iMetre brochure (english)


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iMetre is a virtual menu for restaurants and hotels designed for iPad and Android tablets.

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iMetre brochure (english)

  1. 1. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONESI-MetreThe I-Metre, is a system ofmanagement of orders, in whichusers have the resources to sendthem directly to kitchen, in order tobe prepared. Once requested theproducts, they are integrated intothe management POS ( Point ofSale ) of the establishment, allowinga total control of the ordersrequested and the subsequentcharge of them.
  2. 2. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONESI-MetreThis application is 100% customized and adapted to each of our customersrequirements, offering them the best guarantee for their satisfaction.
  3. 3. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONESI-MetreOur management system of orders inestablishments of hostel business, hasbeen awarded with a prize ofINNOVARED to more innovativeideas.
  4. 4. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONES I-Metre Advantages FOR THE STABLISHMENT:Differentiation and image; customersfind a new way, very visual, to interactwith the establishment.
  5. 5. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONES I-Metre AdvantagesPANTALLAZO TPV FOR THE STABLISHMENT: It allows to monitor your sales and transactions, since the system is connected to the POS management of orders, these ( orders ) are automatically saved for their subsequent charge
  6. 6. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONES I-Metre Advantages FOR THE STABLISHMENT:It allows to obtain the assessments of your customers, who may suggestimprovements, assess courses…
  7. 7. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONES I-Metre AdvantagesFOR THE STABLISHMENT:It reduces both the preparation and charge time, since the system iscompletely integrated into the establishment, orders are sent directly tokitchen as to the bar, so that the preparation process is immediate.
  8. 8. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONES I-Metre Advantages FOR THE CLIENT: It provides a greater dynamism and control to the time to establish trade or informative relations both with the establishment and with users, as you may assess opinions and suggestions from customers.
  9. 9. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONES I-Metre Advantages FOR THE CLIENT:Customers will get all theinformation of the availableproducts, allowing them todiscard those which they areallergic to, or they dont like.
  10. 10. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONES I-Metre Advantages FOR THE CLIENT: You may easily check the status of orders, Allowing customers to order without having to wait turn uncontrollably, and without the need to wait for a waiter closer to their table. Misunderstandings would be avoided, regarding to both courses and quantities, being the customer who decides what he wants to take.
  11. 11. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONESThe I-Metre will savetime when a customersserviceYour restaurant or hotelwill be a tecnology andmodernity reference tothe customer
  12. 12. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONES It´s easy to manage and intuitive, it is perfect for clients of all ages It´s versatility will allow you to personalize it to the more convenient way for you and to your business.
  13. 13. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONESImages of great quality toshow your dishes, theingredients, etc…, will allowyour clients to have a betterinformation of the product.
  14. 14. SOZIALNET SOLUCIONESElegant, modern, fast,efficient and economic,the I-Metre is thefundamental tool toposition your restaurantor hotel between mostemphasized one to acustomers every moredemanding day with thequality and the service.
  15. 15.