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Use .NET Core to create IoT Solutions

  1. 探索 .NET 新世界 .NET Conf
  2. New monetization avenues due to IoT-related services Companies that increased revenue as a result of IoT implementation Average increase in operating income (avg. 8%) among the most digitally transformed enterprises p p p Data + intelligence Optimize operations Transform products Engage customers Empower employees Connected “things” by 2025 generating 180ZB of data p
  3. DESKTOP WEB CLOUD MOBILE GAMING IoT AI .NET Your platform for building anything
  4. http://.. Client Backend • Blazor • Components • SPA (JavaScript) • MVC / Razor Pages • Web APIs • SignalR • Security & identity • Worker services • gRPC ASP.NET Core gRPC gRPC
  5. Understanding the Edge: Heavy Edge vs Light Edge Cloud: Azure Heavy Edge Light Edge Description An Azure host that spans from CPU to GPU and FPGA VMs A server with slots to insert CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs or a X64 or ARM system that needs to be plugged in to work A Sensor with a SOC (ARM CPU, NNA, MCU) and memory that can operate on batteries Example DSVM / ACI / AKS / Batch AI - DataBox Edge - HPE - Azure Stack - DataBox Edge - Industrial PC -Video Gateway -DVR -Mobile Phones -VAIDK -Mobile Phones -IP Cameras -Azure Sphere - Appliances What runs model CPU,GPU or FPGA CPU,GPU or FPGA CPU, GPU x64 CPU Multi-ARM CPU Hw accelerated NNA CPU/GPU MCU
  6. Device Management System 2. Return the device information. 1. Create the Enrollment list. Device Service Bus Logic App ASP.NET Core (On Device)
  7. IoT Hub IoT Hub IoT Hub IoT Hub IoT Hub Device Device Provisioning Service Business logic “where’s my home?”Identity attestation Device enrollment info Register new device, populate initial configRegistered device info Registered device info Establish connection Initial configuration Device telemetry Insights Device telemetry …etc
  8. http://.. ASP.NET Core gRPC
  9. ASP.NET Core http://..
  10. ASP.NET Core http://.. gRPC
  11. Azure IoT Edge
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