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Score A class


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Techniques for teaching English by SK Sri Tunjong, Perlis

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Score A class

  1. 1. • The policy of SK Seri Tunjong • English teachers~follow the students from Year 4 until Year 6 • Of what reason?? • (the teacher understands and knows the students very well)
  2. 2. • Focus in teaching Year 6 • Grammar~from Year 5 • Vocabulary~from Year 4
  3. 3. • Follow the topics(textbook) • Example: Topic:Animals *introduce as many words as we could *make sure the students know the spelling ,meanings *always do the revision
  4. 4. • Year 5~Easy English. • Introduce and let them understand the basic . • Year 6~Language Usage and Structure. • More details. • Students understand the concept. • Always do the revision. (ask them to explain the concept and give examples) * By July~the book will be completed.
  5. 5. • How to teach Paper 1 and Paper 2?? • Drillings.~Every day • Exercises.~Every day • Use DIDIK(BERITA HARIAN) for A and B classes
  6. 6. • Paper 1 *Students do the drillings every day. *discuss the answers Focus~a)meanings(words,sentences) b)grammar concept c)understand the passage(Linear or Non- Linear text) *Ask students to explain *Clues in every question *Encourage the students to get 36 marksand above.
  7. 7. • Paper 2 *the most difficult part for my students *Question 1/Section A ~ask students to read the instructions ~study the picture >ask action verbs that they get from the picture. >ask them meanings of 10 words given
  8. 8. • >discuss the answers after they answer the question. ~every pupil answers ~teacher corrects the answers ~write the sample for reference ~focus on writing the complex sentence and compound sentence.
  9. 9. • Question 2/Section B *study the information carefully *discuss if any difficult words Question 2A *study the arrangement of the three columns *force them/compulsory to get 10 marks *always check the way they write (bad handwriting)
  10. 10. • Question 2B *help them by giving examples of sentences or reasons *ask them to memorize *discuss the answers *ask them to answer orally *correct their mistakes *write sample of answers
  11. 11. • Question 3/Section C *read the instructions carefully if there’re any clues *guide the pupils to have: a)introduction b)contents c)conclusion d)use simple Past Tense
  12. 12. INTRODUCTION • Guide the students to choose a main character for the introduction. • Guide them to write interesting and attractive introduction but it must be related to the contents. • Ex:Ahmad is twelve years old.He studies at Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Jaya.He is a good boy. :Ahmad who is an excellent and a brilliant boy lives with his beloved parents in a town area.
  13. 13. • The words given together with the pictures. • Advisable to use the words to ensure our students are in the right track. • Add in flavours *Ex:Suddenly,Immediately,Without wasting any time.
  14. 14. • Similes *as happy as bees *as happy as a Lark ~Collective Nouns ~Adjectives ~Idioms/Proverbs ~Adverbs *Ask pupils to form sentences orally in the class-guide and encourage them to give ideas.
  15. 15. • A must to write *Example: ~The old woman thanked Ali for his kindness. ~It was a memorable moment for Ali and his family. >Check answers >Give samples as reference
  16. 16. • We have various techniques methoda or strategies to teach our students but we must also remember that the students’self- discipline play an important role to ensure that they are serious with their effort and ours.