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M.Tech/ Matlab/Simulink IEEE based 2013 Electrical Projects


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M.Tech/ Matlab/Simulink IEEE based 2013 Electrical Projects

  1. 1. ELECTRICAL B.TECH/M.TECH MATLAB/SIMULINK PROJECTSasokatechnologies@gmail.comACADEMIC MATLAB SIMULATION PROJECTS FORELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING[EEE]POWER ELECTRONIC AND DRIVES[PED]POWER SYSTEMS[PS]….[ B.TECH AND M.TECH]---2012/2013We Will Develop Your own Ideas and Your IEEE PapersWith Extension also…For Further Details Call Us @0-9347143789/9949240245For Abstracts of IEEE papers and Any Queriesmail to
  2. 2. ELECTRICAL B.TECH/M.TECH MATLAB/SIMULINK PROJECTSasokatechnologies@gmail.comS.NO 2013 ELECTRICAL PROJECT TITTLES1. Reduction of THD in Diode Clamped Multilevel InverterEmployinf SPWM technique - 20132. Applications of DSTATCOM Using MATLAB/Simulation in PowerSystem - 20133. MODELING AND SIMULATION OF DYNAMIC VOLTAGERESTORER (DVR) FOR VOLTAGE SAGS/SWELLSMITIGATION-20134. Application of STATCOM to increase transient stability ofwind farm-20135. Mitigation of Harmonics by Hysteresis Control Technique of VSIBased Statcom -20136. Comparative Study between Different Control Strategies for ShuntActive Power Filter - 20137. Space Vector Modulation Controlled Hybrid Active Power Filter forPower Conditioning - 20138. A Novel Control of Two AC Loads using Nine Switch Inverter-20129. Series Connected Forwarded Flyback converter for High Step upPower Conversion-201210. Cascade dual Buck Inverter with Phase shift control -2012
  3. 3. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&ELECTRICAL B.TECH/M.TECH MATLAB/SIMULINK PROJECTSasokatechnologies@gmail.comS.NO PROJECT TITTLES1. Novel topologies of 24 pulse rectifier with conventionaltransformers for phase shifting2. A Novel online Fuzzy control Method of Static VARcompensation for an effective Reactive Power control ofTransmission lines3. Enhancement of Power Quality in Distribution System UsingD-STATCOM4. A Neural Network Based speed control of Linear inductionmotor Drive5. Space vectors modulation for nine switch converters6. Simulation a Shunt Active Power Filter usingMATLAB/Simulink7. Analysis and Simulations of Z Source Inverter ControlMethods8. Comparison of Modulation Techniques forMatrix Converter9. STATCOM for Improved Dynamic Performance of WindFarms in Power Grid10. 9-Level Inverter for Induction Motor Control11. Improved Z source Inverter with Reduced Z-Source capacitorvoltage stress and soft start capability12. A Three level Full bridge Zero voltage Zero current switchingconverter with a simplified switching scheme
  4. 4. ELECTRICAL B.TECH/M.TECH MATLAB/SIMULINK PROJECTSasokatechnologies@gmail.com13. Bidirectional switch commutation for a Matrix convertersupplying a series resonant load14. Novel Zero voltage and Zero current Switching (ZVZCS) fullbridge converter15. A Novel Zero voltage switching PWM full bridge converter16. A Compensation technique for smooth transitions in noninverting buck boost converter17. Enhancement of voltage quality in Isolated Power systems18. A Non Insulated Step up/down DC-DC converter with widerange conversion19. Unified power flow controller (UPFC) based dampingcontrollers for damping low frequency oscillations in a powersystem20. PMSM speed sensorless direct torque control based on EKF21. Synthesis of Multilevel converters based on single and/or threephase converter building blocks22 Spacevector Modulated three phase to three phase Matrixconverter23. Multilevel Multiphase space vector PWM algorithm24. A Novel Nine Switch inverter for independent control of twothree phase loads25. Switching losses and Harmonic Investigations in MultilevelInverters26. A Modular fuel cell, Modular DC-DC converter concept forhigh performance and enhanced reliability
  5. 5. ELECTRICAL B.TECH/M.TECH MATLAB/SIMULINK PROJECTSasokatechnologies@gmail.com27. Simulink Implementation of induction machine model28. Sensorless vector control of induction motor by using MRASobserver29. Control of fuel cell systems in grid connected applications30. Direct Torque control of induction motors with fuzzyminimization torque ripple31. Comparision of HVDC line models in PSB/SIMULINK basedon steady state and transients considerations32. Fuzzy load controller for wind energy conversion system33. Direct torque control of induction motor34. An Improved Power Quality 30 pulse AC –DC for varyingloads35. Natural Harmonic Elimination of Square wave inverter forMedium –Voltage Applications36. Current fed dual bridge DC-DC converter37. Design of a soft-switched 6KW battery charger for tractionapplications38. Elimination of Harmonics in a Five-Level Diode-Clamped Multilevel Inverter Using FundamentalModulation39. A Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for an Energy storagesystem with Galvanic Isolation40. Study on Speed Sensorless SVM-DTC System of PMSM41. Speed Control of Separately Excited Dc Motor43. Speed control of dc motor by Fuzzy controller
  6. 6. ELECTRICAL B.TECH/M.TECH MATLAB/SIMULINK PROJECTSasokatechnologies@gmail.com44. Dynamic Stability Improvement of a Wind Farm Connected to GridUsing STATCOM45. Quasi current mode control for the phase shifted seriesresonant converter46. Zero-Voltage-Switching DC–DC Converters With SynchronousRectifiers47. A Novel Control Method for Shunt Active Power Filters UsingSVPWM48. A Novel Three-Phase Three-Leg AC/AC Converter Using NineIGBTs49. ANALYSIS OF DISCRETE & SPACE VECTOR PWM CONTROLLEDHYBRID ACTIVE FILTERS FOR POWER QUALITY ENHANCEMENTQUALITY ENHANCEMENT50. Study on Speed Sensorless SVM-DTC System of PMSM51. Modeling and Simulating for Transient Stability Analysis of PowerSystem using Dynamic Phasor52. Design and Simulation of three phase Inverter for grid connectedPhotovoltic systems53. MODELING AND SIMULATION FOR VOLTAGE SAGS/SWELLSMITIGATION USING DYNAMIC VOLTAGE RESTORER (DVR)54. Single-Phase to Three-Phase Drive System Using Two ParallelSingle-Phase Rectifiers55. A STATCOM-Control Scheme for Grid ConnectedWind Energy System for Power Quality Improvement56. Multiconverter Unified Power-Quality Conditioning System: MC-UPQC57. Power Quality Improvement In Low Voltage Distribution SystemUsing Dynamic Voltage Restorer(DVR58. Series-Connected Forward-Flyback Converter for High Step –UpPower Conversion-
  7. 7. Still more latest ieee projectsare available will update soon…..