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Pos software and hardware


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Aspespos provides complete point of sales including restaurant, touch screen and magnetic stripe card readers, POS software & hardware.

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Pos software and hardware

  1. 1. POS SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE<br /><br />
  2. 2. Point Of Sale Software<br /><ul><li>Our Point of sale software experts can help you in any of your Point of sale needs.
  3. 3. Our products are designed to increase efficiency and streamline operations, thereby cutting costs and decreasing the margin of error.</li></li></ul><li>Online Point Of Sale<br /><ul><li>All-In-One Touch PC
  4. 4. Barcode Scanners
  5. 5. Customer Displays
  6. 6. Receipt Printers
  7. 7. Cash Drawers
  8. 8. MagStripe Readers
  9. 9. Touch Screen Monitors
  10. 10. Mobile Computer
  11. 11. Point of Sale Computer</li></li></ul><li>All-In-One Touch PC<br /><ul><li>All-In-One Touch PC Monitors are an integral part of restaurant, hospitality, medical, or the service industries point of sale systems.
  12. 12. Employees can touch the portion of the screen instead of clicking, saving time and minimizing clutter around the POS station.
  13. 13. AspesPos carries a wide variety of All-In-One Touch PC monitors from manufacturers such as POS-X,Posiflex,HP.</li></li></ul><li>Barcode Scanners<br /><ul><li>A barcode scanner is an electronic device used for reading printed barcodes.
  14. 14. It consists of a light source and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones.
  15. 15.  Aspespos offers best online shop for barcode scanners with cheap price that rivals most high end scanner and perfect for use in any Point of Sale.  </li></li></ul><li>Customer Displays<br /><ul><li>Customer display hardware like touch screen POS terminals will improve the speed of service, order accuracy and customer experience.
  16. 16.  It helps to works with all POS-X Touch screen and All-In-One Touch PCs were barcode readers’ helps to scan all the major code types.</li></li></ul><li>Receipt Printers<br /><ul><li>Receipt printers plays an integral role in any Point of sale system.
  17. 17. Aspespos offers the leading brands in POS equipment.
  18. 18. Find and compare the best prices and deals on POS receipt printer.</li></li></ul><li>Cash Drawers<br /><ul><li>Cash drawer is an essential component in point of sale systems and helps to operate automatically as well as manually.
  19. 19. Aspesposoffers online Shopping for the right POS cash drawers.</li></li></ul><li>MagStripe Readers<br /><ul><li> A magnetic stripe reader or magstripe reader is a hardware device that helps to reads the information encoded in the magnetic stripe. 
  20. 20. MagStripe Card Readers are easy to integrate in Point of sale Systems by accepting credit or debit cards. </li></li></ul><li>Touch Screen Monitors<br /><ul><li>Touch screen monitors stand up to the most demanding environments to meet the needs of restaurants, retail store etc,  
  21. 21. Aspespos grants the best Point of sale PC and LCD touch screen monitors.</li></li></ul><li>Mobile Computer<br /><ul><li>Aspespos offers POS mobile computers at cheap price. 
  22. 22. Order one of our handheld computers to find the right one for your store.  </li></li></ul><li>Bookcase Point of Sale Computer<br /><ul><li>Aspespos best online shopping results for Bookcase Point of Sale Computers.
  23. 23. XLZ PC offers the functionality with plenty of configuration options.</li></li></ul><li>Thanks for your patience on visiting our slide. Please feel free to call us 1-415-287-4015 or email us and post your valuable comments.<br />