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Networking For Creating Leaders And Opportunities!


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Creating leaders and opportunities

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Networking For Creating Leaders And Opportunities!

  1. 1. Networking for creating leaders and opportunities<br />Building tomorrow one champion at a time <br />Today is entrepreneurs tomorrow is leaders<br />Engineers today leaders tomorrow <br />Leadership is action not position <br />Learning business is culture<br />Location: Forum Jæren Bryne <br /><br />
  2. 2. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!<br />Remember the golden rules! Whoever has the gold make the rules! <br />P: Positive O: Objective W: Willing E: Energetic R:Resourceful <br />I have golden POWERand make the rules.<br />If you want golden POWERact now and become a successful leader. Join my team and make business: Networking for creating leaders: <br /><br />Bring friends or potential partners. Tomorrow you will make the rules. You will become a leader with golden POWER!<br />
  3. 3. Connecting business<br /> Connecting leaders, future leaders, scientists and creating opportunities for people in a one leadership seminar for learning business:<br />How to optimize economics in financial crisis and make business grow<br />How to use Linkedin for networking and promotion and create success by combining knowledge within chaos, it communication, science and leadership abilities<br />We create the dream<br />
  4. 4. Contact details<br />Seminar leader: Sigve Hamilton Aspelund<br />Location: Top floor Forum Jæren Hetlandsgata 9 BryneNorway<br />Date: Not decided<br />Phone: +47 92 64 71 29<br />Skype/Twitter: aspelundsigve<br />E-mail:<br />WLM/MSN:<br />Linkedin:<br />