Offshore safety


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Offshore safety

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Offshore safety

  1. 1. Offshore safety related to computer interfaces and information
  2. 2. Risk evaluation • Systems in place• Risk & unwanted incidents ranking • Report incidents and near miss • Analyse material • Look for trends
  3. 3. Risk definition• Risk=Practicable*Consequence• Risk to – Personel – Environment – Material
  4. 4. Care philosophy
  5. 5. Mapping of HSE & risks • Care Cards Register incidents: Positive and negative No Admin/Mname, 50 gmt/QHSE , 303 3rdVisitors, 1 Party, 592 2 Marine, 6 Client, 137 69Catering, 191 Sub Drilling, 4 Sea, 48 63Electrical, Technical, 137 175
  6. 6. Cause assesment• Direct causes vs underlying causes• Cause persepctive – Human – Technical – Organisational• 5 Whys technique – Look for underlying causes – Eliminate root of the problem
  7. 7. HSE analyse QRA: Quantity Risk Assesment Qualitative Risk Matrix Safe job analysis – Chemical analysis Risk assesment promt card
  8. 8. Risk reduction• ALARP: As Low As Reasonable Practicable• BAT: Best Available Technology• Precation principles• Substitution principles
  9. 9. TechnologyCan technology make our job easier and increaseorganization’s accident prevention effectiveness?What technology is the best available?
  10. 10. Online training portal• Training portal for keeping track over online exams
  11. 11. Structure of SMS• 3 levels of procedures: – Policies – Corporate procedures – Area/Rig specific procedures• Available electronically and as hard copies• 154 procedures, not incl operations manuals...
  12. 12. Training and competence – in-house• Easy access to essential procedures• Use either triangle or organogram• Ensurance of procedure knowledge – Company’s confidence – Individual’s confidence
  13. 13. OCEAN RIG EMPLOYEES OIMDPO DrillerSTSL 2 MedicWelderElec. Eng.Electrician Ass. Driller Roughneck ToolpusherMotor ManRoustaboutSub Sea Eng Tour Pusher Derrick ManRig Mechanic Safety OfficerDeck Foreman Materials ManAss. Electrician Radio OperatorElec Sec. LeaderCrane Operators Ass. Derrick ManEngine Rooms Op POSITIONHydraulic Engineer Rig SuperintendentSub Sea Sec. LeaderStability Sec. Leader Technical Sec. LeaderAss. Tech. Sec. Leader X X X X X X X CO-PRO/3-01 Appointment of Offshore Personnel CO-PRO/3-02 Registration and control of wage X X X X X X X and Travel Expenses X X X X X X X CO-PRO/3-03 Grouping of Personnel Aboard a Mobile Offshore unit X X X X X X X CO-PRO/3-04 Qualification Requirements CO-PRO/3-05 Exemption from Qualification X X X X X X X Requirements X X X X X X X CO-PRO/3-06 Planning Personnel Requirements X X X X X X X CO-PRO/3-07 Personnel Development Offshore X X X X X X X CO-PRO/3-09 Procedure for Promotion X X X X X X X CO-PRO/3-10 Training Procedure CO-PRO/3-11 Travel Regulations for OffshoreXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Employees X X X X X X X CO-PRO/3-12 Leave/Laying-off CO-PRO/3-13 Termination on the Norwegian X X X X X X X Offshore Personnel Continental Shelf CORPORATE PROCEDURES X X CO-PRO/3-14 Personnel Files CO-PRO/3-15 Communication with the Authorities and with Clients X X X X X X X CO-PRO/3-16 Publication and Distribution of Working Rules X X X CO-PRO/3-18 Establishing a Shift Plan and Working Hours Control CO-PRO/3-19 Termination of Employment X X X X X X X outside the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  14. 14. New structure on intranet – position based
  15. 15. Barriers – swiss cheese model The Barriere Concept INITIATING INITIATING BARRIERS; CAUSE CAUSE Technical, Qualifications, Procedures etc. ACCIDENT/ ACCIDENT/ LOSS LOSS
  16. 16. We are all responsible for managing HSE Barrier 1 – HSE Policy & Leadership Barrier 2 – Planning Hazard/ Risk I reduced the time in the SJA meeting prior and did not ask the team to confirm their understanding of the task. I was responsible for planning the operations safely
  17. 17. We are all responsible for managing HSE Barrier 1 – HSE Policy & Leadership Barrier 2 – Planning Hazard/ Barrier 3 – Supervision Risk I turned a blind eye to some of the crew not following all the procedures as we had limited time to do the job I was responsible for supervising the maintenance work
  18. 18. We are all responsible for managing HSE Barrier 1 – HSE Policy & Leadership Barrier 2 – Planning Hazard/ Barrier 3 – Supervision Risk Barrier 4 – Procedures I didn’t work safely and took short-cut to get the job done Accident I was responsible completing the work
  19. 19. We all have a part to play Mngt Team Visible leadership Resources allocated promotes HSE for effective Maintenance Finance/Accounting culture ….. implementation Maintain equipment and Resource budgets ensure that operational effectively tracked integrity is maintained and managed SJA team LegalLegal requirements Hazards identifiedof projects identified and risk mngt plans and complied with implemented HR Drilling Competencies required Risk management integrated for job are clearly to drilling programme IT/ Data/ identified Graphics HSE dept Contract Systems to control and Guidance and Ensure that Ocean Rig are securely store HSE advisory support given the means to perform critical information provided to the job safely and efficiently operations