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Atlantic Agreement: press release (en)


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Atlantic Agreement: press release (en)

  1. 1. Acuerdo AtlánticoOpen Source/Software Libre enterprise associations from both sides of the Atlantic collaborate through the Atlantic Agreement 29 de Junio de 2011 The following Open Source/Software Libre enterprise associations: • AGaSoL: Galician Open Source Enterprise Association – Galicia, España. • ASL: SoftwareLivre.Org Association – Brasil. • ASOLiF: National Federation of Open Source Companies - España. • CAdESoL: Argentinian Open Source Enterprise Chamber – Argentina. • ESOP: Portuguese Open Source Enterprise Association – Portugal. • SoLAr: Argentinian Civil Open Source Enterprise Association – Argentina. have been over the last few months working together to establish communicationchannels and agreements as a step toward the realization of a joint Action Plan to implementon both sides of the Atlantic over the coming years. These activities will be targeted at thegeneration and exploitation of business opportunities and social improvements, outreach,support and advice on matters pertaining to each of the entities involved. Free Software / Open Source proposes the generation and transfer of knowledgeamong equals. The undersigned organizations of the Atlantic Agreement, today made public,seek to transfer this principle to business and social realms beyond their operatingenvironments. It also plans to leverage the experience gained in the development and use offree technologies and the generation of wealth through business models based on FreeSoftware / Open Source for the realization of joint projects and actions with global impact. 1
  2. 2. Acuerdo Atlántico The Atlantic Agreement Atlantic is therefore the first stone put by these organizations toconsolidate processes of internationalization in the coming years. It represents a test ofmaturity and global vision of the organizations that signed the agreement, which strengthensthe boom that Free Software / Open Source is experiencing around the world, and in particular,the Spanish-speaking and Lusophone countries. Atlantic Entities signing the Agreement: AGaSoL ASL ASOLiF President: Jorge Vázquez González President: Ricardo Fritsch President: Pablo Gómez García Web: Web: Web: CAdESoL ESOP SoLAr President: Daniel E. Coletti President: Gustavo A. Vouga de President: Horacio Arroyo Carvalho Homem Web: Web: Web: 2