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Drilling seminar Sigve Hamilton Aspelund


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Drilling seminar Sigve Hamilton Aspelund

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Drilling seminar Sigve Hamilton Aspelund

  1. 1. Rig Selection and basic planning stepsExploration and production licencesExploration, development and abandonmentWell planning and designDrilling pipes, casing, collar, kelly, tubingOil & gas delivery pipesDrilling bitsDrilling personnelDrilling economicsDrilling cost estimatesCommunications and safety issuesCrisis managementRisk evaluationRisk definitionMapping of HSE & risksCause assessmentHSE analysisRisk reductionBarriersAccidentsOffshore blowoutsEconomics in accidentsCollapse of rigsSunk rigsPressure in fluids at restHydrostatic pressureAtmospheric pressurePore pressureDarcy`s lawHole sections and well trajectoryUnitsPrimary well controlSecondary well controlTertiary well controlFormation pressureNormal formation pressureAbnormal pressureSalt bedsMineralisationTectonic causes
  2. 2. Formation fracture pressureLeak-off tests and procedureRig componentsIntroduction to petroleum geology o Sedimentology o Classification of sedimentary rocks o Texture in granular sediments o Grain size o Sorting o Grain shape o Packing o Sand and sandstone and classification o Porosity o Permeability o Controls on Porosity and Permeability o Diagenesis o Changes of porosity with burial depthCompletion/ workover fluidsFoam drilling fluidsOil based mudsSyntheticsWater based mudsCasing o Conductor o Suface casing o Intermediate casing o Production casingLinerSementingWire line operationsMeasurement while drilling o Systems o Directional tools o Gamma ray tools o NGT tool o SP log o Sonic tool o Density tool o Neutron toolDaily drilling reportMaterial balance equations
  3. 3. Drilling fluid economicsDrilling fluid propertiesPressureHydrostatic pressurePump pressureImposed pressurePressure imposed by the pumpPressure imposed by the formationKicksSwabbing of formation fluids into the boreholeInsufficient mud densityPoor well planningLost circulationRecognition of kicksHPHT subsea technology