Digital Marketing & Social Media Opportunities: South Korea


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Preliminary presentation of digital marketing and social media opportunities in business development offices in South Korea

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Opportunities: South Korea

  1. 1. Social Media Opportunities International Marketing SecretariatInternational Trade and Investment Attraction Division Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation
  2. 2. AgendaPart 1:Why is Digital Marketing Critical?Part 2:Integrated Marketing and Promotional StrategiesPreliminary Results from China Trade MissionLessons LearnedPart 3:A Snapshot of Digital Media in Korea
  3. 3. Why is digital marketing critical?Creating a professional Business Social Identity helps fuse your businessnetworking with the power of online networking and relationship-building.Social Media is considered new media and communications that are creatinga world conversation online with constant dialogue.Search Engine Marketing increases website traffic from search engines. Tobe Search Engine Optimized is to appear in the top listings of all majorsearch engines.Open Source Platforms are free and transparent websites there is anexchange of business information and engagement
  4. 4. Objective1: Build brand reputation, awareness and professionalbusiness social identityProtect, expand and strengthen a new CanadaStartsHere brand by proactivelyengaging and listening to online conversations, identifying brand ambassadorsand key companies and clients for business development and lead generation.“90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust ads” “34% of Bloggers post opinions about products & brands”Brand AmbassadorWhat does it look like? ”
  5. 5. Brand Awareness Brand Community
  6. 6. Objective 2: Effectively engage business and organizations onlineUtilize open-source platforms to participate in conversations across socialchannels to establish a reputation for delivering business expertise online in real-time.London-based social marketing agency FreshNetworks claims 40 percent ofbusinesses around the world have successfully leveraged social platforms for newbusiness development.What does it look like? “
  7. 7. Get Recognized. Influence. Share Market Information.
  8. 8. Promote BC Business Advantages to Large Crowds
  9. 9. Reach Beyond Missions or Trade Show – Promote ITIAServices
  10. 10. Objective 3: Mobile AccessMobile technologies are increasingly how businesses reach customers andclients.In 2010, Forbes reported 45 per cent of senior corporate executives believe asmartphone or web-enabled tablet will be their primary device for business-related use within 3 years.What does it look like?• Customized business APPS supporting missions, events and trade shows• Adoption of APPS by TID to facilitate B2B social networking
  11. 11. PART 2Integrated Marketing and Promotional Strategies
  12. 12. SINA Weibo – China Seafood
  13. 13. Preliminary Results from China Trade MissionIntegrated Marketing Messaging /booth activation at trade shows E-collateral & Social Media Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing; Google AdWordsIncreased Recognition & Influence 4,748% increase in webpage visits (campaign: Oct 28-Nov 21, compared over Oct 3-27) Domestic Twitter following increased 40%, international following 13% Twitter Klout Score increased 6.41, to 43 pointsPromotional outreach to extended audience via SINA Seafood blog earned 56 reads, 2 comments on B.C.’s SINA Weibo account Average of 2-3 comments, “likes” and “shares” on BC Government Facebook BC seafood video received 41 views on B.C.’s SINA Weibo accountTrade and Investment Services 1 business query on trade and investment for Latin America
  14. 14. Lessons Learned1. Use established, international social media channels and designate a “community manager.”2. Identify high value channels, ensure usability and define metrics for integration of social media outreach and central website.3. Commit to building social media networks over the long-term to build following, trust, and relationships.4. Attract business with business-specific content  Market intelligence; breaking news  Investment opportunities  Trade and investment services and resources  Offer free brand exposure, marketing opportunities
  15. 15. Part 3A Snapshot of Digital Media in Korea
  16. 16. Digital Media & South Korea South Korea is one of the most connected countries in the world with the highest internet penetration in the world (80.9%) and the fastest internet speed – 4X faster than the world average. Top social media networks include CyWorld,, FC2, YouTube, Twitter. Twitter has a large impact in South Korea (44%) with active user rate two times higher than the world average (Jan2011) Facebook, Google and other foreign competitors are making inroads to the South Korea market because of mobile technology. (Reuters 2011) A top trend in mobile - one out of five use a smartphone in South Korea
  17. 17. Infographic Digital Media & South KoreaBurson – MarstellerAsia Pacific Infographic2011
  18. 18. Questions?