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The pocket guide to Matera


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Published in: Education
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The pocket guide to Matera

  1. 3. The Sassi ("The Stones") were assigned World Heritage status by Unesco in 1993. They are an intricate web of caves, buildings, arches, balconies ... They are the most intact example of troglodyte settlement in the Mediterranean region, perfectly adapted to its ecosystem. The first inhabited zone goes back to the Palaeolithic, while later settlements illustrate a number of significant stages in human history.
  2. 6. Matera’s Crypt of the Original Sin is a little church in the rock of the Benedictine Monks. It is an important part of the history of art in southern Italy. The Crypt contains a lot of frescos of the Benedictines datable to the early 9 th century .
  3. 8. Pane e pomodoro with oil, oregan and salt. Pettole, a typical Christmas food. Mozzarella Ricotta, soft cheese made from ewe’s milk. Sausages Chiacchiere, a typical sweet of Carnival.
  4. 9. This is a shopping centre where you can find a lot of products. It’s a supermarket, a clothes’ shop, an optician’s…
  5. 10. In Matera there are all kinds of schools. There are nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools and the University. We attend Liceo Ginnasio “E. Duni”
  6. 11. This is the swimming pool of Matera. It’s a municipal structure that contains also a cafè.
  7. 12. In Matera there are also four cinemas: Comunale, Duni, Piccolo and Kennedy cinema. You can see films, plays and shows.
  8. 13. In Vittorio Veneto square, young people meet especially on Saturday and Sunday evenings. In this square there is a cinema and a lot of cafès.
  9. 14. We like our hometown We like our hometown because we live here and there are a lot of touristic sites worth visiting. We like especially the Sassi, the most beautiful work of art that you can see in town. But now we want to convince a tourist to visit Matera: " You must come here because Matera is the most important testimony that a town can change if its people want!"