ASPA Consultores 2011 - English


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ASPA Consultores 2011 – English.
ASPA Consultores is a privately owned company, established in 2006, dedicated to the Professional Services of Consulting and Information Technologies, focused on the implementation of SAP and E-commerce solutions.

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ASPA Consultores 2011 - English

  1. 1. Where attitude joins talentWhere attitude joins talent 1
  2. 2. Who we are Our Company 5 Positioning 6 Our services 7 Our Team 8 Personnerl & sales trends 9 Services we offer Types of services 11 Value generation 12 Portfolio of services and solutions 13 Solutions in detail 14 Complementary solutions 16 SAP upgrade 17 Applications support 18 Project implementation methodology 19 Our Team Production & organizational structure 21 Our professionals 22 Continuous trainig 23 Allliances Strategic alliances 25 Other alliances 262 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 3
  3. 3. Who we are Our Company ASPA Consultores is a privately owned company, established in 2006 with 100% Spanish capital, dedicated to the Professional Services of Consulting and Information Technologies, focused on the implementation of SAP Solutions. From our beginnings, we have joined a team of experienced professionals, able to undertake complex projects making of this particular characteristic one of our differential factors. Our strategy and our identity as a company is based on three pillars: rofound knowledge of the SAP solutions and core business processes P in the sectors that constitute our business focus: Manufacturing, Logistics, Knowledge Engineering, Automotive ,Services and Retail. + Specialization aying special attention to the delivery of our services and to the project P management, following our own implementation methodology based on the SAP recommended standards. election of our team based on talent, commitment with our team trai- S Talent ning and professional development. Promotion of a team spirit and a positive attitude. + Excelence in the deliver y Attitude Our mission: starting from the profound knowledge of the business of our custo- mers, to help them to understand the different possibilities that the information tech- nologies may offer them, and to guide them during the solution implementation and maintenance to achieve a competitive advantage on their rivals. From our beginnings, we have experienced high rates of growth and we have secu- red the confidence of our customers, which is a clear proof of their satisfaction and of the performance of our team with more than 40 professionals.4 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 5
  4. 4. Positionning Our services ASPA Consultores offers consulting services of IT SAP systems inte- gration, as well as capabilities of design, development and maintenance of SAP Able to implement applications. any area of an SAP solution, supported by our team of experienced DETERMINATION IMPLEMENTATION SOLUTION SOLUTION EVOLUTIVE consultants. OF THE STRATEGY DESIGN DELIVERY MAINTENANCE SAP SOLUTION In this way, we cover all the aspects in the value chain of the IT in the organi- Focused on the SAP areas with a zations that choose an SAP system: starting with the activities to give advice about greater added value: SCM (PP, APO, Specialized in sectors where the SAP solutions that better fit the needs of each organization, going through the LE-TR, WM), PLM (PS, PM, QM, EHS), operations are complex and design of the implementation strategy and the definition and development of the Finance (FI, CO, AM, TR, IM, PS), missions critical: Manufacturing, best solution for each business, and ending with the subsequent maintenance of FSCM, BIW. Logistics, Engineering, the implemented solutions. Extensive knowledge of the Retail Automotive, Services and Retail. solution. Our capacities and our team of experienced consultants allow us to approach implementations of SAP solutions in all the sectors, being specialized in sectors with complex operations, where the correct application of the SAP technology to the critical processes reports immediately benefit our customers. The maintenance of long term relationships with our customers allows them to have the support of a trusted consulting company, with expertise in the latest SAP solutions and with a profound knowledge of their processes and needs. All this allow us to be in a privileged position, ready to successfully approach the continuous improvement of our customers processes and SAP systems. 6 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 7
  5. 5. Our team Personnel sales trends The biggest asset of ASPA Consultores is our team. ASPA Consultores was established in later 2006 with two small projects in the Industry and Retail sectors. The trends of the number of consultants and the From our beginnings, we have looked for a position as a reference company by sales figures at the closing of the last fiscal years has been as follows: means of the quality and the specialization of our services. To reach this position we have joined a team of consultants with a long professional trajectory in the SAP envi- ronment, with own identity characteristics that differentiate us from our competitors and that make our offer a singular one: 3.200 € Annual trends 2.600 € eep knowledge of the SAP solutions and of the key business processes D in the sectors that constitute our focus. Consultants 2.200 € and Sales 1.900 € 64 M ore than 10 years of experience implementing SAP projects. 52 1.000 45 € H abitual collaboration with SAP, as much in the implementation of SAP 40 projects like participating in SAP training courses. 20 H igh academic degree. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 The recruiting of our team is done based on the talent, existing a strong m€ € Estimated commitment with the training and professional development, as well as with the promotion of a team spirit and a positive attitude. S trong growth of the number of consultants and the sales figures. stimation of a continuous growth as a result of our sector focus. E L ow levels of structural costs. Almost all of our personnel is productive personnel on projects, which means that our costs are very competitive, adapted to the present economical conjuncture. 8 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 9
  6. 6. Services we offer Types of services ASPA Consultores offers services in the following areas: Information systems consulting, helping to our customers to: nalyze by means of success stories, benchmarking, prototypes and workshops, the advan- A tages of using an SAP solution that, properly configured, will perfectly match their needs. 1 evelop the process of reengineering required to align their business processes and the SAP D solution which is to be implemented. Systems development and integration, providing our customers with: T he solution design that, due to the experience of our consultants in our target sectors, will permit the successful execution of the implementation project, always with the minimum costs. T he configuration of the SAP systems, customizing them to the needs and application environment of each customer. 2 T he implementation of additional or complementary solutions, that will help to cover additional requi- rements of our customers. SAP applications maintenance, in situ or from our offices, and also in AMS modality. C orrective and preventive maintenance of the applications, offering support to the key users to solve the questions and incidences that may arise in the daily operation of the system. E valuative maintenance of the applications, making proposals to our customers about possible 3 improvements to keep their applications up-to-date, always based on our business knowledge and the knowledge about the new solutions available in SAP.10 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 11
  7. 7. Value generation Portfolio of services and solutions The objective of ASPA CONSULTORES is to provide their customers the maxi- ASPA Consultores provides integral support for the implementation and mum value generation in the implementation of SAP solutions, taking advan- maintenance of any SAP solution in the Industrial, Logistics or Services envi- tage for it of our previous experiences. ronments, paying special attention to the complex environments (Industry, Logistics, Engineering, Construction, Retail). To do so, our consultants are prepared to generate value in all the layers that conform the implementation process of an information system, from assuring We are experts in SAP Business Suite solutions. This group of SAP solutions the design of the optimal business processes that facilitate the daily opera- offers open business applications that help to maximize the yield of the compa- tion and ease the solution implementation, to the design of the best SAP nies, integrating people, information and processes. solution according to the customer needs, and always considering the more suitable technological platform to integrate people, information and processes within the organizational structure of our customers. CONSULTING IMPLEMENTATION MAINTENANCE UPGRADES COMPLEMENTAR TRAINING OF SAP OF SAP SW SOLUTIONS LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS FINANCE HCM TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS SAP ERP – Enterprise Resource planning 1 Organizational Organizational design and process improvement and SAP CRM – Customer Relationship Management Level alignment. SAP PLM – Product Life-Cycle Management 2 Operational Detailed design, prototypes development, solution implementation SAP SCM – Supply Chain Management Level and training. SAP SRM – Supplier Relationship Management 3 Technological Design, development and implementation of technical solutions SAP Business Intelligence Solutions (SAP Netweaver SAP Netweaver 12 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 13
  8. 8. Solutions in detail SUPPLY CHAIN Financial Accounting Consolidation SEM-BPS y SAP BPC Production Planning (PP) SAP SCM: MGMNT. FINANCE Analytical / Internal Accounting National / International Regulations Shop Floor Control ( PP / PI ) Supply Chain Design and Monitoring Fixed Assets Business Intelligence: SAP BOBJ Logistics Execution (LE) Advanced Planner Optimizer (APO) Fund Management Planning SAP BW-IP / SAP BPC Transport Management (LE-TR) Inventory Collaboration Hub Extended Treasury: SAP FSCM Warehouse Management (WM) PRODUCT LIFECYCLE Sales and Distribution (SD) SAP CRM Logistics Execution(LE) Mobile Sales Service Project s Management (PS) Quality Management (QM) MGMT. SALES SAP Retail. Internet Sales Plant Maintenance (PM) Engineering Change Management (ECM) Catalogs Assortment Management Marketing Telesales Customer Service (CS) Environment, Health Safety (EHS) Forecasting Replenishment Service Interaction Center Point Of Sale Data Management TECHNOLOGY PURCHASING Materials Management (MM) SAP SRM ABAP Development Workbench SAP Exchange Infrastructure Materials Requirements Planning Strategic Sourcing SAP Data Warehouse (BW) SAP Mobile Infrastructure Materials Services Purchasing Content Management SAP Enterprise Portal SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure Supplier Invoices Verification Operational Purchasing SAP Knowledge Management SAP Web Application Server Stocks Management Communication with Suppliers 14 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 15
  9. 9. Complementary solutions RADIOFREQUENCY SAP Upgrade I ntegration with the applications of materials management (MM) Due to the variations in the business surroundings and in the processes of and warehouse management (WM) to manage the physical companies, as well as to the updates of the solution map and the architecture operations in the warehouse. SYSTEMS I nterface of SAP with a external server to exchange information of the SAP system, there is a periodical need to Upgrade the system and adapt with the Radio Frequency devices. it to the new situation. P rinting of labels in multiple formats. R eading of 1D and 2D barcodes for the goods receipt, location, picking, goods issue, etc. Business Case Technical Upgrade Operations support EXECUTION STRATEGY UPGRADE UPGRADE UPGRADE Unicode Migration Business processes analysis Process monitoring POST Preparation of the system to fulfill the new regulations, by Functional Upgrade INTERNATIONAL System map analysis Performance monitoring REGULATIONS means of the developing of new functions, the implementation NEW LOCAL / Processes review of OSS notes from SAP, the preparation of new reports, data Upgrade strategy Evaluative maintenance uploads, etc. Testing N ew regulations about VAT, Personal Income Taxes, Company Taxes, etc. N ew legal regulations about HHRR, Payroll, etc. ASPA Consultores expertise in the planning and execution of this kind of projects allows us to advise our customers in the selection of an Upgrade strategy suitable to their particular situation and needs, executing the E xchange of management information with mobile devices: Upgrade project itself afterwards. reports, approvals, alarms, etc. E xchange of sales information with mobile devices: opportunities, DEVICES Our service offering includes: MOBILE sales orders, availability check, credit check, etc. E xchange of plant maintenance information with mobile devices: PLANNING maintenance notifications, points of measure, etc. T echnical Upgrades, in which only the system release is updated. Budget Ressources plan E xchange of warehouse shop floor information with mobile Strategy Project plan devices: production notifications, warehouse movements, etc.. Systems plan F unctional Upgrades, in which in addition to the update of the system release, all the busi- BUSINESS SYSTEMS DIGITALIZATION S canning, digitalization and archiving of invoice documents. ness processes of the customer are reviewed B usiness processes U pgrade environment ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS C apture of the information in the supplier invoice and automa- according to the solution map and functions evaluation adjustment configuration BILLING tic invoice generation and verification in SAP. D evelopments, T echnical upgrade plan available in the new release. Interfaces evaluation S ystem config. sizing E xtract information from a wide range of documents and adjustment T est Upgrade support media: printouts, faxes, e-mails, XML files, etc. T esting U pgrade execution E lectronic Billing. U nicode migrations, of SAP systems. U sers training P ost-Upgrade activities 16 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 17
  10. 10. Applications support Project implementation methodology ASPA Consultores offers a wide range of support services to cover the diffe- rent needs and the different support models of our customers: PROCESS TEAM ANALYSIS SYSTEM GO-LIVE GO-LIVE I n situ support services, in this case we offer our customers SAP PREPARATION FUNCTIONAL CONFIGURATION PREPARATION SUPPORT consultants from the different business areas to be covered. The service is managed by our customers, and the tasks assignment and the monitoring DESIGN of the tasks resolution is under their responsibility. R emote support services, in this case the support service is given from our offices and is managed in a collaborative way, with periodical meetings ASPA Consultores main objective is to offer maximum quality to the customer in which the tasks and priorities are assigned for the new tasks, and the in all the implementations. This quality means fulfilling the customer expecta- status of the previously assigned tasks is reviewed. tions, delivering the right solution within the established schedule and within the planned costs. S upport services in AMS mode, in this case agreements about the planned volume of incidences and the target service level are established, This commitment is materialized in the adoption of the best practices available to be able to measure the support service. The management of the servi- at each moment, which facilitates the attainment of our objectives of quality to ce is organized fully by ASPA and there are periodic meetings to evaluate a great extent. the level of fulfillment of the SLAs and the customer’s satisfaction. To do so, ASPA follows its own implementation methodology (A-frame), based on our experience in project delivery and on the implementation methodology recommended by SAP, as well as in the SAP Best Practices. This allows us to anticipate and to avoid the risks and common causes of failure in this kind of project, thereby always obtaining the best possible results. In addition, in the execution of our projects, we incorporate tasks of communi- cation management and change management to ensure the project’s success, involving all the areas of the customer organization related with the implementa- tion. In this way we minimize the impact of the project and the natural rejection that any change has in an organization. 18 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 19
  11. 11. Our team Production organizational structure INDUSTRIES FINANCE INDUSTRY RETAIL AMS FI, CO, AM, TR, IM, PS, SAP FSCM BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Logistics, Fashion, SAP BW, BOBJ, SAP BPC Manufacturing, Food Application Engineering, Beverages, Maintenance SALES Automotive, etc. Centre SD, SAP Retail, POS-DM SAP CRM Services. PRODUCTION OPERATIONS PP, CO-PC SAP SCM LOGISTICS MM, WM, EWM, LE SAP SRM PRODUCT LIFECYCLE PS, ECM, PM, QM, EHS TECHNOLOGY Enterprise Portal, Mobility, BW, PI, JAVA, ABAP HCM SAP HCM SAP EHS Capability to offer our services in all the business areas, with a strong specialization in industrial, logis- tics and Retail environments.20 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 21
  12. 12. Our professionals Continuous training TIME EFFICIENT SALES SKILLS The biggest asset of ASPA Consultores Consultores is our team. PERSONAL SKILLS MANAGEMENT MEETINGS Our differential value is to count on a team of professionals with extensive experience, able to quickly identify the needs of our customers, to make value proposals about the possible solutions to meet those requirements and to under- EFFICIENT TEAM NEGOTIATION TEAM WORK take the projects required to implement the solutions in the system. PRESENTATIONS LEADERSHIP SKILLS Our team has its own identity characteristics that differentiate us from our competi- tors and that make our offer a unique one: C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 G1 xtensive knowledge of the SAP solutions and of the key business E processes in the sectors that constitute our focus. M ore than 10 years of experience implementing SAP projects, with the BUSINESS TECHNICAL background that this gives not only in the knowledge of the SAP proces- ses and functionalities, but also in the project management, team mana- GUIDANCE TECHNICAL SAP PROJECTS gement, risks identification and mitigation, management of critical situa- WELCOME SAP TRAINING MANAGEMENT tions, etc. INDUSTRY F requent collaboration with SAP, both in the implementation of SAP TECHNICAL BUSINES projects and in participating as monitors in SAP training courses. SAP TRAINING PROCESSES H igh academic degree, mainly in the branches of engineering, econo- PROJECTS mics and enterprise management. This provides us with the ability to METHODOLOGY communicate with our customers at the highest level, as well as a great capacity of analysis and search for solutions to the posed problems. In ASPA Consultores we want that the company acts as a platform of continuous learning for our consultants, The recruiting of our team is done based on talent and we have a strong so we foment this continuously, with internal programs of formal training as well as with a more informal ‘training commitment to the training and professional development, as well as to the on the job’ working hand in hand with senior consultants. The training and the continuous exchange of new promotion of a team spirit and a positive attitude. All of the necessary condi- experiences make this acquired knowledge one of the differential values of our company. tions to approach a project and carry it through to the end. 22 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 23
  13. 13. Alliances Strategic alliances TM Partner SAP Member Extended Business Program O ur recognition as SAP partner allows us to cover all the business activities, from the selling of licenses of the product to the professional services of consulting and maintenance of the SAP solutions. M ore than that, this recognition allows us to collaborate with SAP, having up-to-date information available about the new initiatives, tools and applications developed for the system.24 Where attitude joins talent Where attitude joins talent 25
  14. 14. Other Alliances ASPA Consultores maintains alliances with other companies, which are also leaders in their business areas. That is why we can offer a wider range of solutions, platforms and specific services integrated with SAP. S olutions for vendor invoices automation. D ocument management solutions. E xtraction of information from different media. W orld class e-commerce software solutions. P roduct Content Management. B 2B / B2C. M ultiple sales and communications chanel. R adio Frequency devices. W ireless technology. R FID technology. S olutions for Retailing and Distribution. P oint of Sale devices. T echnical Assistance for PoS devices, PCs and Servers. H elpdesk services for the shops. 26 Where attitude joins talent
  15. 15. Vía de las Dos Castillas, 33 Complejo Ática, Edificio 6 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón T. (+34) 91 352 26 29 - F. (+34) 91 714 18 28 Where attitude joins talent