. 2 Select an image from Photos.Using voice tags may be difficult in anoisy environment or during an To remove the ringing tone, selectemergency, so you should not rely solely Default tone from the list of ringingupon voice dialling in all circumstances. tones.Ringing tones, images, and call text To view, change, or remove the imagefor contacts from a contact, select the contact,You can define a ringing tone for a Options > View details > Options >contact or group, and an image and a Image, and the desired text for a contact. When the contactcalls you, the device plays the selectedringing tone and shows the call text orimage if the caller’s phone number issent with the call and your devicerecognises it.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  44. 44. 44 Messaging6. Messaging • Define the text message settings on the device.About messaging • Define the multimedia messageWith Messaging (network service), you settings on the device.can send and receive text, multimedia,audio, and e-mail messages. You can The device may recognise the SIM cardalso receive web service messages, cell provider and automatically configurebroadcast messages, and special some of the message settings. If not,messages containing data, and send you may need to define the settingsservice commands. manually; or contact your service provider to configure the settings.Select Menu > Messaging. The appearance of a picture messageThe available messaging types may may vary depending on the receivingvary. For more information, contact device.your service provider. Only devices that have compatibleBefore sending or receiving messages, features can receive and displayyou may need to do the following: multimedia messages. The appearance of a message may vary depending on• Insert a valid SIM card in the device the receiving device. and be located in the service area of a cellular network. Write and send messages• Verify that the network supports Select Menu > Messaging. the messaging features you want to use and that they are activated on Important: Exercise caution when your SIM card. opening messages. Messages may• Define the internet access point contain malicious software or settings on the device. otherwise be harmful to your device or• Define the e-mail account settings PC. on the device. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  45. 45. Messaging 45Before you can create a multimedia 3 In the To field, press the scroll keymessage or write an e-mail, you must to select recipients or groups fromhave the correct connection settings in the contacts list, or enter theplace. recipient’s phone number or e-mail address. You can also copy andThe wireless network may limit the size paste the number or address fromof MMS messages. If the inserted picture the clipboard.exceeds this limit, the device may make 4 In the subject field, enter theit smaller so that it can be sent by MMS. subject of the message for aCheck the size limit of e-mail messages multimedia or an e-mail message.with your service provider. If you To hide or display fields whenattempt to send an e-mail message that writing a text or multimediaexceeds the size limit of the e-mail message, select Options >server, the message is left in the Outbox Message header fields.folder, and the device attempts to 5 In the message field, write theresend it periodically. Sending an e-mail message. To add a template or noterequires a data connection, and to a text or multimedia message,continuous attempts to resend the e- select Options > Insert content >mail may increase your data transfer Insert text > Template or Note.costs. In the Outbox folder, you can To add a template to an e-maildelete such a message, or move it to the message, select Options > InsertDrafts folder. template. 6 To add a media file to a multimedia1 Select New message. message, select Options > Insert2 To send a text or multimedia content, the file type or source, and message (MMS), select Message. To the desired file. To add a business send a multimedia message that card, slide, note, or other file to the includes one sound clip, select message, select Options > Insert Audio message. To send an e-mail, content > Insert other. select E-mail. 7 To capture an image or record a video or sound clip for a multimedia© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  46. 46. 46 Messaging message, select Options > Insert You may not be able to send video clips content > Insert image > New, that are saved in the MP4 file format or Insert video clip > New, or Insert that exceed the size limit of the wireless sound clip > New. network in a multimedia message.8 To insert a smiley to a text or multimedia message, press the sym Check the number of unread key, and select the smiley. messages9 To add an attachment to an e-mail, Shake your device to check how many select Options > Add attachment, unread text and multimedia messages the memory, and the file to attach. you have. indicates an e-mail attachment. 1 Make sure the keypad is locked.10 To send the message, select 2 Press and hold one of the volume Options > Send, or press the call keys, and shake the device. The key. number of tones indicates theThe available options may vary. number of unread messages. Note: The message sent icon or texton your device screen does not indicatethat the message is received at theintended destination.Your device supports text messagesbeyond the limit for a single message.Longer messages are sent as two ormore messages. Your service providermay charge accordingly. Characterswith accents, other marks, or some The number of tones is limited. If youlanguage options take more space, and have many unread messages, fewerlimit the number of characters that can tones may be played than there arebe sent in a single message. messages. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  47. 47. Messaging 47E-mail Send e-mailSet up your e-mail Select Menu > Messaging.With the E-mail wizard, you can set upyour corporate e-mail account, such as 1 Select your mailbox and Options >Mail for Exchange, and your internet e- Create email.mail account. 2 In the To field, enter the recipients e-mail address. If the recipients e-When setting up your corporate e-mail, mail address can be found inyou may be prompted for the name of Contacts, start entering thethe server associated with your e-mail recipients name, and select theaddress. Contact your company IT recipient from the proposeddepartment for details before you start matches. If you add severalsetting up your corporate e-mail recipients, insert ; to separate the e-account. mail addresses. Use the Cc field to send a copy to other recipients, orWhen setting up your internet e-mail, the Bcc field to send a blind copy toyou may need to contact your e-mail recipients. If the Bcc field is notservice provider to obtain your e-mail visible, select Options > More >account type (POP or IMAP). Show Bcc field.1 To start the wizard, go to the home 3 In the Subject field, enter the screen, and select the E-mail wizard. subject of the e-mail.2 Enter your e-mail address and 4 Enter your message in the text area. password. If the wizard is not able 5 Select Options and from the to configure your e-mail settings following: automatically, you need to select your e-mail account type and enter Add attachment — Add an the related account settings. attachment to the message. Priority — Set the priority of theIf your device contains any additional e- message.mail clients, those are offered to youwhen you start the E-mail wizard.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  48. 48. 48 Messaging Flag — Flag the message for follow- and all other recipients, select up. Options > Reply to all. Insert template — Insert text from a template. To forward the message, select Options > Forward. Add recipient — Add recipients to the message from Contacts. Editing options — Cut, copy, or Download attachments paste the selected text. Select Menu > Messaging and a Input options — Activate or mailbox. deactivate predictive text input, or select the writing language. To view the attachments in a received e-6 Select Options > Send. mail message, scroll to the attachment field, and select Options > Actions. IfThe available options may vary. there is one attachment in the message, select Open to open the attachment. IfRead e-mail there are several attachments, selectSelect Menu > Messaging. View list to see a list showing which attachments have been downloaded. Important: Exercise caution when To download the selected attachmentopening messages. Messages may or all the attachments from the list tocontain malicious software or your device, select Options >otherwise be harmful to your device or Actions > Download or DownloadPC. all. The attachments are not saved in your device, and are deleted when youTo read a received e-mail message, delete the the mailbox, and select themessage from the list. To save the selected attachment or all the downloaded attachments in yourTo reply to the message sender, selectOptions > Reply. To reply to the sender © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  49. 49. Messaging 49device, select Options > Actions > Message list layout — Select whetherSave or Save all. the e-mail messages in Inbox display one or two lines of text.To open the selected, downloaded Body text preview — Select whetherattachment, select Options > to preview messages when scrollingActions > Open. through the list of e-mail messages in Inbox.Disconnect from the mailbox Title dividers — Select On to be able to expand and collapse the list of e-mailSelect Menu > Messaging and a messages.mailbox. Download notifications — SelectTo cancel the synchronisation between whether to have the device to display athe device and the e-mail server, and to notification when an e-mail attachmentwork with e-mail without a wireless has been downloaded.connection, select Options > Home screen — Define how many linesDisconnect. If your mailbox does not of e-mail are shown in the home screenhave the Disconnect option, select information area.Options > Exit to disconnect from themailbox. Nokia Messaging The Nokia Messaging serviceTo start the synchronisation again, automatically pushes e-mail from yourselect Options > Connect. existing e-mail address to your Nokia X5-01. You can read, respond to, and organise your e-mails on the go. TheGeneral e-mail settings Nokia Messaging service works with aSelect Menu > Messaging, a mailbox, number of internet e-mail providersand Options > Settings > Global that are often used for personal e-mail,settings and from the following: such as Google e-mail services.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  50. 50. 50 MessagingThe Nokia Messaging service must be other e-mail applications, such as Mailsupported by your network and may not for available in all regions. About ChatInstall the Nokia Messaging With Chat (network service), you canapplication exchange instant messages with your1 Select Menu > Messaging and friends. You can access several chat New mailbox. services or communities simultaneously2 Read the information on the and switch between them. If you want display, and select Start. to, for example, browse the web, you3 If requested, allow your device to can leave the Chat application to run in connect to the internet. the background, and still be notified of new instant messages.4 Select your e-mail service provider or account type. The Chat application is preinstalled on5 Enter the required account details, your device. To start chatting, select such as e-mail address and Menu > Chat. password. Using network services andSelect Menu > Applications > Email. downloading content to your device may result in data traffic costs.Add an additional mailboxSelect New mailb.. Message reader With Message reader you can listen to text, multimedia, and audio messagesRemove a mailbox and e-mail.1 Select Settings.2 Scroll to a mailbox, and select To listen to new messages or e-mail, in Options > Remove mailbox. the home screen, press and hold the left selection key until Message readerThe Nokia Messaging service can run on starts.your device even if you have installed © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  51. 51. Messaging 51To listen to a message from your Inbox Tip: When you download a newor e-mail from your Mailbox, scroll to the language, you must download at leastmessage, and select Options > Listen. one voice for that language.To stop the reading, press the end key. Set the speaking voiceTo pause and continue the reading,press the scroll key. To skip to the next Select Voice. The voice depends on themessage, scroll right. To replay the selected language.current message or e-mail, scroll left. To Set the speaking rateskip to the previous message, scroll leftat the beginning of the message. Select Speed. Set the speaking volumeTo view the current message or e-mailin text format without the sound, select Select Volume.Options > View. View details of a voice Open the voice tab, and select the voiceSpeech and Options > Voice details. To listenSelect Menu > Ctrl. panel > Speech. to a voice, select the voice and Options > Play voice.With the Speech application, you can set Delete languages or voicesthe language, voice, and voiceproperties for the Message reader. Select the item and Options > Delete.Set the language for the Messagereader Message reader settingsSelect Language. To download To change the Message reader settings,additional languages to your device, open the Settings tab, and define theselect Options > Download following:languages. Language detection — Activate automatic reading language detection.© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.