Hospital information system[1]


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Hospital information system[1]

  1. 1. Hospital Information System ( Hi-Medi)
  2. 2. 1 Overview of HIT
  3. 3. 1. HIT Business Area System Integration IT Outsourcing e-Logistics System Management Manufacturing Industry Data Center Service industry (Retail, etc) Management e-government Business Continuity SOC Plan (Social Overhead Capital) (BCP) Telecommunication Disaster Recovery Industry System (DRS) Military Industry Server Hosting Financial Industry Network Management Solution & Consulting Professional Service PAC, ERP, SCM, PDM, MES, FA Package Solution Test Plus, YMS, EAM, DW, KM - RFID (Radio Frequency CRM, BPM, EAI, BPR/ ISP IDentification) IT & Solution consulting - Telematics, GPS/LBS, Satellite Industry-specific professional Solution consulting - Biometric solution - NID (National IDentification System) - HIS (Hospital Information System)
  4. 4. 2. HIT in the World Hyundai IT Hyundai IT Hyundai IT UAE Vietnam Korea, HQ Hyundai IT Hyundai IT Pakistan Malaysia
  5. 5. 3. HIT Data Center Commenced operation in November, 1996 Reinforced and reconstructed building, 2005~Now Resists 7.5-degree intensity of earthquake 4 Back-up centers for YongIn IDC center ( Hi-DC center, Gyedong center, Yuksam SJT center, Sohari center ) Gyedong Hi-DC center center Sohari Yuksam center center
  6. 6. 4. HIT Data Center View R&D Center Dormitory Main Data Center
  7. 7. 2 HIS ( Hi –Med ) Hospital Information system
  8. 8. 1. Characteristics of Medical Environment in Korea ① National Insurance (applied to every citizen) ② Large Hospitals preferred ③ Complicated Service Billing System ④ Preference to Use of PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) ⑤ Use of EMR is Propagating ⑥ Centralized System preferred ⑦ High Degree of Implementation, Entry Barrier Exists
  9. 9. 2. Features of HIT Medical Solution ① 20 Years of Experience in The Medical Field ② Fully Digitalized System (From base system to Business Intelligence system) ③ Fully Interfaced System (Medical Equipment, Kiosk, RFID, etc...) ④ Well Integrated Database, Application ⑤ Platform Independent ⑥ Newest Development Methodology, Quality Insurance Methodology Applied ⑦ Hospital BPR Applied
  10. 10. 3.HIT Medical Solution ① OCS (Order Communication System) ② EMR (Electronic Medical Record) ③ PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) ④ Hospital Data Warehouse • DSS (Decision Support System) • Activity Based Costing • Hospital Knowledge Management (Hospital-CRM) ⑤ Messaging System ⑥ Smart Card (RFID Application) ⑦ Kiosk Application
  11. 11. 3-1. OCS (Order Communication System) Basic Out In Medical Infor- Patient Patient Charge Nursing Clinical mation Order Order Receivable Code Information Request/ EDI Medical Pharmacy Patient Hospital Treatment Operation/ Account Anesthesia Administration Reservation/ Communication Medical Record Registration Industrial/ Order System Radiology Car accident Total Hospital Blood Bank Human Information system Nuclear Resources Medicine Clinical Procurement General Support Rehabilitation Management Dietary Budget Special Account General Clinic examination Fixed Supply Asset Pathology Clinical Functional Injection Pathology test room Application Configuration of HIS
  12. 12. 3-2. HI-MEDi EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Managing the entire life cycle of data including patient registration, payment, claim, and Vertical clinic/management analysis Established the integrated code system (users, depts) and serial number assignment system Integrated Data Turn Around Time Analysis Flow Flexible data centric design Task change is managed merely by changing the data Automatic messaging of important notices Diagnose Assessment, Order Plan, Preliminary Exam Info Subject/Object linkage Integrated Well structured patient record and search function Task Integrated record management using OCS/PACS/Image Files/Medical Equipment, I/F, etc. Nursing sheet for managing integrated data, various nursing templates Process Actively interoperate general ward nursing activities and special ward nursing activities Efficiency Complete pre-analysis by former EMR users Focused on ease of use Approaches with actual needs in the field rather than theoretical approach Easy input Centered functions, XML Data process for future standardization/research statistics Full EMR Provides form templates Easy form generation, Accumulated data process Many templates to assist generating common or special forms Basic code management to assist the management of standard terms, prepared description, Provide Functions phase set For fast and Easy image editing and word search function Free Text , Copy & Paste function various inputs Expandable and Flexible form management − Template generator − Flexible template generation and user defied data Personalization functions − Personalized menu, Bookmarks, environment configuration
  13. 13. 3-3. PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) RADPIA™ is a PACS Solution developed by Hyundai Information Technology using the international Digital Imaging & Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard. The main purpose of RADPIA is to build filmless hospitals. This medical solution archives, transmits, stores, and prints all of medical images in a hospital such as radiology, nuclear medicine, and endoscope images Characteristics • Applying Open System Architecture • Providing user-friendly GUI • Sharing information with HIS(RIS) • Operating HIS-RIS-PACS on a single PC • Adopting DICOM 3.0 and HL7. • Supporting Import / Export in various image formats (DICOM, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PIC) • Providing convenient store management of images on PC • Converting selected images to Microsoft PowerPoint slides Web PACS Various Import/Exporting Compare View mode Voice Dictation Multi Frame Image View
  14. 14. 3-4. Hospital Data Warehouse Data are processed not by computer logics but by business logics; on the basis of extended business experience in medical IT industry, provides efficiency for DW realization while offering CRM base appropriate for the hospital. Main Contents Patient details (out/inpatient, statistics of cancer and operations), medical examination details (by supporting department, by medical department), by disease (infection, operation statistics), prescription, general management (personnel, accounting, administrative statistics, inventory management), management (patient, operation, income, number of employees, management and planning statistics) A sick/clinic revenue and patients insurance A distribution chart of The distinction type of sex a cancer cause
  15. 15. 3-4.1 DSS (Decision Support System) To support decision-making, communicates appropriate substance to appropriate member at an appropriate time; provides statistic information on medical profit and diverse cost. Main Contents Contents Patient consulting information, medical profit information, human resources information, growth-potential analysis, profitability analysis, ration of expense to sales analysis, liquidity analysis, security analysis, turnover analysis, productivity analysis, activity ration analysis, equipment information Yield of medical instruments Profitability analysis Profit ratio of total liabilities and net worth
  16. 16. 3-4.2. Activity Based Costing Reliable costing by setting up department activities as costing units Provide various analytic costing data by criteria (Order, Acting, Departments, Doctors, etc.) OCS/EMR/MIS Patient Mgmt. Salary 회계 Accounting Fixed Asset Inventory Costing by Accounting Units Direct Cost Activity Cost Personnel Activity Lab Activity Ward Activity Dept. Activity Doctor Centric Costing Clinic Centric Costing
  17. 17. 3-4.3. Hospital-CRM Data Mining Campaign 1. Detailed data extraction by criteria 1. Implemented group classification to process large data 2. Data mining template save function 2. Implemented Campaign inheritance 3. Various mining criteria can be set up 3. Personalized contents 4. Automatic campaign execution via scheduler 4. Personalized transfer time(date, time, period) registration 5. Automatic expiration, automatic repetition 6. Transfers on various media (email, sms, fax, etc.) Statistics SMS Mgmt 1. Patient numbers, New patients rate by dept., 1. Transfer status check by date (Success, Failure, Reservation cancellation rates Exceed) 2. Patient number transfers statistics 2. Re-transfer function by 100 sickbeds (date, week, period) 3. Transfer statistics by period 3. Patient visits by campaigns 4. Transferred contents can be converted to Excel 4. Average daily patient number / 5. Transfer reservation management Campaign visit confirmation by dept (visit or not)
  18. 18. 3-5. Messaging System Alarm message transfer through cell phones : Campaign Message, Reservation Notice, Emergency Call Auto Messaging Among Users : Task Notice, Additional Order Occurrence Notice, Blood Preparation Notice, Critical Value Notice in Lab etc Short Message Auto Messaging
  19. 19. 3-6. Smart Card (RFID Application) E-Card Issuance RFID Bracelet Automatic Registration E-Card Receive E-card req Waiting List u est Hospitalization Registration Waiting Mgmt. Card Management System Calling the numbers HIS OCS/EMR Automated info/ teller Machine Parking Locator Toll Mgmt. Parking Location Stores card no./ Parking fee mgmt. Info parking location
  20. 20. 3-7. Kiosk Application Touch-Screen 1 1 3 2 4 5 Reservation Info Patient Parking Info Guidance RF reader for E-card 2 Credit card accepted Hot-Line to Help Test 3 Interphone 4 Prescription and Certification Issuance 5 Cash Slot
  21. 21. 4. Reference Sites [850] Kyunghee [870] East-West Konkuk Neo Medical Center Univ. Emergency Digital [740] National Health Insurance Hospital Information Service Corporation Ilsan Hospital Health Insurance Review & Assessment Catholic Medical Service Center(8 hospitals) Asan Medical Center kangnam[900] (Hyunday Central Hospital) Eulji [2200] General Hospitals Gyungsang [1000] Chunbook National Univ. National Univ. Hospital [950] Hospital [940] Chunnam Korea Centers for National Univ. Disease Control and Hospital Prevention [860] Ewha Medical Korean Veteran’s National Hospitals (Seoul, Center Kwangju Christian Cancer Center Pusan [800] Hospital Hanyang Univ. Hospitals Taegu, Daejun, [500] Kwanju) Seoul[800] [700] (Seoul, Guree) [800,1200]
  22. 22. Thanks HYUNDAI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. 71_3, Cheongdam_Dong, Gangnam_gu, Seoul, Korea TEL 02_2129_4020 FAX 02_2129_4905
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