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POS Equipments


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Aspespos point of sale specializes for many POS equipment like Barcode Scanner, Receipt Printer, MagStripe reader, Cash Drawer and other POS products.

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POS Equipments

  1. 1. Add title text here<br />POS Equipments<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />
  3. 3. Pos equipments list<br /><ul><li>When you select the Pos equipment, you should also keep the following factors in mind so that you can buy the entire POS system.
  4. 4. Pos software
  5. 5. Pos hardware
  6. 6. All in one touch pc
  7. 7. Barcode scanners
  8. 8. Receipt printers
  9. 9. Customer displays
  10. 10. MagStripe Readers
  11. 11. Cash drawers</li></li></ul><li> Barcode scanners<br />Barcode scannersor barcode readers are generally used for reading printed barcodes and it is purely an electronic device. <br /> Generally each barcode has some specific symbols and the barcode is differentiated by its height, width and bar spacing.<br /> Each strip has the Possibilities to represent number, character or alphanumeric character depending on which type of barcode symbology set is used. <br /> The barcode scanner has the photo sensors and its purpose is to read the barcodes and convert them into electrical pulses. <br />
  12. 12. Cash drawers<br /> POS cash drawersare generally used to store credit card receipts, money and other paper works.<br /> Cash drawers generally receive a signal from receipt printers or computers and it is as compatible with steady opening and closing. <br /> It is controlled by the back office server and programmed to open after designated tasks or digital commands.<br />
  13. 13. Pos Supplies<br /><ul><li>POS supplies are the right supplies that you need in your business transactions.
  14. 14. Types of POS supplies are:
  15. 15. POS printer supplies
  16. 16. Barcode labels
  17. 17. Gift cards
  18. 18. Cash register supplies</li></li></ul><li> POS receipt printers<br /> The POS receipt printers have various features and it sits next to cash registers and print out the customer receipts.<br /> It can print more number of customer receipts and also, with the help of these POS supplies, the vendors can print sales summaries, customer contracts and survey invitations. <br /> The POS printer generally uses the designated cable for sending and receiving signal to the cash drawer. <br />
  19. 19. AspesPos provides the best and wide varieties of point of sales system supplies in an affordable price and helps your business to perform efficiently with speed.We help to increase your sales margin with the best POS supplies…<br />