adrienne rosenblatt        CORNELL UNIVERSITY        CLASS OF 2013        B.S. URBAN & REGIONAL STUDIES        B.A. HISTOR...
3table of contents                               8 square school house3    8 square school house                      1748...
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10                                                                                                                        ...
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14                       though not required, i also implemented minor facade de-           similarly, i drew from existin...
16                    rendering/elevation: facade superimposed on existing site.                                          ...
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Adrienne Rosenblatt Portfolio


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Adrienne Rosenblatt Portfolio

  2. 2. 3table of contents 8 square school house3 8 square school house 1748 upper hanshaw road historic preservation measured ithaca, ny drawing project. CAD. apr. 2010: the 8 square square schoolhouse is a delapidated 19th-century brick structure. our project required its full measurement by hand and drafting in CAD, following the historic american5 cornell plantations sculpture garden building survey regulations and format. landscape architecture: topiary project. hand drafted.7 bispetorvet square urban design observation and analysis.9 øresundskollegiet dormitory landscaping and urban space redesign.12 krøyers plads abandoned waterfront site redevelop- ment. mixed use. floor plan. reflected ceiling plan. elevation (east) and masonry details.
  3. 3. 4 5 plantations topiary and sculpture garden cornell university CORNELL UNIVERSITY PLANTATIONS EXPLODED AXON ithaca, ny apr. 2010: the cornell university planta- tions are an extensive natural park and museum of sorts. several decades ago, an architecture student won a sculp- ture design contest, and the university BUILDINGS chose to display them in the planta- tions arboretum. this site is circled in red to the right. our project called for a remanipulation of this site in order to better integrate the sculpture by using a topiary and landscaping approach. TREE COVER section with door elevations. sections. CIRCULATION STONE/ROCK STRUCTURES FOOTBRIDGE DAM exploded axon WATER by material section. (analysis). ADRIENNE ROSENBLATT
  4. 4. 6 7 bispetorvet square copenhagen, denmark sep. 2011: this project demanded the observation of human-environmental behaviors at a chosen public space. findings were summarized visu- ally, from which conclusions were drawn. Context Process Instead of spending only 10 minutes at a time at Bispetorvet Square, I would ob M (Nørreport) Academic Church Commercial axon. Public Space Studiestræde Major routes Minor routes N (Kongens Nytorv) I began each observation period by sketching the foot M Nørregad e clearly shows the square and immediate area. The Church of Our Lady is to the East (across Nørregade), existing sculptures (digi- (behind the square). talized with illustrator). Located amongst other public spaces, as well as cultural, religious, and commercial Studiestræde sersby. The square is nestled between University buildings, is on the way to DIS, Circulation The following map was created after my observation periods. The thicker the lines, the of work; theoretically, Bispetorvet Square more heavily travelled a path was, and the opposite for the would have a strong student and work N ing visitor population. The square is also Nørregade located between two major Metro stops: Observation #1. 16. Sept 2011. 18:00. Norreport and Kongens Nytorv, making it a convenient place to stop along the way base map. Plan of Bispetorvet Square with section cut. Studiestræde Section below. Observation #2. 19 Sept 2011. 14:00. N Nørregade sketch: topiary, demonstrating section. plant material. Observation #3. 19 Sept 2011. 18:00.
  5. 5. 8 9 øresundskollegiet dalslandsgade Raw Results Conclusions copenhagen, denmark A In the half hour I spent observing, few people passed through the square, and even fewer performed From my visits, I can conclude that Bispetorvet Square is underutilized and underestimated. N A stationary activities. Stationary (marked by an “x“) all standing: The square possesses elements that should encourage passersby to stop and sit awhile, including: L 2 males and 1 female met at the southeast cor Opportunities to rest, meet a friend, eat, read, talk on the phone 1 male stood in the middle of the plaza, with Benches that do not directly face each other and allow users to passively interact Y his bike leaning against him, while looking Studiestræde Observation #1. 16. Sept 2011. 18:00. something up on his computer (10 min) Dynamic (extrapolated from 30 minute counts to 60 Opportunities to people-watch with a view of a very busy way (Nørregade) Convenient, connective location S minute/1 hour intervals): Diagonal from Studiestræde to the Southeast ern corner of Bispetorvet Square to Nørregade Open layout, so users do not feel committed to using or remaining in the space, nor closed in Still a level of protection and concealment, surrounded by old buildings and backed by trees I 22 people/hr x Diagonal from the Southeastern corner on Nør xx x N regade to the Northwest corner of Bispetorvet Architectural “friends” present: benches, memorial, curbs, granite planters, trees to lean against Well-maintained, visible space; no suggestion of neglect or negative use (i.e. drug use, violence) S 11 people/hr. Nørregade 30 people/hr. Scenic view of the Church of Our Lady, Frue Plads, the University of Copenhagen, and myriad compression between buildings. Southward on 40 people/hr. Eastward along Studiestræde - 10 people/hr. Westward along Studiestræde (turned off of quaint shopfronts open space. Beautiful yet minimalist landscaping; softens granite and brick surroundings Human scale in comparison to the more monumental structures of the Church and University Standing: 4/hr oct. 2011: this project demanded a full redesign The square is lacking in several features: 2/hr 2/hr 4/hr Soft surfaces on which to relax (grass, turf; all surfaces are granite or wooden benches) of this college dormitory’s outdoor spaces. in the 6/hr 2/hr Open spaces: the square is quite small, especially when compared to Copenhagen’s many other analysis diagrams to the right, it was concluded public squares and their capabilities. Bispetorvet could hold only a small, intimate concert, for that this community needed a boost in connectiv- 4/hr example; it also could not be a venue for political activism or strikes Studiestræde xx x Sitting: 6/hr Adjacent eateries and entertainment (other public spaces with cafes are more successful by default) Observation #2. 19 Sept 2011. 14:00. x xx 4/hr 2/hr Adjacent bodies of water or other natural elements ity between towers, landscape elements to soften the harsh, looming modern building structure, x 6/hr xx x Dynamic activities (all walking): 10/hr During my visit, several activities did not take place, each accompanied by the reason why they might not and some semi-private spaces to combat the high x x xx 4/hr xx x xx N 96/hr have occurred: surveillance due to the many windows looking 62/hr Nørregade Diagonal from Southeast corner of square to Street performers (too small a venue; also may not attract enough people during work day) 20/hr Rain, snow, nightfall (would have further reduced numbers, unless using trees for shelter or waiting 2/hr for a taxi/bus) out over the courtyards (seen in above photos). Cutting through from Nørregade to South 4/hr Protest (too small and understated a location) surveillance from buildings into courtyards. greenways on site. Cutting southward through back path be 8/hr Sleeping/sunning (no soft surfaces or grass) 4/hr Play (no children of age came through - only those in strollers) Standing: 2/hr Sitting on the memorial (perhaps too central on the square, too exposed, not intimate enough) 2/hr Sitting on the sidewalk (likely to get clipped by a bike) Sitting: 2/hr Recreation (too small a space; no grass; during the school day so no children present) Eating on bench - 2/hr 4/hr Dynamic activities (all walking): Had I visited perhaps before the work day began, around 8:00, and exactly during lunch breaks, between 4/hr Studiestræde xx Crossing northeast corner of square from Nor 11:30 and 13:00, I might have seen more users enjoying their breaks. I believed that visiting the site when I Observation #3. 19 Sept 2011. 18:00. 6/hr did (afternoon and after work hours) would allow me the chance to catch students going to and from class, xx 16/hr (2/hr using x xx x phone) and then returning home after the day. I do believe I witnessed the post-work exodus going home, especial- 58/hr 2/hr ly as many came to unchain their bikes from the racks and trees at Bispetorvet Square around 18:00. x 122/hr M xx N Cutting through Northeast corner of square from Nørregade 10/hr Nørregade Cutting through Northeast corner of square 4/hr 6/hr 200 fod 50 m lack of connectivity between buildings. circulation routes in area. green space in area.
  6. 6. 10 11section elevation:semi-private “back-yards” with reflect-ing pools.elevation: climbing plants introducedto soften originally concrete towers. base map. section elevation: central corridor with stairs. the transformative effect of light in northern europe is integral to good design. inspired by this, i analyzed and established patterns in the shadows from the high rise towers to generate some of my design placement. for example, i created the two geometric sculp- tures placed in the rear courtyards based off of the intersectionperspective: shadow diagram, spring sunrise & sunset. and position of the sun and shadows during different times of thecentral corridor google sketchup. day throughout the seasons.between towers.
  7. 7. 12 13 krøyers plads strandgade, christianshavn copenhagen, denmark section. dec. 2011: this mixed-use project utilized building volumes in order to create engaging outdoor spaces: partial residential use was BUILDINGS V. SPACE required. i chose to create a residential and WIND SPEEDS AREAS OF HIGH EXPOSURE commercial development centered around PRIMARY/VEHICULAR/CYCLE High Low section. SECONDARY/PEDESTRIAN its ability to be a shared public space. with both enclosed and open courtyard and boardwalk spaces, residents and guests alike might would enjoy the harborwalk and groundfloor restaurants and shops. many similar examples exist in copenhagen today. site circulation. wind intensity. space vs. volume. Frederiks Kirke Amalienborg Slot Statens Teaterskole Danmarks Designskole Operaen Medahls Smedie Exhibition Hall Det Kongelige Teater, Kongens Nytorv Skuespilhuset (Playhouse) Nyh avn Det Kongelige Teater (Ballet) Nordatlantens se Brygge ou H m to us C Greenland Tourism & Business Council Arkitektur & Kriminals Other Offices Forsorgen 100 m Grønlands Rejsebureau Edition Magazine Dansk Arkitektur Center plan. 100 m green space: lacking in area. cultural amenities: integral & cultural views abundant in area. include the new opera house, royal danish theatre, and customs house. section elevation.
  8. 8. 14 though not required, i also implemented minor facade de- similarly, i drew from existing green urban 15 tails that i felt played an essential part in the historic local spaces in copenhagen. formerly desolate con- design vernacular of scandinavia. crete spaces have been transformed into green walkways, pocket parks, courtyards, and urban the copenhagen waterfront and canal system is famous forests. for its successful waterfront designs. i was guided by and integrated aspects of these examples into my own design, which kept a local vocabulary in aesthetic and use. elevation showing day & night use. 100 m visualization of the different renter types who might oc- cupy each type of unit.
  9. 9. 16 rendering/elevation: facade superimposed on existing site. section: waterfront whaf/deck. model 1:200.