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Aspen Dental Smile Saver Program


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Introducing a dental and denture discount program–at no cost to you.

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Aspen Dental Smile Saver Program

  1. 1. Giving you a reason to smile. ASD-09-1965 Generic SS FlipBook.indd 1 2/15/10 1:57:15 PM
  2. 2. Everyone Should Have Access To Quality Dental Care Fact: 45% of americans don’t have dental benefits.* * source: the National association of Dental Plans 2009 ASD-09-1965 Generic SS FlipBook.indd 2 2/15/10 1:57:16 PM
  3. 3. Smile Saver Program Introducing a dental and denture discount program–at no cost to you! ASD-09-1965 Generic SS FlipBook.indd 3 2/15/10 1:57:17 PM
  4. 4. Smile Saver Program Benefits Smile Saver Members enjoy: • 20% off on all general dentistry and hygiene services* • 20% off on all dentures, bridges and crowns* * Discounts may not be combined with insurance. Discounts taken off usual fee. This is a promotional offer. Oral surgery and endodontic services performed by Aspen Specialist are excluded from promotion. ASD-09-1965 Generic SS FlipBook.indd 4 2/15/10 1:57:23 PM
  5. 5. Aspen Dental Offers Affordable Dental Care And Exceptional Service • Patient-friendly extended hours including evenings and weekends • New patients, walk-ins and emergencies are welcome • convenient on-site denture labs • Same day dentures with extractions • 8 styles of our exclusive custom-crafted comfiDents® Dentures • Denture repairs and relines in about an hour • Free exam and x-rays for new patients 21 years and older • We work with all insurance plans ASD-09-1965 Generic SS FlipBook.indd 5 2/15/10 1:57:24 PM
  6. 6. Over 200 Offices In 19 States WA ME ME WA OR MN ME VT NH MN ID VT NH NY OR MA MN VT NH WI WA NY MI NY RI ID CT ME IA MA MA PA WI WI MI OH OR MI MN IL IN RI VT NH MD DE CT IA PA NY RI ID WV CT WI PA MA IA IL IN OH MD KY MI DE RI CT PA •Expanding Locations IA WV AZ IN OH TN Existing IL MD IN OH nationally KY IL DE MD DE 2010 and beyond WV AZ TN WV KY AZ KY TN FL Existing Locations Expanding nationally TN 2010 and beyond FL Existing Locations Expanding nationally 2010 and beyond FL Existing Locations Expanding nationally 2010 and beyond ASD-09-1965 Generic SS FlipBook.indd 6 2/15/10 1:57:25 PM
  7. 7. The Smile Saver Program Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3 1. Schedule an appointment. Simply go to, or call 1-800-226-6136. 2. Visit one of our conveniently-located aspen Dental offices. 3. to receive the special discount, just present the Smile Saver card. ASD-09-1965 Generic SS FlipBook.indd 7 2/15/10 1:57:33 PM
  8. 8. ASD-09-1965 Generic SS FlipBook.indd 8 2/15/10 1:57:33 PM