Is Too Much Math Killing Marketing?


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  • Clockwise = right brain, anti-clockwise = left brain
  • Simon Morris, Marketing Director of LoveFilm
  • David Ogilvy, David Trott
  • Build big data warehouses – then try to soak an answer out of all the data
  • Tripadvisor example
  • Inamo, Wardour Street
  • Social suicide – The weather saleCurrent range of clothes based on the Great Dictators
  • Pizza Hut in the Philipines
  • Is Too Much Math Killing Marketing?

    1. Is too much math killing marketing?<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    2. My favorite math has a $ attached. All the crazy formulas marketers hide behind take too much time. I want to earn my clients revenue.-Chris Brogan, New Marketing Labs<br />The only math that matters is $20 CPM.-Guy Kawasaki,<br />Math in marketing is like salt on food. Add only enough to give the recipient the flavor they'll enjoy!-Andy Beal, Marketing Pilgrim<br />Math is not about numbers. True math is about logic. And you need to think logically if you're to make progress in the buyers' minds. That's observable as well as measurable.- Valeria Maltoni, Conversation Agent<br />
    3. #toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    4. (by the way, I don’t hate math)<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    5. #toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    6. Even though I don’t trust the metrics, I intuitively feel that PR does more for our brand than any other channel. <br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    7. Andreas Weigend<br />Ex- Chief Scientist at Amazon<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    8. At Amazon, we never started with the data – we started by defining a problem, then we went to the data to look for a solution.<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    9. Amazon’s PHAME methodology<br />Identify the Problem<br />Formulate a Hypothesis<br />Propose an Action<br />Identify key Metrics<br />Run the Experiment<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    10. #toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    11. “We let the math and the data govern how things look and feel.”<br />Marissa Mayer, Vice President Search Products and User Experience, Google<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    12. “Data eventually becomes a crutch for every decision, paralyzing the company and preventing it from making any daring design decisions.”<br />Douglas Bowman, Creative Director, Twitter<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    13. #toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    14. Could this be the most lucrative formula of all time?<br />Ad Rank = Bid Price x Quality Score<br />Ad Rank = Bid Price x Click Through Rate<br />Perfect alignment of business goals and user needs.<br />Users get more relevant ads. <br />Business gets maximum revenue.<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    15. Measuring customer engagement<br />Eric Peterson’s formula<br /><br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    16. Arguments like this are nothing new!<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    17. #toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    18. The key to success (max sales per dollar) lies in perpetual testing of all the variables<br />What you say is more important than how you say it<br />The headline is the most important element in most advertisements<br />Long copy sells more than short copy<br />Ogilvy on advertising<br />From the Foreword of John Caples’ Principles of Advertising Success<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    19. Dave Trott on advertising<br />When I trained in New York you were either Ogilvy (last of the Mad Men) or Bernbach (first of the new wave) personally I was Bernbach.<br /><br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    20. Dave Trott on advertising<br />Creativity started with Bernbach. Talking to people as if they were intelligent versus talking to them as if they weren't.<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    21. Dave Trott on advertising<br />If you're creative it's better to be interesting and wrong than dull and right.<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    22. The battle lines<br />Maths<br />Reason<br />Data<br />Left brain<br />English<br />Instinct<br />Imagination<br />Right brain<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    23. Why is too much math a problem?<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    24. 1) When we start with the data – not with a problem<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    25. 2) When we only focus on the things that are easy to measure<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    26. 3) When it stops us from taking giant leaps<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    27. #toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    28. #toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    29. #toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    30. You can optimize a better version of the presentIt takes imagination to take a leap into the future<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    31. Continue the argument<br />Twitter: @miketeasdale<br />Blog:<br />Company:<br />Slides:<br />#toomuchmath @miketeasdale<br />
    32. Is Too Much Math Killing Marketing?<br />Rand Schulman, Principal<br />
    33. What is the Sound of Creativity When no One Can Hear It?<br />
    34. Zero – Internet Changes the Equation<br /><ul><li>Why? Empirical Data vs. Guess Work or Extrapolated data
    35. Tools Exist Today for Optimization
    36. But, Left Brain Process Lacking!</li></li></ul><li>We Are All Content Engineers<br />Both LEFT and Right Brain Required<br />
    37. What the Fuck is a Content Engineer?<br />
    38. One Part Creative DirectorOne Part Data Analyst<br /><ul><li>Monitor
    39. Measure
    40. Maximize… then do it again!</li></li></ul><li>What’s a Better Call to Action?<br />BUY TODAY - Get Half Off<br />OR<br />BUY TODAY - Get ONE FOR FREE<br />
    41. How Do You Know Which is Better?<br />
    42. My MATHCreativity Without Conversion = 0<br /><ul><li>Use the Scientific Method
    43. Create a Thesis
    44. Set up a Control
    45. Test Against the Control</li></li></ul><li>Many Types of Conversion Events<br /><ul><li>Macro Conversions (ROI)
    46. Micro Conversions
    47. Revenue Life Cycle Stages</li></li></ul><li>Know Your Tools – Become a Content Engineer<br /><ul><li>Web Analytic & Site Optimization
    48. Marketing Optimization
    49. CRM
    50. Sales 2.0</li></li></ul><li>But This is Hard Work!<br /><ul><li>I don’t Like Math
    51. I am an Artist & Creative
    52. Not an Option…(sorry)</li></li></ul><li>But, It Can Be FUN too<br /><ul><li>GO TO –
    53. WWW.SalesPop.COM</li></li></ul><li>Not Enough Left Brain for You …<br /><ul><li>WWW.SCHULMANTHOROGOOD.COM</li></li></ul><li>
    54. Is too much math killing marketing?<br />#toomuchmath<br />@randshulman<br />@miketeasdale<br />@joanna_burton<br />